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My 8-Year Old Daughter Has Breasts!!!!!!!!

I am trying to find out a way to discuss puberty with her. I don't want to go into too much detail pertaining to sex. Just how her body is changing. I don't want to scare her from talking to me about these issues. So if there is anyone out there that can help me please respond.

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Hi, S..
I know that there is a great book out on the market...I believe it's called The keeping of me, a beautiful body book for girls. It's a great book that touches lightly on how their bodies are changing, including breast growth, when its time to use deoderant, make up, etc. It might be helpful! Good luck.
Has she seen her doctor regarding the growth of her breasts? If not, it may be a good idea. My cousin's little girl had this issue, and they found a problem...it is worth the discussion with the doctor.
Again, good luck\
T. E.

I'm another one on the book thing. My son is now 9 but when he was 8 he started the whole puberty thing. I was definitely NOT ready for it. We went to the library and I found a wonderful book that address puberty for both boys and girls and it was age appropriate. It's called "Hair in Funny Places". It might be a good idea to read it first if you don't want her finding out about the boys yet. Personally I let my son know everything. I felt it was best for him to learn it all.

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I had breasts by then and my period right before my tenth birthday. My got me a book at the bookstore. I in turn got my stepdaughter a book about this stuff from the bookstore. It was not expliciate but informative. There are actualy lots of books for young readers about this stuff, so go down to the kids section of the bookstore and under the life leasons section and read through them and find one your daughter will understand. Be frank with her. It would be good for her to know about sex, and it's purpose for reproduction, and the reasons why people do it while underlining the importance of your own values about sex. My mother had a friend who was told you have babies by kissing so she ended up getting pregnant without ever kissing her boyfriend.

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The best thing that I have found is the book called "Taking care of me", a girls guide by a group called American Girl.
I got the book at Costco, but you can get it at most book stores I believe as well. I know that Barnes and Noble has the series. There are a few different books as well for different ages. Since she is developing her period will be coming very soon. Thhis book would be great for both of you. You may want to go to the book store and read it first to make sure that you think it's appropriate for her.

Good luck!

There are a lot of great books out there for just about every age. I suggest getting them from the store rather than online so that you can read them over first and be sure it is what you want. With my son I just tried to be as technical in my wording and as open as I could be. I wanted to be sure I didn't convey anything about his questions that could be miscommunicated. If you are to shy and embarassed you need to practice so you don't come across that sex or puberty changes or whatever else you are discussing comes across as an embarassing thing.

Good Luck

When I was younger my mom had bought a book pertaining to body change and sex. She had me read it by myself then get her when I was done to talk and ask whatever questions I had about it or anything else. You could try that.

Hello I don't have a girl who is that age but I did have and incident with my son check him self out and i did not know how to handle it so i talked with his doctor and he gave me some paper work on talking to your children at a there age about there body parts and changes that will happen to them. I noticed it had come from planned parenthood's website so you could go on there and pull the information off.
it had all ages form 4yrs to teen age years. Really great informations.

young mom of 2

my step daughter went thru this too. It is the start of puberty although she didn't get her period until almost a year later. 10-15 used to be the norm but it is now 8-12!!! We talked to her alot about it but she was pretty shy. We got her a few books & they helped her understand & cope much better! 1 book was "the body book for girls" to explain the changes that are happening & about hygiene. It has a companion book called "the feelings book" obviously about feelings & how to manage the rollercoaster!!! THere was a journal that came with but I can't find the name. both can be ordered together on amazon.com for $18.90 together..here's the link http://www.amazon.com/Care-Keeping-You-American-Paperback... they are written & illustrated specifically for girls grades 3-6. After reading them she became much more open about it. Really excelent choice!! Also really good is "ready set grow" we got her that too but she related best with the other 2. Hope this helps!! Good luck!

Hi S.,

There are lots of books on how we grow and change. One option is to look at a local library for the information. I would say just simply chat with her about the changes. The most important thing is that she knows you are there for her, and unafraid to approach topics that might not be easy or pleasant to tackle. You have to try to remain relaxed as well. I agree with the person who said to ask how she is feeling lately. For example, if she has begun menustrating she may have questions on that. Also, if she needs a training bra, then that might be fun for you to shop for together. Taking a child out to get an item like that shows encouragement and support. Hope this helps...



Ask her how she has being feeling lately. Ask her if she noticed that she is starting to become a young lady. Start from there. Then tell her that you want to talk to her about something serious and it is a BIG secret between you and her. Then slowly talk to her about being a girl. Sex doesn't have to be talked about. Just tell her that girls and boys start to change when they get older. If she asks how boys change tell her you don't know you are not a boy. But be funny about it. Explain to her the things girls go through and avoid talking about sex. I suggest you write yourself a play. Write everything you want to tell her. Then pretend you are her and answer them before you talk to her. If you do this before you sit down and talk to her you will feel a little more comfortable. I hope this helps.


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