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My 7 Year Old Daughter Is Having Vaginal Discharge

recently my 7 year old daughter complained that her "booty" was crusty. since she occasionally gets itchy and rashy "down there" from not wiping good enough, i assumed that's what it was, so i headed to her room with the desitin. much to my surprise, the area between her vaginal and rectum is very red and irritated, she has 2 bumps to the side on her butt cheek. her undies were crusty with a yellowish discharge. there is no unusual odor, no change in soaps, no bubble baths. i have never had a yeast infection. is that what she has?? she was on antibiotics for tonsilitis about 2 months ago. i'm going to get her some yogurt tomorrow, should i take her to the doctor?? i would rather not have her examined if at all possible, she's such an impressionable age, i don't want to freak her out. help!!

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thank you everyone for your prompt responses! i did take my daughter to the doctor today (the soonest they could get her in) and since i had been treating her "bumps" (there were 2, looked like little pimples) with monostat 7, they were almost gone and her vaginal discharge had went away a several days ago. so, the doc said, she probably had a yeast infection, but was fine now. also, to make sure she gets herself rinsed well while bathing, and be careful with tights and leggings this time of year. so, great report! thanks for all your advice and support, it's so wonderful to have other mothers, women, (a pediatric nurse! :-) to turn to for help. ~~xoxo

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Yes the anibiotics can do that but my daughter had a vaginal discharge from time she was a baby and the dr said it was nothing to worry about. she out grew it.

It sounds like a yeast infection and you will need to take her to the dr. for medication. My daughter is 10 but every time she takes an antibiotic she gets one and has since she was 6. Good luck.

You need to take her to a doctor. Discuss it beforehand. Tell her it is OK, and necessary, to let a doctor look at her, and you will be right there. If you are calm and matter-of-fact about it, she will do better. If she sees that you expect her to get upset, she will be more nervous about it.

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It could be a yeast infection or something much worse, A seven year old should not be having vaginal issues. Who is she expoped to? Any young males, uncles, Dads friends hangin out? Food for thought not to scare you but there are a lot of sick people in this world!

If she were my child I would take her to Dr. ASAP.

If Dr. finds its only a yeast infection you can use acidlfilous (spelling) there is another product for female bacterial issues. go to www.naturessunshine.com look under female health, or go to health food store I'm sure they have this stuff in liquid form.

Good luck let us know what happened.

I would take her to the doctor. Our 3 year old girl had a very red bottom and bumps around her anus. Turned out to be a form of strep - which cleared up quickly with antiobiotics. Good luck.

Hi J.,
Sounds like what my daughter had when she was 6. I recommend going to the doctor. You want to rule out any serious problems. My ped. told me it was a bacterial infection and that it was caused by a very low ph in the vaginia. He recommended I stop the bubble baths. Have her lather up and rinse off, don't sit around in the soapy water. She's been showering ever since...He prescribed a sitz bath twice a day using "Domeboro" powder packets, you can get it otc at the pharmacy. It worked great! I also got her some Kefir (live cultures) try the strawberry and blueberry smoothies. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but definitely see your ped. Hope that helps!!

My 7 year old had the same problem. I called her Doc. & got her a rx topical ointment. I gave it for 10 days I think, but the symptoms cleared up in like 2 or 3. My now 3-year old had this quite a few times since she was 2....same treatment....good results.

Take her to the doctor. It could be a very minor thing, but she should be checked. You never know when it could be a serious infection, and the sooner it's treated, the better. Don't let it get so bad that she ends up being infertile or something.

Also, the sooner she gets used to those types of exams, the easier it will be on her as she gets into the teenage years. Let her get past the fear of the 'unknown' of those type visits now, when it's easier for her to get over it.

Good luck to you both.

Definitely take her to her doctor.

You need to take her to a doctor. Discuss it beforehand. Tell her it is OK, and necessary, to let a doctor look at her, and you will be right there. If you are calm and matter-of-fact about it, she will do better. If she sees that you expect her to get upset, she will be more nervous about it.

If she were an adult, I would say try the other suggestions. But, she is 7. Take her to her pediatrician immediately. If she is hurting, you might use some of the over the counter stuff for itching and dryness for females until you can get an appointment, but do not use any the day of the appointment. She may need another antibiotic, or just something for yeast. Don't let her pee before the appointment so if the doctor wants a urine sample, she will be able to pee then. The doctor needs to see the discharge, and possibly culture it, so give her a bath the night before, but dont clean her up right before the appointment.

Hello J., First...Thank God for never having a yeast infection. I don't want to freak you out either...
I think it's probably from the meds, but after 8wks/2mons the meds should be out of her system. My daughter is 9.5 we found out her nunu was closed at age 5 and even after 2 surgical procedures she still has redness and discharge. (I have chronic cystitis and thought it might be hereditary, but it is not.) I use premarin on her periodically and by morning it's gone. After changing peditricians we finally found out that in some cases it's normal and a sign of their little bodies trying to go into puberty earlier than normal. Try monistat on her and if that doesn't clear it up I would take her to the doctor.
I hope everything goes well! C. C

Sounds like yeast. Try an OTC product for a few days and see if it helps. Don't worry. Its not a crisis. We see it all the time in our patients who are older that have taken a course of antibiotics.

Definitely take her to the doctor. IF you don't make a big deal of it she won't. I had serious kidney/bladder infections as a kid and my urethra grew together several times. I have never thought a thing about the exams. because my mom didn't make a big deal about it.

IF she has a yeast infection untreated it could cause life long problems. If that is what it is every time she takes even one dose of an antibiotic she will need oral medication to prevent this.

LEt us know what happens, good luck

It sounds like a yeast infection. My 8 year old daughter had gotten yeast infections from antibiotics in the past and the doctor has given us an prescripton for a antifungal cream.
You could probably try an OTC like Monistat, but you may want to at least call into your doctor to describe it to him/her.

This reads to be a yeast infection. Because of her age I would take her to the doc to confirm that before trying any at home treatment. Antibiotics can cause it and she might be overly sensitive especially if she complains about sensitivity in that area regularly.

Jeniifer i would suggest you get do take your daughter to her regular Provider for futher evaluation dont take any chances

Take her to the docotor.

It could be a yeast infection, but it might not be.

I came from a family of all daughters and in my experience having vaginal discharge like you described was normal for all of us. The redness worries me though, you might have that checked by a doctor.

If you do need to take her to the dr, the dr will be sensitive to her age and the situation. She does not need a Pap like an adult gets. If you calmly explain that the dr needs to look at her privates to see if she needs medication. If you make a big deal, she will see it as a big deal. He/she can probably tell by looking at the outside adn the discharge.


As this has gone on for some time I would definately get her to a doctor. Yes it does sound like a yeast infection. I too have a seven year old, but I would get her to the doctor just for the length of time this has gone on and you never know it could be something else.

Good luck.

Take her to the ped to get it checked out. It sounds like some type of vaginal infection, but you don't know if it is caused by yeast or bacteria - the doctor will be able to tell. If you start using OTC creams without knowing for sure what you are treating, at the least you will delay proper treatment and she'll be uncomfortable for a longer time, and there is a possibly the wrong treatment could make things worse. With treatment, either type of infection should start to clear within a day or two.

Yes the anibiotics can do that but my daughter had a vaginal discharge from time she was a baby and the dr said it was nothing to worry about. she out grew it.

Hi J.,

I suggest you take her to see her pediatrician. It could be a number of things. The physician will handle her compassionately and explain what is going on. They may want to get a culture just to check it out.

This sounds suspicious. I would ask other mothers of children in your daycare if their child itches "down there". Shared space could be the problem. But, first and foremost get her to a doctor! Do not play around with OTC ointments.

I think you are probably right about the antibiotics. Also the yogurt will help on the area affected, plain yogurt, no flavored sugared up stuff. It's cool and soothing and helps burns and irritations of many kinds. BUt I have to ask, what in the world are you doing letting a 2 y.o. wipe herself? This could very well be the reason she is sore. At two she may have a hard time remembering the "wipe from front to back" rule for little girls, also not doing a good job.This can really lead to some serious problems. So My suggestion would be to help her when she's finished on the potty, you might need to get some of those new moist wipes (un scented) or use a warm wash cloth to make sure she is clean afterwards. I too was a SAHM, treasure evry minute with them, they grow so quickly.

That definitely sounds like a yeast infection. I have them cronicly (and systemicly), and it seems that my youngest will follow in my footsteps. She's 7 too.
In addition to starting by antibiotics, they're actually fed by a high sugar, bread, pasta diet. My latest is from my oldest's birthday cake. I should be finished treating it in time for the next one's party :} Akin's has a chewable probiotic (next to the veggies in a cooler) that I recommend. The best thing for you treat it is limiting her sugar intake to natural sugars - fruits and 100% juices, etc. Also limit her white bread intake for 3 weeks or so. This should help get her system back online so it can regulate itself. Also, most flavored yogurts contain enormous amounts of sugars (kinda defeats the purpose of the yogurt) so I buy Horizon Organic Vanilla - available at Walmart and cheaper than the other stuff - and add my own fruit (buy it frozen and you dont have to worry about it going bad - I always have a stash of strawberries, blueberries, and peaches on hand). I always make my girls yogurt smoothies after school. Defrost the strawberries or peaches just slightly and add a little OJ and a banana and you have a totally healthy and quick snack, without adding any ice (less of a chance for brain freeze). The only other thing I could recommend is using the shower instead of tub (especially if others are using it too. Athletes foot is the same fungus). I got an adjustable shower bar from Lowe's so they can set the head lower. Use the miconazole a couple times a day - I apply with a piece of tissue so a little gets in, but no applicators - shower and clean pants everyday should see her improving in a week or less. If not, she'll need a doctor's visit. I would recommend requesting a female in the clinic if her regular is a male. This is also a good opportunity to bring up "female" issues and talks about regular visits to the gyno. I wish you all the best. If I can offer you any more info, just lemme know. :}

I'm not a doctor, of course, and the only reason I am responding is from my own personal experience. It is possible she could have a UTI or urinary tract infection. I was very prone to these and still am. A lot of times, especially with young girls, this happens a lot from wiping the wrong way (back to front instead of front to back). Discharge like that can be associated with UTI. Ask her if it burns when she urinates. If so, I'll bet that's what it is.

At first we all tend to think any kind of discharge that isn't normal (especially in a girl that age) would be a yeast infection or something more intimidating. Unless you are prone to UTIs like I am, it probably wouldn't be the first thing you think about associated with discharge. I have found that UTI can often follow the same symptoms as a yeast infection. Either way, I hope it clears up for your daughter!

I hope it works out for you, and please let us know what you find out.

I agree, it does sound like just a yeast infection, but I'd definitely take her to the dr. I had to take my 5yo in recently because she was still having accidents - ended up she has a spastic bladder, treatable w/meds - and I was pretty sure the dr. would look at her bottom. I prepared her ahead of time, mentioning that the dr. might look down there to make sure everything's OK. Her first response: "No!!" ;> But I told her I'd be in the room and that I wouldn't let the dr. look there anyway if it wasn't to help.

When the dr. did indeed want to look at her, I said, "This is what we were talking about before; she needs to make sure your bottom is all right." She laid on down and seemed like she wasn't phased until the dr. gently touched her - then DD's head whipped over and she had these big eyes, like, "See? She's touching me!" I just nodded and mouthed "it's OK" and on the way home we talked about it again to just enforce that dr's do have to do things like that sometimes so they know exactly what's going on.

I just realized today that she hasn't brought it up since, and that was 2 months ago. :)

It sounds like a yeast infection. The medicine I have gotten from the doctor when my girls have gotten it, is just a OTC yeast treatment. It isn't the kinds with capsules, but it is just cream. You put that on the outside for a week twice a day and it should clear up. Antibiotics can cause the balance to be thrown off and yeast to grow. Good luck!

I wouldn't worry about taking her to the doctor for it at an "impressionable age." Even if it is a yeast infection, yogurt probably won't be enough for to resolve such a flare-up, and whatever it is, she needs to get treated for it. Just treat it like any other problem that you take a kid to the doctor for, and obviously stay in the room with her while she is being examined. There's no reason it should freak her out. Explain to her that while of course this is her private area, it's okay for doctors to check it to see how to make her feel better. Just act calm and natural about it and it probably won't phase her. She'll just be glad to be feeling better.

Good luck!

i would take her to the doctor. she should know that she can feel safe/comfortable with her doctor. my husband and i have taken my 5 year old stepdaughter in for the very much the same thing. i was concerned she had a yeast infection. i was very nervous about what to expect at the exam b/c she is so young but pediatricians are obviously trained to put children (and parents, thanks goodness) at ease. i think it helped her to have her dad there as well. he was very gentle and asked her if he could take a look at what was bothering her...and he asked her several questions and talked to her about always wiping from front to back. he was very professional and talked her through the entire check up. no part of the exam was internal. he recommended she eat yogurt every day, no baths (showers only) and suggested some cream for us to put on her before bed. if you don't feel comfortable with your childrens' doctor maybe you should interview other pediatricians until you find one that you are more comfortable with.

I have heard some scary stories about this kind of thing at this age(my daughter is 8) they tend to find themselves and i heard stories of kids putting things down there and this can cause an infection. If she has had a yeast infection for that long she must not be getting any sleep and must be pretty fussy, try to cut back on sugar and yes if she likes it give her plenty of yogurt you may even put it in her bath with a cap full of tea tree oil it really helps with the itch. I used to get yeast infections all the time until i used yogurt and tea tree oil as treatment. I would not try to stay away from over the counter meds at that young age they can cause a resistance to them with prolonged usage, take her to her ped and ask for nystatin if it gets too bad or doesn't go away with yogurt.

It sounds like a yeast infection and you will need to take her to the dr. for medication. My daughter is 10 but every time she takes an antibiotic she gets one and has since she was 6. Good luck.

Try treating it with over the counter yeast medicine, if that doesn't help she will need to be examined by a Dr.

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