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My 7 Year Old Daughter Is Having Vaginal Discharge

recently my 7 year old daughter complained that her "booty" was crusty. since she occasionally gets itchy and rashy "down there" from not wiping good enough, i assumed that's what it was, so i headed to her room with the desitin. much to my surprise, the area between her vaginal and rectum is very red and irritated, she has 2 bumps to the side on her butt cheek. her undies were crusty with a yellowish discharge. there is no unusual odor, no change in soaps, no bubble baths. i have never had a yeast infection. is that what she has?? she was on antibiotics for tonsilitis about 2 months ago. i'm going to get her some yogurt tomorrow, should i take her to the doctor?? i would rather not have her examined if at all possible, she's such an impressionable age, i don't want to freak her out. help!!

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thank you everyone for your prompt responses! i did take my daughter to the doctor today (the soonest they could get her in) and since i had been treating her "bumps" (there were 2, looked like little pimples) with monostat 7, they were almost gone and her vaginal discharge had went away a several days ago. so, the doc said, she probably had a yeast infection, but was fine now. also, to make sure she gets herself rinsed well while bathing, and be careful with tights and leggings this time of year. so, great report! thanks for all your advice and support, it's so wonderful to have other mothers, women, (a pediatric nurse! :-) to turn to for help. ~~xoxo

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Yes the anibiotics can do that but my daughter had a vaginal discharge from time she was a baby and the dr said it was nothing to worry about. she out grew it.

It sounds like a yeast infection and you will need to take her to the dr. for medication. My daughter is 10 but every time she takes an antibiotic she gets one and has since she was 6. Good luck.

You need to take her to a doctor. Discuss it beforehand. Tell her it is OK, and necessary, to let a doctor look at her, and you will be right there. If you are calm and matter-of-fact about it, she will do better. If she sees that you expect her to get upset, she will be more nervous about it.

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It could be a yeast infection or something much worse, A seven year old should not be having vaginal issues. Who is she expoped to? Any young males, uncles, Dads friends hangin out? Food for thought not to scare you but there are a lot of sick people in this world!

If she were my child I would take her to Dr. ASAP.

If Dr. finds its only a yeast infection you can use acidlfilous (spelling) there is another product for female bacterial issues. go to www.naturessunshine.com look under female health, or go to health food store I'm sure they have this stuff in liquid form.

Good luck let us know what happened.

I would take her to the doctor. Our 3 year old girl had a very red bottom and bumps around her anus. Turned out to be a form of strep - which cleared up quickly with antiobiotics. Good luck.

Hi J.,
Sounds like what my daughter had when she was 6. I recommend going to the doctor. You want to rule out any serious problems. My ped. told me it was a bacterial infection and that it was caused by a very low ph in the vaginia. He recommended I stop the bubble baths. Have her lather up and rinse off, don't sit around in the soapy water. She's been showering ever since...He prescribed a sitz bath twice a day using "Domeboro" powder packets, you can get it otc at the pharmacy. It worked great! I also got her some Kefir (live cultures) try the strawberry and blueberry smoothies. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but definitely see your ped. Hope that helps!!

My 7 year old had the same problem. I called her Doc. & got her a rx topical ointment. I gave it for 10 days I think, but the symptoms cleared up in like 2 or 3. My now 3-year old had this quite a few times since she was 2....same treatment....good results.

Take her to the doctor. It could be a very minor thing, but she should be checked. You never know when it could be a serious infection, and the sooner it's treated, the better. Don't let it get so bad that she ends up being infertile or something.

Also, the sooner she gets used to those types of exams, the easier it will be on her as she gets into the teenage years. Let her get past the fear of the 'unknown' of those type visits now, when it's easier for her to get over it.

Good luck to you both.

Definitely take her to her doctor.

You need to take her to a doctor. Discuss it beforehand. Tell her it is OK, and necessary, to let a doctor look at her, and you will be right there. If you are calm and matter-of-fact about it, she will do better. If she sees that you expect her to get upset, she will be more nervous about it.

If she were an adult, I would say try the other suggestions. But, she is 7. Take her to her pediatrician immediately. If she is hurting, you might use some of the over the counter stuff for itching and dryness for females until you can get an appointment, but do not use any the day of the appointment. She may need another antibiotic, or just something for yeast. Don't let her pee before the appointment so if the doctor wants a urine sample, she will be able to pee then. The doctor needs to see the discharge, and possibly culture it, so give her a bath the night before, but dont clean her up right before the appointment.

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