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My 7 Year Old Boy Likes to Play with Girl Stuff

I have a 7 year old boy that likes to play with girl stuff (such as barbie dolls) but he does it behind my back when hes playing at a friends house, which is nothing but girls. His favorite colors are pink and purple, and when he draws, hes drawing rainbows, flowers, houses, and butterflies. The only boyish thing he does do is play with cars. He doesnt like action figures or play video games or any sports. My question is do you think this is just a phase he is going through or is there is somthing seriously wrong with him?

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Coming from a long line of macho men in my family I still say it just means he is sensitive and will be a good daddy. My brother always played with my barbies and he is perfectly normal. take a deep breath and let him be.

i always like to emphasize indiviuality. i would not make him feel this is wrong in any way. just like years ago,when left handed kids were taught to be right handed when now we know better. Society sets the rules that girls should like pink, barbie,dolls,etc and boys things includes super heroes, trucks,football,etc. i think its important to keep in mind that everyone should try all things that life has to offer and not be restricted by societies rules. some men like ballet, is that wrong? some women like to play football and work on cars. my advice is to let him be. thats him. thats what he likes and tomorrow he might like something else, you know how kids are. but i think he shouldn't be embarrased or hide it from you but reinforce his confidence as his own person and his indivuality in this world.

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Why do you think there is something 'wrong' with him? I have three daughters... and one of them likes to play with 'boy' toys. She loves make-up and purses but she also loves basketball and wishes that she could play football. I've also watched her turn her barbie doll into a machine gun and shoot her little sister! Are you asking if this type of play could indicate that he is gay? I wouldn't think that the toys he plays with would be any indication of that. He obviously thinks that you disapprove or he wouldn't hide it from you. What are you afraid of? What does his father think?

no, my 8yr. step-son is the same way but its because i have 3 girls and he has no friends close by to play with, but it's normal for a boy to play with girl stuff, i think it's cause girls stuff seems more interesting than boys stuff. my lil brother also was like that when he was 7 or 8 and we always thought the same, that something was wrong but he is playing in a football league now, is your son the only boy? maybe this school year meet some of his friends from school and have them over for a play date or vise versa, you never know maybe he is going to be a big lover boy and will know what a woman wants when he gets older!!!be careful, he may brake a lot of hearts, thats just what my 10 yr.lil brother does now, he says he's a pimp!! but I tell him he's retarded!!!ha!ha!ha! so don't worry bout it it's just a phase or like I said a learnig process for boys!

I wouldn't worry about it at all. My 2 year old likes to dress up in his older sister's princess stuff. He has fun and I let him. NOthing I would think is "wrong with him". And if by that you are meaning he is showing signs of homosexuality- I wouldn't necessarily link the actions at this age. But even if you find out 10 years from now he is- so what. Your job as a parent is to love and support him and help him through any challenges he might face. The LAST thing you need to do is let him ever think anything is wrong with them. And I really hate pointing out certain people on here and I know its a free place to post but I truly disagree with everything Tiffani said and do not think that is proper parenting advice. You do not want your child feeling shame or guilt on the choices he makes especially if he is not in any physical danger. I really hope you do not take her advice by heart and listen more to the other posts on this board. I realize its her opinion but it makes me worry.

Ok. I don't mean to be rude and I don't want to offend you by any means. I kind of felt outrage by your request. This is my opinion---there is NOTHING WRONG with your son playing with girl toys!!! They are just toys!!! Unless he's made to feel wrong by playing with girl toys then that would be the ONLY thing wrong. If you are worried that your son may be gay...Would that change your love for him? If not...then what exactly are you worried about? I am a christian too and I know that religion has a problem with Homosexuality. I have an 8 month old daughter and if one day she only does masculine things and whatever else there is that might stereotype her...I won't love her any less...much less think there is anything wrong with her!
Just be greatful your son is healthy and happy. He shouldn't have to feel he has to hide anything. If he has to hide playing barbie dolls from you now...Do you think one day he will be able to talk to you about anything on his mind or will he hide that from you too?

V., don't panic just yet. I remember my little brother loved to play barbies with me. We colored, we even dressed up. I am his only sister and we have 2 older brothers. He did this because I was the only one he could identify with because the other two boys were much older. He is now married, and has been interested in girls since I can remember. I would advice to just talk to him and try to find out his interests without pushing the boy stuff on him. At seven, he is still a little boy and not all little boys grow up to be men until years later.

Ok, I used to play with boy toys. I had tonka trucks and my brother had ken dolls. If you only have boys then the girl toys are new and different. My best friend has two boys and no girls and when they visit they love to have tea parties, and play with some dress up clothes. As a point she likes to play with their trucks. In fact my hubby buys her army men and they play. Its good and will make her well rounded and if she has a son she can play w/ him.

Relax - I am sure if you son had some friends that were boys he'd be playing with them instead. Or perhaps he just likes the interaction that playing with barbies offers. Get him a GI Joe- It is very common for my daughter and son to play barbies together course he incoporates his gi goe. He plays because he just wants someone to play with and theres days when friends just aren't around. I wouldn't say your son is sneaky by playing barbies, if he is playing with girls though guess what he is gonna end up playing barbies, house or something girl like because are not normally going to play what boys want to play. Maybe find him a new interest like art, music, something that is expressive. Kids are curious and why there is a stigma with what you can play with or wear is kind of sad. He is your son love him for who he is and be blessed that he is happy and healthy. Basically don't sweat the small stuff. Last of all help him find some new friends, friends beyond the neighborhood is always good.
Hope this helps! C.

My opinion, I wouldn't worry too much right now. He's too young to know right now. Maybe find some boys for him to play with. With school starting, I'm sure you could find some boys his age. Good Luck!

M. B

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