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My 7-Year Old's Stomach Pain

My 7 year old daughter has constant stomach pain for the past month. I've taken her to the pediatrician to whom I'm explained... She has decreased appetite, after she does eat she get bad stomach pain (she describes pressure like a balloon is gonna pop), the pain gets worse towards the end of the day even if she has not eaten. By dinner time, she does not even want to eat. She is not constipated. The pain is not in her bowls, it is in the area from her rib cage to about 3 inches down, sometimes worse on her left side. It does not matter the type of food, removing dairy does not help. The pediatrician advised us to take Pepcid AC until her blood tests come back in 2 weeks. That was 2 days ago. She's in tears by late afternoon with cramping... am I wrong in wanting to demand faster results from the doctor? Any other moms ever experience these same symptoms in their children?

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I did take her to the ER shortly after I posted... It was good to hear all of your suggestions and possibilities. My pediatrician did come through for us getting most of the blood work back from the lab ASAP... but it was conclusive. We then went the fast route... ER... to get some answers quicker. Additional blood tests were performed (my pedo sent the others to ER) and all still came back without any answers. Both recommend getting her into a GI doc, which we are currently pursuing. Good to have peace of mind that it is not her gall bladder, liver, or infection.

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Take her to the ER, my daughter had the same problems, she was tested for everything and come to find out that she was backed up all the way into her colon, they had her admitted in the children's hospital and gave her something called go lightly which is what they use for adults when then have a colonoscopy, they put an NG tube down the nose, which before they do that, they give that child medicine to help relax and sleep. once the tube is in then they hook up the medicine plus put them on an IV, this stuff works right away, (you just dont get any sleep), since we had my daughter flused out, she has not had any problems and her BM's are a lot better and pain free. Good luck and let us know what happens.

My friend's daughter started having symptoms similar to this and they found out she had developed an allergy to gluten. Not life threatening. You should do some research on this.

My daughter had the same issues and it ended up being acid reflux. The only thing that helped was the doctor putting her on prescription strength Zantac. If the doctor doesn't have an answer try the Zantac and make an appointment with a children's gastrointerologist. Dr. Joseph Ignacio is wonderful his number is ###-###-####. If you are very concerned I would make an appointment sooner than later.
If it gets to bad take her to the emergency room something doesn't seem right.
Good Luck

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It soundslike acid reflux. My son has it and its awful for him. We take prevacid at our house. It took my sons doctor for ever to send us to a gastroenteroligist so just ask to be referred. It can't hurt and they are hard to get in to see.

my 5 year old just had to go to ER for same thing! She had vomiting & abdomainl pain & would not eat...started on a Fri p.m. then Mon to pediatricain then E.R. that next 5:00 Am on that Tues. They admitted her &gave her I.V. fluids & all her bloodwork & her tests came back fine...??? she was sent home after she began to to eat a little & then thye told me to give her miralax to help clean th ebowel...gave her that & she was bak in E.R. few days later & thye gave rx for higher does of miralax & said to follow up with GI doc...we see thme on next Tues (sept 21st) i hope we can find out some answers! I am glad too tha it is not her gall bladder or anythihg like that...let me know what happens to your 7 yr. old & I will let you know too...oh & she has burped a lot & c/o of chest pain &* headaxhes here & there & leg pain( nota lot of that mostly her stomach pain/vomiting though)

D. - this is kind of wierd that you post this issue. My son, who is almost 5, has been complaining about his stomach hurting over the last 3 or 4 weeks as well. At first, he had a mild temp. and I immediatly took him to the Dr. as I was afraid of it being his appendix (spelling??). He was very thurough and decided that it was nothing to be worried about - probably a virus or gas. It seemed to subside, but now he is complaining again. He says it is in the morning when I drop him off at school, all day, and then he complains around bed time again. Now, he is 4 (almost 5), so I am not sure how serious to take him. He is eating and acting fine so for now I am going to just monitor.

You on the other hand have what sounds to be more serious!!! I have family in the medical field and with that said, this is the advice I give you. If she is in pain and you are truly concerned, take her to the emergency room! They will run every test possible to figure out the issue and have the results back immediately! You wont have to wait on the labs or anything like that - you will have your answer. Beyond that, if they are concerned about her well being they will keep her and monitor her. I have several family members that have had to take this kind of action and they did because of the advice of those that work in the medical field. Because they took this action, they were able to get down to the problem immediately and solve it quickly.

Good luck and God Bless. It is hard to see our children in pain!!!


I'm taking my 7 year old to the hospital for the second time this weekend... Doctor said that she was constipated, but she has gone to the bathroom plenty of times.. She WILL NOT EAT.. We have given her everything we possibly could to help her go to the bathroom but she is already going and she is huddled over in pain. Screaming, crying, aching, and I don't know what to besides take her to the hospital again. Could it be something sever? Should I even more concerned than I already am?

Can you rule out PLEURISY!?
My daughter had this pain and it was between her lungs and ribcage. It was handled with an antibiotic. She had NO other symptoms, no cough or fever.
She said it felt like she had a broken rib or "her side felt broken". She was also 7!
It was found with Xrays. Sorry this is kind of useless, lol but maybe it can be ruled out?! good luck KIM

What are you waiting for? Take her to the hospital. They can do all the tests there and get is solved a heck of a lot faster then this doctor can. If she is in that much pain, take her NOW!

Hi D., sorry to hear that your little one is suffering so much. You certainly are not wrong to expect faster results. There is an awesome website loaded with valuable information that you should check out that will answer most of your questions. greattastenopain.com Try it, it really works, I speak from experience, W.

I wouldn't wait on this. Did the doctor even explain to you what the possibilities were and what exactly the blood test is? I would get a second opinion. Make sure that you write down a list of every single symptom (and absence of symptoms, such as lack of constipation) you can think of before you take her in, whether it be the ER or another practice. I hope this gets resolved soon.

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