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My 6Yr. Old Has Major Neck Pain!!!

Last night my six year old son woke up screaming in pain. My husband and I ran in there and he was lying very still and complaining that he could not turn his head to the right. My eight year old has a history of back spasms so I thought that maybe my six year old was having a back spasm. The more I observed the more it became apparent he was having severe neck pain and the right side of his neck was locked in a spasm. I massaged it, gave him some ibuprofen, applied a heat pack and he said it was better but he was still in a considerable amount of pain. This morning he still can't move very well and sitting up, walking, and just keeping his head upright is painful. I am caught in a tight spot because I don't want to over react to it but we don't have insurance so I am really prone to be cautious about when we go to the doctor. I will definitely go if that is what he needs, I would not hesitate to care for my child but again I don't want to over react. Has anyone else experienced this with their child???

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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. I ended up taking my son to a chiropractor and he did wonders getting the "popcorn" out of my son's body. Just a day later you would never know he was in so much pain. The cost was very reasonable which surprised me because I have not ever been to a chiropractor. I was up front with them about not having insurance and they were very compassionate. Again thanks for all your responses I am soooo glad I have a forum like this to turn to.

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If you have not noticed kids do seem to over react to pain sometimes. It may be that he slept wrong or it could be like you said spasms. But the Dr. would most likely give you something for the pain, tell you go use heat on it and go from there. Save some money in the mean time and do just that. Most likely it will get better in a few days if not already.

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6 yr olds don't have back/neck pain. I would take him to the dr right away. I don't thing it would be over reacting.
Best wishes.

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I've never experienced this with my child but I get neck spasms from time to time. They are just about the worst pain I can think of. You don't realize how much you move your neck when you move your body. It's part of the way we balance so every movement, even just lifting your leg off the bed hurts severely. There doesn't seem to be a reason for why I get them. They tend to just "happen". However, high levels of stress can trigger them too. I'm an athlete and to be down for the count is just unbearable for me. Regular doctors would give me painkillers and muscle relaxers and send me home. This only fixed the immediate problem (while I sat around in a drugged out haze) but they always came back. Now, any time I feel my neck muscles getting tight I go to my chiropractor. He's wonderful. I haven't had a neck spasm in about 2 years since I've stayed on top of this. I used to believe that chiropractors were just quacks until I met my believer husband. He made me go. Scared the doo out of me the first time I went.

Now we take our 6 month old daughter. Not that she's got too many issues but he did seem to help her Torticollis which is where one side of her neck was weaker so she compensated with her other muscles never strengthening the weaker side. This was caused from her being squished up in the womb. With exercise, baby versions, and the chiropractor she's not a "Torti" baby any longer. Her physical therapist said she was shocked at how fast she got stronger and better. It's scary to see your baby being manipulated by any doctor but in this case there isn't the snap snap you get with adults. My daughter even seems to like it. It tickles. Our doctor is one of the only ones that works on children. He works on his own grandchildren even though his son is a chiropractor too in the same office if that gives you perspective on how specialized you have to be to work on children. He's also works with the University Of Texas athletes and is their main adviser for chiropractic. His experience is worth it.

If this sounds like a choice for you he does FREE CHILDREN'S VISITS, I believe, on the second Tuesday of every month. (I put that in caps because it sounds like it's what you are looking for and if you were just scanning this I wanted you to see it. I'm not a walking billboard for Dr. Mike, just really happy with his services. ) You can call and get the exact details. Also, this time of year he runs specials like office visits for canned food. His info is: Dr. Mike Vandawalle of Vandewalle Chiropractic ###-###-####. Ask for Dr. Mike (his son (Dr. Alex) is a chiropractor in the same office and is also a Vandewalle so they are informal about using first names to differentiate)

What ever you decide to do you do need to get your child in to see the doctor, at least Dr. Mike, to see what is going on. Spasms aren't normal for a 6 year old. Dr. Mike will look at the bones and muscles and let you know his opinion before he ever does any kind of adjustments. He's just as good with the parents as he is with the kids. His visit is free so it might be what you are looking for and he's not going to load your son up on painkillers and muscle relaxers like the other doctors will for spasms.

Good luck!

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It doesn't sound to me as if it is meningitis. If it were meningitis then he wouldn't be able to bend his head forward - chin to chest - and would have other symptoms as well. Check out this site for info on meningitis: http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/lung/meningitis.html

Common symptoms for meningitis include:

lethargy (decreased consciousness)
photophobia (eye sensitivity to light)
stiff neck
skin rashes

I personally had back and neck spasms frequently when I was a kid through early adulthood. I was rushed to the emergency room for one that kept me paralyzed in pain for many hours. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory (like Ibuprofen) and a muscle relaxer. I was also sent to physical therapy where they helped me by massaging the area and helping me to stretch it out. They also alternated warm and ice packs for a little while to help reduce inflammation/swelling and pain. I was told that the best way to keep this from happening again was to drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet (get your vitamins) and most importantly to stretch and exercise the muscles frequently.

Here are a couple of sites I found with proper exercises:

http://www.ehow.com/how_###-###-####_treat-muscle-spasm.html (These are the same stretching exercises that I was told to do - no comment on the yoga.)


On another note, pregnant women are told that charlie horses (spasms in the legs) are usually caused by a lack of calcium in the diet! Does your son get enough milk and cheese every day?

I hope this helps!

God Bless,

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I've had problems with neck pain and spasms all of my life. I also have no insurance now so I treat it myself and have found that it heals just as quickly with my home treatments.....plenty of ibuprofen (repeat doses as soon as time allows) and ALTERNATE heat and ice on it. When I do have to go to a doctor I go to a chiropractor as general doctors mainly just give pain medication for it and don't fix the problem nearly as quickly or effectively.
Goood Luck.

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Dear C.,

I think you should go to the doctor on this one. You need to "rule out" meningitus. Perhaps it is just one of his back spasms, but I still think you should be for sure.


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The most likely probability is also the most common. It sounds like your child probably has an acute case of torticollis. It's not that uncommon in children, largely due to the rough-and-tumble lives they live, and neck injuries are a regular occurance. Sounds like he needs an evaluation by a good pediatric chiropractor. Check out the doctor locator at the ICPA website (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and consult the nearest office in your area. If you'd like more information consult my website at www.docvaughn.com and I will be happy to help you find some immediate help. Drugs are not the solution to this problem, and it can be resolved quickly in the right hands.

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There is a very good and compassionate Chiropractor, Physical Therapist and Nutritionalist as well as a Father in San Marcos. Dr Christopher Baker. I don't know if they have a special plan for those uninsured but it wouldn't surprise me.

I didn't really try a chiropractor till I was in my 30's and my doctor said I had arthritis in my neck and would have to live with it.. I had raised up quite hard under a piece of playground equipment a bit before I started having this problem.. and had a chiropractor in my Parent Ed Class....so asked my GP if it would hurt if I saw one...He said no but he didn't think it would help any.... to make a long story short it helped immensely not only with my neck but with my back which I had been told at age 16 that I had a crooked spine and would have to just learn to live with it.. get enough but not too much exercise......well in time she fixed my back as well as my neck... The problem is that for every really good chiro ...there are several not so good... and it takes awhile to find the perfect one... We went to numerous in Austin and San Marcos before we found Dr Baker. He is continually learning and studying and even does teaching at the Chiro College.... He is not one who thinks you have to come every week twice a week for life..to stay healthy... If in a few treatments he doesn't make it all better he lets you know... I started taking my kids to the chiropractor with me when I was getting my neck and back in order.. and my son was just two... and she discovered that he was a little out of alignment and would adjust him ever so gently every now and then..... and he got to where he would know when he was out of alignment....

Should you want his number and address let me know....at ____@____.com luck...

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The first thought I had was spinal meningitis which is pronounced by stiff neck and difficulty putting chin to chest. This is life threatening within 24 hours! Please call and ask an advice nurse at your pediatricians.

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I am a personal trainer, so not a Dr... but my suggestion is to go to a massage therapist that has worked with children before, or a good chiropractor. A Dr is going to use muscle relaxers and pain killers, the massage therapist and chiropractor will use manipulation to relax the muscles and usually it will work with 1 to 2 visits. They will also suggest ways that you can work with your kids to keep them pain free and the chiropractor should look into habits, such as sitting or sleeping, that may be causing these issues. I have severe back issues that started as a teenager due to stress. Massages work WONDERS. I can now do self massage and relaxation.
Make sure you look into their experience with children. They are not just little adults.
Hope this helps.

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