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My 6 Year Old Sons Stomach Hurts Him Mostly at Ngih

My son has been complaining about his stomach hurting mostly at night! I am wonder if maybe anyone has any idea of what it might be? I don't know what to do! He will go about the day well most of the day with out it hurting or at less with out him saying anything about it hurting but when its gets around the evening most of the time is when it happens!!!! Help plase

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Well i took my son to two doctors. The first one which was his pc doctor said he was getting over the flu. The 2nd doctor said he had the GI stomach virus. Well he was really hurting last night so we took him the ER. They said he need to poo and needed fiber. Well my father in law said he thinks he had worms. Told me to look at his poo when he did go. Well i thought no way. Well sure enough he did. I'm waiting for the doctors to tell me what to do. This could happen or could be happening to other children. So if you think you could not have worms well think again lol. All you do to learn about the worms just Google about worms in humans. As soon as i find out from the doc i will be more than happy to post it and let everyone know. And thank you for all that tried to help me with this. I appropriate it.

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My daughter was 4 and having tummy aches almost daily. Her's were more in the morning than at night, but I decided to take her into the doctor to see if it was something. She didn't act constipated but pooped about every other day. The doctor said he heard some bowels in there, and put her on miralax. We now give her half a capful of miralax daily and no more tummy aches.

When I was little I would get stomach aches in the evening & the doctor said that it was probably from a dairy intolerance so to limit dairy just in the evenings.

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This sounds very familiar! My daughter had evening tummy trouble for a while around the same age (she's almost 8 now). It turns out it was nothing more than stress. She'd go about her day just fine, but when it came to bed time, she'd slow down long enough to ruminate and fret over things.

At first, I was worried. But since all other things were fine, it became clear that this tummy ache was tension related, not actual illness. I found that teaching her some self-relaxation techniques really helped. This lasted a month or so. Since then, it's also helped her when she can't sleep to tense up her muscles, and then relax them, starting at her toes, and working her way up until all her muscles are relaxed.

Hope that helps!

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It could be a lactose intolerance problem. It also might have something to do with his gallbladder. He might be to young for that though.
It could be a digestive problem. Try having him eat yogurt with live cultures in it. This will act as a digestive aid like pro-biotics would.
But if it is a lactose problem the yogurt will not help it could make it worse.


Does he have regular "good" bowel movements? My son does not. During the day due to school , play, his mind on other things he ususally does not "complain", but at nite during wind down and quiet time he does....he has nothing else to focus on(distract him) so he suddenly notices being uncomfortable. Even though he is now 8 I still ask/remind him daily...."have you pooped today or when did you poop last" he usually runs to the bathroom with a book and solves the problem. Hope this helps....good luck

You might want to look into G.E.R.D. on the internet. My daughter has tummy aches in the morning and the doctor thinks it may be reflux after laying down all night, but looking into it alot of sufferers experience the symptoms at night as well.

My daughter says the same thing to me almost every night. When I ask her if it hurt during the day too and why she didn't tell me until now; she says it hurt but she was too busy doing other things to think about it. We did take her in to the Dr. about a year agao when she would say her stomach was hurting all the time and it looked like it was constipation. We have gone through so many treatments and she says her stomach hurts now only at night when she is going to bed. I honestly think that she is tired and her body is achy because she is tired...when she wakes up in the morning she is fine. I would say to have him drink more water and try and flush his system more; unless he has a fever and cannot go to the bathroom, I bet he is tired.

Definitely speak with your kid's pediatrician about it.

I'm going out on a limb here, but when I was a kid I would get these weird, upsetting "stomach aches" sometimes in the evening, almost always on Sunday nights before the school week. It turns out I was having panic attacks, only I didn't have any other way to describe them. Maybe have a chat with your kiddo and see if anything's on his mind.

He could be hungry. Most kids at this age have no clue that the pain in the stomach that they feel is actually hungry. Or if he is not regular, constipated. BUT, your FIRST step should absolutely be taking him to see his pediatrician. Anytime a child complains about stomach pains for more than a week, the first step is see a doctor. Your son's pediatrician should be guiding you on this. If not, seek another opinion immediately.

I found that my daughter's were related to allergies she had to preservatives and dyes in foods. They didn't show early in the day, but the more she ate, that is when we noticed problems. You may try your own experiments, reduce acidic things, like o.j. if he has it, dilute juices if he has them, make sure they are really juice. I did mine by trial and error. She is doing well. The doctor said I was crazy because there have been dyes and preservatives in foods for years, but our bodies are all different. Frankly, we are loving the new diet and she still has fun foods!!

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