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My 6 Year Old Daughter Is Always Hungry!!

My daughter constantly wants food. Sometimes she eats so fast and much that she throws up. She is not a fat child (not a nice word but didn't know how else to say it), but does seem to be bigger (taller)then the rest of the kids. She is a picky eater and a go getter but I am very worried about her. Of course she loves to snack and has been sneaking sugar. Could it be a blood sugar problem? Hypoglycemia? I am calling the doctor next week to get her in for a check up. When she was around 3 years old she was very lethargic one morning and wouldn't wake up completely. I called the ambulance and we all had to go to the hospital. They hooked her up to some fluid and she perked right up. Her blood sugar was low. They told me that if it happened again to give her some oj or popsicle. The doctor didn't seem concerned. She takes multi vitamins every morning and separate Omega vitamins. I know that I also, never seem to be full and I am so sad that my daughter has the same issue. Anybody out there have anything similar happen?

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I agree that she is probably going through a growth spurt. If she is shoveling her food it could be a bad habit picked up from school, they have to rush through lunch so much my daughter who is 8 does the same thing at home. Just remind her about slowing down, or maybe give her her food a little at a time to get her to slow down.

As for sneaking surgar I think that's just a kid thing, they are always on the look out for the stuff!

Unless she has any major other symptoms I wouldn't take her specially to the doctor because of it, but maybe bring it up at her well child visit.

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I agree it could just be growth spurts since you didn't really say how long its been going on. Definitely have the doctor run tests and do a fasting blood draw to check insulin levels and blood sugar. My daughter was/is always hungry and we found that she has Insulin Resistance. This is where the body doesn't take in the insulin appropriately in the muscles and the insulin does not do its job in reducing the glucose level in the body. The body then produces MORE insulin because the sugar levels aren't lowering and the high insulin in the body and lack of glucose being taken to the muscles for energy can make one feel like they are constantly starving to death! Also, it can cause dips in blood sugar like the one your daughter had when she was 3. If your pediatrician doesn't know what to look for, you may want to consider and endocrinologist. Good luck! :)

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My daughter is 4 and at times she eats a lot. I think she just goes through grow spurts. I would just take her to the doctor if it really bothers you, just to be safe! Good luck!

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I would tell the doctor everything you just told us. Definitely have this checked out. Good luck.

Glad you are getting her seen by the dr. Ask him to run a lab test A1C. It is a blood sugar average test. If she is having low blood sugars or high blood sugars it will show up. If that is ok ask him to check her thyroid and vitamin levels.

If everything is normal from the doctor I would recommend lots of water to drink. My girls are always hungry and sometimes I think they are just thirsty. Keep the snacks healthy and every 2-3 hours. Good luck!

I too was concerned with my son who was 5 at the time of his well visit.He goes in spurts and now as he is growing I was reasurred by the ped, and the parents as teachers that it is normal.He has become a not so good eater as he once was he refuses to try new thing swants mostly fruit and some veggies which is fine.When he wants to eat and ask for more snacks I have to remember that he didn't eat much for lunch and refused to eat half his dinner.

Have the doctor check her for diabetes AND have them check her thyroid. It may be overactive? Ask to be referred to an endocronologist? if you are not satisfied with the answers they find.

Good luck and God Bless :)

There is a neurological desease that your stomach doesn't tell your brain when it is full. I would ask your doctor about this, especially if she eats all the time and tends to throw up not knowing she is full. I don't remember what it is called...there was a CSI episode about an extreme case. Sorry I couldn't offer more. Good luck and God Bless.

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