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My 5 Yr Old Son Has Abdominal Pain Only in the Evening

My 5 yr old son has been experiencing abdominal pain only in the evenings. He has been waking up 2 to 3 times a night crying for about 5 to 8 mins. I am helpless. This evening he asked me why this is happening to him with tears. I took him to the doctor and he said there is nothing wrong w/ my son and that it was some viral thing and should go away in a few days. This has been going on for a week. His BW has been regular and fine, appetite also. Please help me with any info.

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I just took him to see the PA today. And again they don't know what is going on. The dr will be in tomorrow and I will be expecting a call from him. He is still having pain in the evening. His appetite is fine and his stool is also. In fact he is still his regular self during the day. Physically and emotionally. Night time seems to be the worst. Thank you for everyone's comments. They have been helpful, I've practically tried everything that were mentioned in the responses. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks again.

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My son went through this and since I have cut down on the fiber in his diet he doesn't complain anymore. Also my 5 year old son would complain of this but he was having hunger pains and didn't realize what they were.

Good luck!

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If your son is still experiencing this issue in a few days, I would take him back to his doctor. I assume he performed an in-office physical exam of his abdomen and listed to his heart already, but he should also run some bloodwork (to check out liver and kidney function) and perhaps also order an ultrasound or simple x-ray.

I would also try having your son avoid eating any solids within 2 hours of going to bed at night.

I have a lot of friends who got great relief for themselves and for their kids by changing to a top notch nutritional supplement - totally safe for all ages, patented, delicious. It stabilizes the digestive tract and prevents blockages, allowing for healthy and more complete absorption of nutrients in the intestines. You can't get this from vitamin pills, and there's no issue in getting kids to take it - a lot easier to get in them than prunes. I'm sure it would help. I'd be happy to give you more info and connect you with friends so you can talk mom to mom.

Not sure if this will help or not. My son started complaining of stomach pain also. We took him to the dr.s and she has an x-ray done which should some backage in his intestine. She recommended xlax for him when it got bad. Well the same thing started with my daughter who is now 6 and she just had her check up. I mentioned it and told them about my son also. This dr. recommended to have my kids drink prune juice or eat 1 prune once a day. Knowing my kids I said that this would be difficult to have happen, what would be the next best thing. She said cranberry juice, any flavor will do. I completely switched my kids to drinking only cranberry/apple/grape juice and they haven't complained of stomach pain since March. The bm's are doing much better, some days they go 3 or 4 times, to which I know it is working for them. Try it. I hope this will help. Good luck.

I think the advice about food you have been given is good and of course you need to investigate the physical symptoms, however, I would just be aware that sometimes emotions can manifest physically. Is it possible that he is having nightmares which are scary and he is experiencing a stomach ache from being nervous or scared? or he is a particularly anxious child? I would try some relaxation exercises with him. Deep breathing, body relaxation and see if it helps the stomach pain to decrease. Good luck!

My son went through this and since I have cut down on the fiber in his diet he doesn't complain anymore. Also my 5 year old son would complain of this but he was having hunger pains and didn't realize what they were.

Good luck!

this happened to me a couple months ago my daughter is 3 she was complaning here and there durng the day but at night she would wake up in tears holding her stomach, telling me it hurt so bad, i felt awful i took her to the emergency room one night and they said there was nothing they could do, same as you my6 daughter dd feel better in a few days, i have no idea what was wrong with her, and hope it never comes back, if your son is no better in 2 days i would take him to the doctor again and demand they do something

It might be too early to think about this, but if it continutes I'd have him checked for celiac's disease (wheat/gluten allergy). My neighbor's daughter has it and this sounds like how her symptoms started. It's really easy for them to control with the proper diet.

Has he had any stress in his life lately? Someone picking on him in school/daycare? New sibling or anything else at home? When my parents got divorced when I was little, I used to get horrible stomachaches from anxiety.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Try taking him off milk. He may be lactose intolerant. I know, because I am and we discovered it when I kept getting stomach aches. You could try soy milk but there are planty of ways to get calcium etc. in to him without giving him milk. Milk after all is meant for calves not humans so don't be worried that you are depriving him.

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