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My 5 Year Old Suddenly Has Rosy Cheeks! What Could It Be?

Her cheeks were a little rosy yesterday and today both cheeks are completely red and warm to the touch. She does have some teeth coming in. No fever. She doesn't have food allergies that I know of. She acts fine. I thought she may have gotten sun burned but the redness has gotten worse this morning and she hasn't been outside. She isn't red anywhere else. Strange!! Any experience with this or ideas as to what it could be?

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I believe it is fifths disease. She developed a lacy rash on her arms yesterday. The more I read about it the more I think I actually had it. My joints were killing me and I had really bad headaches. I thought I had developed arthritis in my elbow because it was hurting so bad. My husband jokingly said he was going to trade me in because I was complaining about my aches and pains all the time! Anyway, thanks again everyone!

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Could be roseola. Nothing to worry about unless you are pregnant, but they start with red cheeks (looks like they've been slapped) and then get a fever a few days later.

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It could definitely, as was mentioned, be Fifth Disease, caused by Parvovirus B19. There have been multiple cases around here since Easter, my cousin's kids got it and gave it to her, and then my niece got it on mother's day. Symptoms vary from being completely asymptomatic, to just the red cheeks, and it may take up to a week for the rash to appear everewhere, which tends to be lacy and come and go overthe next months, even, usually after changes in temperature, like hot baths. It says the rash doesn't involve palms and soles, but my niece didn't read the book, since her rash started on her face, in 2 days looking like the classic slapped cheeks, and had a fine rash on her palms and soles, that later spread to her chest, legs, and finally her arms. It took about 8-10 days to go away. Once the rash appeas, they areno longer contagious. The only concern iswith pregnant women, because if thy get it, especially during the first half of the pregnancy, there is a risk of the fetus developing hydrops, which causes severe anemia and sometimes even death, though only 5% of women who get it get the fetal complication. Adults, usually women, can also develop joint pain, that can last for months, and kids can too, but it is not too common.

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I bet it's 5th's too. Once the red cheeks show, she's no longer contagious...which is why it spreads so quickly. You'll likely see a lacey rash on her body and limbs too. She'll probably feel fine. You on the other hand, if you get it will get bad headaches, you'll feel like you want to pass out and your joints will ache so bad you'll think you have arthritis (I obviously just got over it!) It hits adults harder.

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Now that summer's here make sure she's getting plenty of water to drink, even if she's drinking other drinks. Little bodies can dehydrate very quickly.

Without seeing her cheeks it's hard to say what it could be, why not put a call into her pediatrician to voice your concerns (before the long weekend) and see what they say? It could be anything from overheating to Fifth's disease to Rosacea.

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Maybe fifths disease. It's been going around here. Some kids don't even appear I'll before they get the rash but once the rash starts you are considered not contagious.

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Could be Fifths Disease which will not hurt her but bad for pregnant women (if you or someone else is pregnant get it checked out) or it could be sun, or wind burn.

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Fifths disease has been going around here - both of my kids had it as did most of their classmates at school. Bright red cheeks, a little sore throat, but otherwise fine. It's caused by a virus and will go away on its own. You can give her Tylenol if it seems like she needs it.

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my sons (& my daycare kids) get rosy cheeks when they're battling a virus. In fact, that's how I knew my son was sick when he had chicken pox! He had rosy cheeks, no fever....& then the pox popped out the next day ....as did the fever. Look for other symptoms.....& see what develops.

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She probably has rosiola. I think that is about the only symptom.

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