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My 5 Year-old Needs Glasses - Any Tips on Getting Him to Wear Them All the Time?

I took my 5 y/o son to the eye doc. earlier this week and it turns out he needs glasses - he has a severe astygmatism in one eye, aka "lazy eye" (it is not obvious to look at him) and requires a very strong correction in one eye. The other eye needs mild correction but she thinks that is probably mostly from overcompensating for the very weak eye.

Right now he is excited about getting glasses. My hope (and the doc's theory) is that the world will look so much different/better with his glasses that he will be motivated to wear them. He is developmentally delayed by about 18 months and does not really understand logical arguments for "needing" to do things. I took him to be fitted yesterday and, thankfully, he loved the idea of glasses - especially the Power Rangers styles.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions about keeping him motivated to wear them once the newness wears off would be greatly appreciated. If the glasses don't make a major difference within the first two months she will probably have to patch the good eye - I think the "looking like a pirate" game will get old quickly with that so I really want to give the glasses the best chance possible to help correct the weak eye.

Thanks! H.

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Thank you all so much for the fabulous input, support and ideas. We incorporated many suggestions when we picked up Riley's glasses. Thankfully he is wearing them willingly! I believe that what was suggested is what has happened...he sees so much better with them on that he wants to wear them! PHEW!!! Two or three days after he got them he walked into the kitchen in the morning and asked, "where are my glasses?"

We've already managed to lose them once, but they did reappear. Thankfully we got a back-up pair so he wasn't without them. When he does want to take a break, we're letting him, but we're trying to do it for a specific task so there is an end point. I think one of the best suggestions we incorporated was having him sit facing me when we picked them up so he was looking at my face when he put them on for the first time - the look on his face was priceless!

He looks like such a little man in them...but I believe it is making his world so much better. I can't help but wonder how many of his sensory challenges were made worse by his undiagnosed vision problems!

Thanks so much again to all of you who shared your experiences - it really helped!!!

~H. & Riley

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My daughter was six when she started wearing glasses, and I never had a problem with her keeping them on, because she sees so much better with them on.

Be careful where they are put when they are taken off. Another daughter of mine took hers off when she read, and put them on a low table next to her. The puppy chewed them up. They were under warrenty and replaced for free. She left them on her bedside table once and the puppy climbed up and chewed them again. We had to pay to replace them this time.

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My son is who is 3 years old just recently had to get glasses due to a form of lazy eye. I was very worried as well as to how he was going to do with them. Well from the minute we put them on him we never had a problem. I think when he realized how much better that he can see with them, he does not mind wearing them and likes them. I think you won't have a problem.

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My daughter got glasses when she was two for the same reason. She's had them nearly a year now, and wears them on her own for the most part - and will always put them on when asked. I too wear glasses, and she doesn't like it when I put my contacts in, she wants to be like me I think. The first pair is the worst - they got broken many times over and she had the cable temples - never again. She got a new pair after 6 months, these have held up far better. Buy the insurance though - it will prove to be well worth it!

I would just make it clear there isn't an option to not wear the glasses. You bought them to help him see better, and he needs to take special care of them so his eyes can be strong. Eden is three now and has proven she can take care of them well - now if I could just keep them clean!

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I went throu that with my son who was 7 at the time he needed glasses back then it wasn't cool to wear glasses , they would call him a nerd a dork etc. Kids are very cruel creatures of god, but they do have a sensitive side too, keep telling him how handsome he looks in his glasses praise him for wearing them, tell him he will have the best eyes he can possibly have by wearing them. Make a chart, or something for every day he keeps his glasses on give him a reward see how that works. Take him to a movie, etc i think you get the picture, good luck & by the way my son still wears his glasses he is 36 years old now !!!

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My 9 year old has wore glasses since she was 5 too.. Once she realized how much better she could see with them it was a no brainer she keeps them on all the time. One nice thing about getting them that young is that the other kids either dont notice that they have them or they think its neat so there is no teasing like there is when they are older. I wish you good luck and hope it all works out for you and your son.

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Hi H.,

I would suggest getting a band to use with them at least until he gets used to wearing them all the time. It would be harder for him to take them off by himself.

My son started wearing glasses since he was 6 months old, so I never had the problem of having to make him wear them since at that age he couldn't freely take them off by himself. I did use the band for his though so they would stay up and not fall off. He needs his for extreme far sightedness. He also has nystagmus.

Also, we started this saying: "If they aren't on your face, they are in their case". We had a problem with misplacing them. One time they even happened to find their way into the trash because he laid them on the table by the trash and it fell in.


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I have the same story with my five year old daughter. She got them back in october right before she turned 5. of course they are bright red. she loves them and loves all the attention that everyone says about how they look on her still today. some people at chruch are still just noticing tht she has them and she has worn them every day since receiving them. of course we stop in on a regular basis to tighten, adjust, and check for repair. by all means get the 25.00 warrenty coverage if your doctor offers it.
good luck!
K. B

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Hi H.,

How does your son feel about superheroes? You could point out to him that Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, wears glasses and Cyclops from the X-Men has to wear special glasses all the time.

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We let our son pick out his glasses, he was able to ask questions while we were at the eye docs also.

Knowing he had to get used to them, we let him take them off when his ears hurt or his eyes were "sweating" we were good with letting him take time with them off when at home, but reminded him that he was supposed to wear them all the time.

He is now 6, almost 7 and does very well with wearing them all day. We sometimes have to remind him to put them on before school, but he has at times reminded us or had them on before walking out the door.

We got the ones with the hooks behind them (so the ear pieces go around his ears), that way I knew they would not fly off while in the playground at school. They are also the kind your can pretty much crunch into a ball and they bounce back to their regular shape...very good deal on that one as my other kids have gotten a hold of them!!

Good luck!!

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My 3 year old son was was diagnosed with a "lazy eye" late last year, like your son his is for the most part unoticable. My options were either drops or a patch along with glasses. I felt with my son that would definitley not keep a patch on, so we opted for drops. The glasses for my son were suprisingly easy for him to get used to. I had decided to start out by telling him that he could only watch TV with the glasses on. My son, who watches a bit too much TV I think, had only asked a few times to take the glasses off, but after explaining that he couldn't watch TV he dropped it. If I can help any further please don't hesitate to ask. S.

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