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My 5-Year Old Is Suddenly Wetting the Bed at Night

Hi Mom's. I don't know what to do, my 5 year old son is suddenly wetting the bed at night. He has wet 4 times since last Tuesday. He just started kindergarten a few weeks ago I am not sure if that has anything to do with it???? I am starting to go crazy about this. Any suggestions on what I could do or ideas why this might be happening?

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Hi Moms, thank you so much for all your support, suggestions and advice. I am happy to say (knock on wood)the bed wetting issue has stopped. I think the whole kindergarten thing was a bit too much for him to handle, know he has become use to his new routine and absolutely LOVES school. We have been pee-free for over a week know. Thanks again!

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My sons have always been pretty good at not wetting the bed, but they are much more likely to do so when they are tired. When we're visiting family out of town, on vacation, or have had a really busy day, I put "Good Nites" on them. We call it "paper underwear". They're in the diaper aisle of the store and go up to sizes for 7 or 8 year olds. It won't hold against a major accident, but at least you all have a better chance of getting sleep instead of changing sheets and pyjamas!

My grandson did this when he started school it because he was't ready yet because he know that his bother would still be at home with his mom and so he would wet the bed so that he could stay home because he know that he was still a baby and baby can't go to school.

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I'm sure that starting kind. this wk has something to do with it, and I'm sure it'll go away when he settles in. Talk to him about kindergarten, his nerves, invite some new friends over and try to calm him down.

I also know at least 2 6-year-olds who sleep in pull-ups because when they're stressed they wet the bed at night too.

when was his last BM? Many children wet because they are constipated. If thats fine and it continues I would recommend seeing his ped.

My grandson did this when he started school it because he was't ready yet because he know that his bother would still be at home with his mom and so he would wet the bed so that he could stay home because he know that he was still a baby and baby can't go to school.

I think this is very common, especially among boys and when there is a life change. My boys are 5 and they started wetting their beds when their baby sister was born.
Your son may be over-tired from being in school all day. I would try moving his bedtime a little earlier. Also, my husband and I take our boys to pee one more time before we go to bed, usually around 10:30-11:00pm. They don't even remember it in the morning and it keeps them from wetting the bed in the middle of the night.
Also, check for signs of sleep apnea. I've read that there is a link between this and bed wetting.

Good luck!!

It may be stress but definitely take him to the doc-it could also be an infection.

I agree that it would be good to check with your doctor first. I would also check out that school -- your son (or his body) may be trying to tell you something is wrong! I would double check on the teachers, the school, the classmates... one Mom told me a similar situation and when she changed schools, her child became happy again!!

Wetting the bed has a lot to do with too much sugar.
That would include fruit as well. When I get this question, Mom's are always saying. He doesn't get much. HOwever it is hidden in so many things, from ketchup to lunchables.

The body doesn't know the difference, sugar is sugar.
Too much makes their bladder muscles weak, just like alcohol in an adult effects our muscles. We can't walk a straight line because our muscles just can't respond.

Once that is determined, it is very much a possiblity that a complete, balance B vitamin would be very useful. B's would be the electical system in our body if we were a house, it would send a proper message to the brain and the bladder would know not to release because now it would have the strength. Hope this helps, there might be more, but those would be the first two steps I would take.

I suspect that your little guy is just so wiped out from kindergarten that he is sleeping too soundly to wake up for bathroom trips in the middle of the night. When my daughter began full day kindergarten she was super tired and went to bed much earlier for a time. Her stamina increased after a couple of months. perhaps waking him once for a trip to the bathroom right before you go to bed would help him out.

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