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My 4 Year Olds Teeth Are Falling Out Already

My son is 4 years old, and today we discovered his two bottom teeth are very loose. I looked it up online, it said and he’s not supposed to lose his teeth until age 6!! I am just wondering if any other mothers have had kids whose teeth came out early... And if so, did their perm teeth come right in, or did they come in way later at the time they were scheduled to come.

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Thank you everyone for helping put my mind at ease. His dentist said not to worry, he is just an early bloomer. The first tooth finally came out (actually in the middle of basketball practice he walks over and hands it to me) and the replacement teeth are already on their way in.


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My daughter is now six but she lost 2 teeth a 4. The dentist waid if they come in early as a baby then they will most likely fall out early also. This was true for her because she started teething at two months and had 2 teeth at 4 months old. She had all but 2 year molars by 9-10 months. My cousins son is the same age and didn't get any teeth until he was 14 months old. It is like everything with children, they all develope in different areas at different rates. It is all normal. Good luck

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It happended to my daughter at that same age!! I cried and said she wasn't suppose to loose hers at that age. She lost her 2 bottom first, and now she is 5 1/2 and just starting to loose others (top). Not every child is the same. I read and researched making sure there is nothing wrong with her diet or other reasons. So don't worry, it IS NORMAL!!!

Tooth Fairy can just give BIG check!! hehehe

Upstate NY

i can remember losing my milk teeth at age 4 1/2 -5 yrs.

C., every child is different. So keeping that in mind go back to when your son was an infant. Not all the babies were getting their first teeth in at tha same time right? Some don't get their first one until 10 months old and some get them as early as three months.

Now, I would not be worried about your son's teeth unless you check out the following two things: 1) Did you ask your son if he fell down or got bumped in the face at school or anything that could have knocked them loose? Perhaps a good conversation about the possibility of getting hurt recently is due. 2) Do you know for sure that his teeth are getting two daily good cleanings? If you are helping him brush his teeth each day and night then and there is no other reason for his teeth to be loose, then I say Congratulations.

My son is 5, not quite 5-1/2 and his two bottom teeth in the front just came out over the past 2 to 3 months. I was also worried thinking it was a bit too soon and thought perbaps we weren't taking care of his teeth well enough. But, it's just the opposite. We take such good care of his teeth and he eats so healthy that his body was ready. He's got two big boy teeth coming in right now.

Hope this helped. Have a great day.


it's fine, all kids are different. My daughter had lost her four top teeth and her four bottom ones by the time seh was 6. She started losign them at around 4 years old. she also had gotten them reall early as a baby. your son's adult teeth will grow in fine. Just be extra diligent in brushing them, since they are going to be the perminant ones.

My daughter lost two teeth at the age of 4 and her permament teeth did come in a couple months later. I think anytime between ages 4-6 is normal to lose teeth.

Jenn Smith

My sons teeth have always been in overdrive!! He cut his first tooth at 2 and a half months and had all of his teeth (baby teeth) in his mouth by 13 months. He is 5 now and his 1st tooth he lost bout 3 months ago and the new tooth pushed the old tooth out and he didnt have a hole for very long and now he has 2 more loose teeth and i can see 1 of the new teeth already. So I wouldn't be worried I think doctors just give the average for everything and as far as teeth go our sons are progressing ahead of schedule, yous even more so!

Hi C. M.

I am a 27 year old mom of two kids. 4 yr old girl and a 6 yr old son. My son though has already lost 3 teeth. Its not a big deal as far as his age for them falling out. I to have noticed that the teeth are taking a while to come in. My son just lost his third tooth about 2 weeks ago and I am just now seeing a very small sign of it showing. I hope this info. easies some of your thoughts.

Sincerely Kim of Lindenhurst

My son's teeth got loose at 4 and his first one was out before his 5th birthday. Same for me, I lost teeth at 4 years old. Did your son's teeth come in early? My son had two teeth the week he turned 4 months. I have heard baby's who get their teeth early, lose them early. Has he been to the dentist?

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