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My 4 Year Old Son Is Constantly Itching All Over

My son is 4 years old, and he is constantly itchy!!! I've been online trying to figure it out, but I'm so confused. He itches pretty much all over the body, but there are no marks, bites, etc..... I came across some info suggesting internal issues, and now I'm worried. anyone have any suggestions????

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Hi J. I think I would take him to a doc. to me it sounds like he has a lot of allergies. There is some reason he is doing this as he wouldn't just be doing it. My grandson did the same thing and his parents found that he is allergic to a lot of foods and grass, leaves etc.

Try Eucerin Calming body wash oil. You can find it at CVS for about $6. It's made up of mostly oil and a a little soap (it doesn't smell great). It lathers like soap and rinses clean. I love it! I've had itchy skin all over for a long time. It feels like the itch is coming from deep in my skin. I've tried everything, lotions, creams, oils. Some have which helped a little, but nothing really solved the problem. I just started using the Eucerin body wash a couple of weeks ago and haven't itched much since!
Good luck!

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Sounds like either allergy to laundry soap/fabric softner or he has eczema which you would need to take him to doc for. Tide makes an allergy free soap, fabric softner not sure about.

Hi J.,

Definitely try changing your laundry soap to a perfume- and dye-free brand (there are several out there including some store brands). I'd skip the fabric softener altogether, IMO it is not necessary, and it reduces the absorbency of the fabric.

Aveeno baths might help also. Walmart has a store-brand equivalent of Aveeno; there may be a way to just grind up oatmeal in your food processor and use that too, but I am not aware of specifics.

I don't know what internal issues you have found in your search, but it might be something as simple as he is not getting enough good fats in his diet (I think they are the omega-6 fats, but you could check with your dr. or a nutritionist).

Good luck!

K. Z.

Do you have bed bugs? Don't be offended it's easy to pick them up. They don';t really leave bite marks or at least on me they don't show up til I scratch. They look like apple seeds and are black as they age. The babies are born clear until they feed then they are red. I read online they do not cause or spread illness but it is a pain. We have sprayed with 99% alcohol, bought powder, oil base and water base spray. It all helps but they are still here. I heard cedar tree oil only available online is the best. I also heard turn up your heat on a really hot day and go away for 3 to 4 days and when you get back they will be dead. They breath through their shells and they suffocate,

Don't panic . . . probably an allergy. My sons are allergic to grass, trees, pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, etc.; and they get itchy when they have been outside playing. Once they have been bathed, they are fine. If that doesn't help, I give them both a teaspoon of allergy med. (a generic brand of Zyrtec which comes in syrup form). A friend of mind noticed her toddler scratching all the time but did not see any rashes anywhere. She took her daughter to an allergist and found out she was allergic to a specific type of flour found in some breads and crackers! She is taking a chewable tablet once a day and avoids foods that cause the reaction. Hope this helps!

My daughter was itchy all over about 2 years ago. I mentioned it to a friend, and she asked if my daughter had asthma. I told her yes and she said it was probably echzema
( hope I spelled it right)lol. She informed me that her child's pediatrician stated that a good number of children who deal with asthma have this issue. I made an appointment and the doctor evaluated it and prescribed an ointment which we used and it did help. Prior to talking to the doctor the second time, we initially visited her and she stated that I change what I washed our clothes in the the bath soap we used. So before going to the doctor try making those two changes and see if the itching stops. If not do what I did. When I made these initially changes there was a big difference.When only went to the doctor a second time when the itching returned. Hope this helps.

Try changing the soap, shampoo and laundry detergent. Something for babies is usually good and very mild. Allergic reactions usually have visual signs, but you can try taking to an allergy specialist and have him tested.

Good luck.

Hi J. I think I would take him to a doc. to me it sounds like he has a lot of allergies. There is some reason he is doing this as he wouldn't just be doing it. My grandson did the same thing and his parents found that he is allergic to a lot of foods and grass, leaves etc.

Try using unscented laundry soap and softener. My husband developed allergies to scented laundry soap in his late 50's. Also try ivory for his bath soap or something with oatmeal in it.

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