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My 4 Year Old Just Lost Her First Tooth! Isn't This a Little Young?

I found out today from my mother in law, who picked my daughter up from preschool today, that she lost a tooth while eating a cupcake! She will be 5 on November 14th. Isn't this a little young to loose teeth? I always told her she would probably be about 6 years old before she started loosing teeth.

By the way, how much does the Tooth Fairy pay these days? When I was a kid, I was extatic about a quarter, or even a dime! I'm guessing with inflation and the state of the economy, its probably quite a bit more now. ;)

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Thanks so much to everyone! Her mouth looks fine to me, though I don't yet see any little teeth growing behind the one that was lost. She says it doesn't hurt, and it really looks cute! She's the only one in her preschool class to have lost a tooth, so she's sort of a little celebrity. I told her to enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. :)

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Some kids lose their first tooth early. She will be 5 very soon, so not to worry. My first daughter was a young 5 when she lost her first tooth.

For all my kids first tooth, the tooth fairy brought a dollar along with a glittery note that stated $1 is for her FIRST tooth. Really, the kids are happy to get whatever from the tooth fairy. My 7 yr old loves it when she finds glitter on her money:)

What a fun little milestone for her....make it magical, that's how childhood should be;)

In Peace,
mom of 4

Not at all! I actually lost my bottom two baby teeth when I was 3 because my adult teeth started growing in behind them. It was two years later when I lost my top teeth. Everyone is different :-).


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Kids are all different. As far as the amount to leave, I didn't do money because my daughter had a very wealthy friend who got $5 per tooth! I would leave a little ring, hair accessory, etc. My son first got little plastic dinosaurs since he was really into those, then we moved up to baseball cards. I had to have things lined up because you just never knew when the teeth would fall out.

My 6 year old lost her first tooth one month after her 4th birthday and now has lost a total of 6 teeth!! I thought it was a bit young too, but the doctor and dentist said kids are all different and will do things on their own schedule. Hope that relieves your concerns! They grow up way to fast. We give our daughter $1 per tooth.

Hi J.,

My Daughter was also 4 when she lost her first tooth. I remember being so paranoid I actually took her to the Dentist. $50.00 and 5 minutes into the appointment the Dentist said it is normal. She got her first tooth when she was 3 months old, so the Dentist said that is why she is already losing them. She is now 5 1/2 and has lost 6 teeth (her most recent was two weeks ago). The Tooth Fairy leaves $2.00 at our house. She started out leaving $2 bills but my Daughter was unimpressed so last time she just left 2 $1 bills (my daughter doesn't exactly get the concept of money yet). I hope that helps a little, Good Luck.

Everyone is different, it is probably fine.

My children were both 5 when they lost their first tooth. It depends on the child.

Not at all, My 11 year old began teething almost as soon as she was born by two months she had two teeth. At three years old those two teeth came out followed by the top two a few weeks later. Her DMD told me that he had seen it happen in many cases where an infant cut their teeth at an early age.
BTW, My daughter bit into an apple at her preschool when she lost her first tooth, poor baby she cried cause she thought something terrible happened to her.

Everyone is different. My SIL lost all her teeth twice. Yes that is right she had 3 sets of teeth. She was in the 7th grade when they started to fall out again.

I used to get a pocket full of change from my dad. If I had lost a tooth he would just give me what he had at the end of the day minus the quarters. So everytime it was different. I think when it is my childrens turn I will give them a dollar.

Not at all! I actually lost my bottom two baby teeth when I was 3 because my adult teeth started growing in behind them. It was two years later when I lost my top teeth. Everyone is different :-).


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