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My 3 Year Old Is Vomiting

Hello moms,

My son I think has his first stomach flu, he is 3. WHAT DO I DO????
I am not good at this kind of thing, not that anyone is. But does anyone have any great ideas or miracle cures you can pass my way?? Thanks for your time.

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The biggest thing is to keep him Hydrated. If he keeps vomiting for more than a couple of days, take him in to the DR. I usually just get told to keep him hydrated. I hope he gets better.

My son had that and it was aweful. Watch out you'll get it too! Pedi light is the only thing that you can do. As long has he can keep it in is sytem for at least 10 min. before he vomits again. It is working.

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get some cola an let it go flat it will settle his tummy

Hey, T.,

There are some homeopathic remedies that can stop vomiting in minutes to hours, after a single dose. With no side effects! I'd recommend getting a little booklet on remedies for children, and keep a few of the basics on hand. They're also great for bruises and injuries, high fevers, stings, bites, and a variety of other childhood issues.

E. Mendenhall, ND

Make sure he is getting LOTS of fluids. Pedialyte (sp?) is great. Once they get dehydrated they will keep vomiting more and more and then get more dehydrated. It is a viscious circle. Have you taken him to his pediatrician?
Oh, and popsicles are great too. They have to eat them slow, and you are getting just a little sugar in them for some energy as well as "fluids". The all natural fruit juice ones are the ones I would recommend.

I lay down towels where he is resting so clean up is a bit easier and the mess doesn't spread as easily. I also give him only clear liquids! His last bout of 24 hour flu, he looked like he did not feel well (I knew his cousin just had it) so I put him to bed on top of towels. Sure enough he threw up. At least clean up was limited to the towels and the bed spread. After that I only offered him clear liquids until his fever broke. He was much happier than the last time he was sick and I let him eat.
So nut shell: lay down towels for easy clean up and push liquieds and with hold solids.

We all had a horrid GI bug when my son was 5 (his first). We gave him a bowl when he was in bed or towel and asked him to try to throw up on that. Ginger ale on ice and chick soup and dry toast when he is ready to eat again...but do push fluids, not too sugary, watered down juice or 7-up or ginger ale (ginger has a calming effect on the stomach) or hot tea, if that feels better. Be prepared for the other end, as that often goes with it....and is worse to clean up!

HI T.,

My daughter who is three had a horrible stomach flu last year. She threw up and had the runs for several days. Luckily she was still nursing at the time so she got some fluids in her but not much. She was very sick and then got an ear infection on top of it. I was visiting my mom in Cal and both she and I got sick. Talk about misery! So I feel for you.

What I learned is to watch for signs of dehydration (dry skin to the touch, deep set circles under eyes, very weak, unable to hold down fluids for at least 20 mins) If you suspect that he is getting dehydrated take him to a clinic or his doctor at once. Also watch for signs of other complications like an ear infection which can easily happen after the flu. Give him ice chips until he stops vomiting for 24 hrs. Then introduce small amounts of crackers until he can hold those down. Stay away from dairy or anything acidic for several days but do give him probiotics to help his digestive system heal. You can find them at PCC. And make sure to get some support for yourself. The sleepless nights nearly did me in!

Hope he gets well soon and you stay well.

Also - I am so sorry to hear about the disease your second child has. I do believe in miracles as it sounds like you do too. Still it has got to be heartbreaking and I wanted to acknowledge that.

Mom to Savonnah

Hi T. :)
Just make sure your little one has plenty of fluids. Most of the time, you just have to let him ride it out. If he is not able to keep any fluids down, or gets diarreah, I would call your doctor and talk to him or her. As for your little one you are carrying, the doctors don't know everything. Keep your faith and remember......God knows a lot more than the doctors ever did or will!

Best of luck...


My son had that and it was aweful. Watch out you'll get it too! Pedi light is the only thing that you can do. As long has he can keep it in is sytem for at least 10 min. before he vomits again. It is working.

Hi there T.. First off, blessings to you in your scenario. Your bravery and attitude seems uniquely powerful, and I commend you for that. I am certain that this pregnancy has been a roller coaster and would like to offer you mama blessings and grounded support from another mama. As for your 2 year old who is vomiting and may have gastroenteritis or the flu, the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album at 30C potency can be helpful for immediate relief. I am a naturopathic doc and also recommend that you make sure he stays hydrated through this bout. I would need to know more about his symptoms to make further recommendations. If you need any medical advice, feel free to call me at my office at ###-###-####. I do have a 3:30 opening today, Monday, if you'd like to bring him in....I am on North Interstate and Albina and you can check me out at www.docerenaturopathicwellness.com Again, blessings to YOU.

Doctor Sam LeVine, ND

Been there many of times over with my 4!! Be patient and hold him as much possible , don't get upset or freak out over it, it might make him feel worse. Push clear fluids as often as possible. You can try milk if that's all he'll drink, but wait at least an hour after he vomits! Make sure you have plenty of clean towels and linens on hand! If he won't drink, try fruit popscicles or pedialyte products! If it lasts more than 3 days call his doctor!! Good luck and i'm sorry about the one on the way.

So sorry for the little one. You sound very strong in many ways. As for your 2 year old, you need to take him to the doctor. It could be a stomach bug or somthing else, but you want to be sure he's okay. Take care & my prayers are with your family.

hey there,

it's going around. if it's what all the other kiddos have right now, the vomiting should only last a day or two, then yay! diarrhea for another couple of days. after that he should feel fine again. just keep an eye on his temperature and keep him hydrated. good luck!

WOw, what a story. I am overwhelmed with your positive spirit...you story is bringing tears to my eyes. I can't help but put myself in your shoes...I have 3 children 2,4 and 6yrs of age...a I can imagine, only imagine how I would be coping.I just wanted to write you to say that you are in my thoughts. What is the delivery date? I will be thinking of you.


3 things. God has a plan for us all. Everything works out for the best. God has a reason for everything. Oh, and someone told me when my mom was dying, (I thought she was gonna get better and come home). My friend said "She'll be ok." At that moment I knew that my friend was right. Either way, she was ok.
About the little blessing that you have that is sick. Put him on the couch with a pan, or someting to vomit in, a towel under his head, draped over the edge of the couch, (in case he doesn't make it to the pan). Try having him nibble on the edge, or just the corner of a saltine cracker, and sips, of water. Good luck, and know this is temporary. L.

how is the 2.5 doing?? if he isnt better you should take him to the doctor they can give him medicine for it...even if its the stomach flu...my then nine monthold came down with it on a saturday night and i freaked out because my two year old had never been sick like that took him to childrens hospital and they were able to give him something to stop the vomiting so that he could take pedi lyte. Good luck to you in all you situations!! I am five months pregnant with our third and well i know how stressfull it can be especially when the out come isnt postive!!

The biggest thing is to keep him Hydrated. If he keeps vomiting for more than a couple of days, take him in to the DR. I usually just get told to keep him hydrated. I hope he gets better.

I hope your son is feeling better now. I'm sorry about your unborn baby. I have a friend who lost her son to the same disease. I also lost a child. Treasure every moment of that little one growing inside of you. I wish you much peace.

All you can do is give him love and electrolytes!! Pedialite is the best thing for them! They make popcicles and juice that the kids love! It is so very important that they have fluids when they are like this so even tho he doesnt want to drink you must force him!!! Ice cubes are a good way to get them to take in fluids if they dont want to drink....kids always love straws too...try the little things that they love! I have made pedialite popcicles out of the juice just using an ice tray and toothpics!

Good luck!

Hi there...
I hope you don't pick up his bug, yourself!!
Push the fluids for everyone. I will also suggest to avoid dairy products and orange juice. My 3 year old daughter has really bad acid reflux and can have flare ups. When she does, we are to push clear fluids and avoid dairy and acidic foods. They can actaully make the acids in the stomach worse which can lead to a vicious cycle. She might as well have the flu. I have also given her a cold wet washcloth to suck on.
And I still remember the old addage of Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever when my 2 girls get sick. But listen to him and watch his cues. If he's hungry, try pretzels, goldfish, his favorite crackers. But only sips of watered down juice, and popsicles are GREAT!! And only a few crackers at a time.
If he has fevers, many different doctors and nurses will say different things, but the majority will tell you not to call until the fevers are 104 or higher for 24 hours. And scary as it may be, this is the body's natural way of fighting off whatever is in their system. Our own personal doctor gets more concerned with low grade fevers than really high ones. If we do decide to medicate a fever, we alternate between Tylenol and Advil (or ibuprofen) but only after our child has had the fever for a few hours with no sign of it going down.
Good luck and God bless you! You have my prayers!

Just let it run it's course. Keep him hydrated and comfortable. It will pass. My 2 year old hasn't had the flu yet. Yikes. I hope he's doing good now!

Sorry your little one is sick. The most important thing is to keep him hydrated. Pedialite is great, but my kids won't drink it, so I use Propel. I also use popcicles (I try to use the light colored ones like banana because if it comes back up the red color is killer!) Also be prepared for the other end, which often follows vomiting. My pediatrician recommends the BRAT diet (bananas,rice,applesauce,toast) for loose bowels. It helps firm it up and is easy on the stomach.

When I was in the hospital having my third baby, I also discoved those blue pads that they use to keep their sheets clean are great for vomiting children. I asked my OB for a few of them and he gave me a big box full. Whenever my kids are sick, I lay them down instead of towels and it makes clean up easy...they keep anything from soaking through to the floor and you just throw them away! I don't know if you can get them online anywhere, but I think they are great. I hope your boy gets better quickly:)

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