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My 3 Year Old Daughter Has a Closed Vagina.

My 3 year old daughter has a closed vagina. She was prescribed an estrogen cream a last year, which seemed to work. But, not long after we stopped the treatment it re-sealed itself. My daughter hates the medicine and I can't blame her, it makes her skin red and sore. Vaseline helps a little, but I still feel like I'm intruding...and, she hates it!!!! Our pediatrician is recommending that we consult with a specialist. When it's closed it's not red or sore...she is able to urinate. My instincts are off right now, part of me feels like I should just let it go and it will open in due time and the other part of me fears infection. Any one with past experience, insight and opinion is welcome?

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I thank you all for your insight, your opinions were all well received. And, as you know every worried Mom appreciates the comfort. To err on the side of caution, I've set an appointment with the specialist in mid-April. Fingers crossed!!!

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I grew up having kidney problems and my mom waited until I was older for some of the more uncomfortable test. I wish she would have had them done when I was little and would not have remembered them. My 2 yr old has some serious health problems I managed to get a lot of bad test out of the way so she wont remember them. Just some advice.

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I have no experience with this, but I just did a quick search on the internet and found this, which you might find helpful:


Good luck!

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I see you got a lot of good advice but I wanted to tell you about my experience with this problem. My daughter had this but it was caught early enough all 3 times so we were able to pull it open. I was nervous about the estrogen cream because of some of the possible side effects. We had great luck with putting regular balmex on every time I changed her diaper and just gently pulling it apart every time. She would be so soar sometimes that in her sleep she would be scratching at her privates and cause it to bleed. She is now 7 with no more problems. We had to eliminate baths (I showered with her until recently), eliminate scented soaps and laundry detergent, keep a vaginal itch cream handy (like the stuff you find in the over the counter yeast infection creams), and every time she showers she sits in the bath tub and uses a special spray bottle to thoroughly rinse the labial folds. You mentioned that she is closed right now. Everything I mentioned is for after it is opened. Thank God we didn't need a specialist but it may be something necessary now so she won't be bothered with it later. My understanding is that eventually the natural hormones kick in and it stops happening. But as long as it is dry it will seal itself up. It is important to keep cream on the area.

Good luck

I just want to add that my daughter also has asthma and at the time we were going through this she was on a nebulizer and I felt like I was always forcing something on her. From all of this she is so brave and strong. She is a remarkable little girl with no fears to try new things. Your daughter will come through this fine and she will trust you to always take care of her. It is hard to subject our children to these things and that is why I would try to do as much at home as possible and do it early so she doesn't remember it forever.

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I remember my mom putting on the cream when I was 3 or 4. She kept it in the refrigerator. I don't remember why, but now it makes sense when you said she feels sore maybe it being cool was helpful. Since my mom still used the cream I guess it was a success because I don't remember anything else. My daughter was an infant and I saw the beginning stages of closure and her doctor told us to keep it moist with Vaseline. That worked for her without any other problems. HTH!

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Hi S. S - When my daughter was 6 months old, her vagina closed. I was mortified. I had never heard of such, and when I took her to the doctor he also prescribed an estrogen cream that I had to rub on her vagina. Eventually it opened back up and stayed open...I think maybe over a 2 week time span. The doctor assured me that it was not uncommon and he'd had girls as old as 16 years come in with the same problem, and at that age, it is a problem because the eurethra is then inside of the vagina instead of outside (as it is with your 3 year old). My opinion is to seek help from a specialist, you don't want a small problem to turn into a big problem somewhere down the line. Of course she hates it! Children hate cough medicine, and vegetables, and they hate coming in from the park after you've been there long enough, but we make them eat their vegetables just the same and bring them in from the park so that they can get some rest, because it is the best thing for them.

Well Good Luck in your endeavor, and just to reassure you....everything will be alright!!

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My daughter was diagnosed with vaginal adhesion at her 1 yr peditrician appt. She was prescribed Premarin which is also a cream used by women going through menapause. I used it as instructed but just like with your daughter, it would seal again after being opened. I was not comfortable using this cream as a long term solution because when I read more about side effects it said it could cause cervical cancer...I would not want to feel responsible for that when she's older! After almost a year of of it only being partly opened I used t he cream again and once it was opened I kept vaseline on it for a few more weeks. The Dr. had explained that the skin once it isn"t sealed is like an open would so it will keep sealing if put in contact with another surface. That's why keeping vaseline on it helped it to let it heal competely. Luckily however during this entire time my daughter was still in diapers so it wasn't too difficult to put it on. Definitely see a specialist but I think that if she is being "traumatized" by having the cream oon then you want the fastest and obviously permanent solution. Good luck!

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Hi S.,

Poor baby. I feel for obth of you. Have you seen a specialist yet? I would definately take her to one. Do they recommend an OB/GYN, maybe you can ask yours. I would want to get it checked out because sometimes we hear more can be done when they are younger and less painful then when they get older, just so that you get a prognosis and figure out what to do. Good luck and I hope you find a solution for your baby girl.


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Its called a fused Labia. Both of my girls had a similar problem. We used Cream on my youngest and she did open back up again. Yes it does happen. Your daughter is 3 and it happened? Its probably been that way for along wile. Get it taken care of now. ITs much better too. It may make you feel uncomfortable to apply the creme, and yes it probably does irritate her, but she does not want to have something happen down the road, have to go to the ER and have them bust through it! My oldest had a kidney condition, we had to get a particular test done to see how it was functioning. One of the things they did was run a catheter. her labia was fused, and that SOB doc busted right through it without giving her ANYTHING no topical ointment to numb the area, nothing. The man was lucky he did not go through a wall although he did feel my wrath the next time we went to see him to repeat the test. Maybe you could teach her how to open her little lips on her won so her Vagina won't keep fusing together. My oldest is pretty goo about doing that. Just a suggestion. But DO NOT Let this go and not worry about it. Its something that needs to be taken care of and teach her how to take care of it herself if you are uncomfortable.


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You should take here to the specialist and when you go tell the specialist that the cream makes her red and sore. Ask if there is any alternitive besides the cream. Be sure you tell him how you feel about the who process that you daughter is going through and that how anxious a bought her closed vagina. Please don't egnore the problem and ask the docter all the questions you have. Start a list of questions to ask the specialist so you won't forget lanything. Don't feel bad if you forget anything because you can always call back and talk to the specialists nurse. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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My 3-year-old also has labial adhesions. I had never heard of this either but her doctor says it at every check-up. Hers are not closed completely so we haven't done the hormone cream yet. It did get better after she was out of diapers. We put A&D ointment on with a Q-Tip morning and night and any other time she tells us it hurts. I see no need to use a prescription cream if over-the-counter A&D does the trick. But I know that they can get infections if it ever closes completely.

If your little girl is still in diapers, you may want to potty train or use cloth diapers. Also, no scented bath creams or bubbles and only use fragrance-free wipes for sensitive skin. If potty trained, make sure the toilet paper isn't leaving a linty residue-Charmin and other thick paper can. Use only quality 100% cotton panties.

It won't hurt to see a specialist to see what they have to say. I think surgery is really rare for this and would only be done with repeated, severe infections. Good luck!

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