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My 20 Month Old Keeps Taking His Diaper Off!

He's 20 months old and started showing interest in his diaper & privates. But now, he always wants to take it off. I started having to use the wide clear tape and tape it all the way around. Sometimes he even gets that off. It usually happens when he goes to bed and then we find him naked in the morning, laying in his own pee! For a while, I would just tell him to leave it alone. But I got desperate & starting taping. Is this just a phase? And any suggestions on how to deal with it?

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Thanks so much for the responses. We would LOVE to start potty-training, but how does one stay consistant when dad just had back surgery, Mom does EVERYTHING, and then works at night, and the kids get sat?!! I'm trying!!

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My son was doing the same thing and I started trying to potty train. Although he's not doing great with the potty training, he doesn't take the pull-ups off so even if you aren't ready to start potty training, maybe you could try pull-ups. Good luck.

If he taking off his diaper's its time for him to be potty trained, start asking him if he need to go to the potty everytime he says yes take him, sometime's it will be a false alarm but he will get the hang of it and you will notice he will start heading for the bathroom by himself, thats how I got my son trained, he's 5 years old now but it was pretty easy for me try it, put him in pull up's it will be easier for both of you.

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My 21 month old are same as you are.... All I do is get your 20 month old start potty training... that meant that your 20 month old did not like wear diaper ... you have to buy him training pull up to make him think that his underwear... my 21 month old go potty trainnig everyday when 21 month old tell me that 21 month old got go potty....

Good Luck in your future!!!!

If he taking off his diaper's its time for him to be potty trained, start asking him if he need to go to the potty everytime he says yes take him, sometime's it will be a false alarm but he will get the hang of it and you will notice he will start heading for the bathroom by himself, thats how I got my son trained, he's 5 years old now but it was pretty easy for me try it, put him in pull up's it will be easier for both of you.

It sounds like he is ready for potty training.My daughter was 18 month when she started potty training. We would put underpants on her during the day and for about 2 weeks at bed time we used pullups, then it was just underpants. she was very easy to potty train.

Guess what, Mom. It is time to potty train. He is telling you he's ready. Let him go bare bottom around the house when it won't stress you out. The best time is when you will be outside. That way he gets to know exactly what happens when he pees. I would also suggest pull-ups for the rest of the time. Congrats for being at the next step.

Sounds like your little guy is ready for potty training... instead of taping, I'd start training... doesn't mean you won't wake up with him laying in his own urine, but if he's so determined to take off his diaper, big boy underpants might really motivate him.

Good luck!

I would use onesies with pants over them so he can't get to his diaper, unless he knows how to take pants off, and unsnap the onesie at the crotch. Good luck.

My little girl who is also 20 months (September 20th) is doing the exact same thing. She even takes it off during the day while watching Elmo, pees on the rug in the living room, comes to get me to show me her "No, NO". All of her babies have to be naked also....put clothes on them and she freaks and wants them off! She wants her shoes OFF all the time too. I believe it's just a phase. I'm going to move her potty into her living room while she watches Elmo to see if that helps. She has gone in her potty twice (when outside) but never in the house yet. I'm really in trouble because she throws open the door when her father and brother are going pee and so now she stands up at her potty (when trying) and pees on the floor. UGH.

I wish us both luck!

Hmm. It seems like mine went through a brief phase where they did that, but it passed. What does he sleep in? If you make sure to put him in PJ's that are difficult to get to the diaper in, it might keep him from messing with it... Maybe try a different brand of diaper that fastens differently ( some of the tabs are much more difficult to pull than others --- or, it might be that he is not comfortable with the fit). Also, you could consider getting the training underwear and plastic covers for him to wear at bedtime (assuming that is the only time of day he does this)... Maybe you could tempt him to try using the potty during the day? It could, perhaps, just maybe maybe, be that he is developing an interest in that... (not likely, but it couldn't hurt to at least introduce him to the potty). Good luck. My hunch is that it is a phase he will get over quickly.

its ok my 15 month old does the same thing he's getting ready to be pottie trained get ready.if he wahts it off and he's at home put an under-wear on him.its totally normal i have three boys so i know.Good luck

It sounds to me like he is ready to be potty trained ! If he's big enough to get the diapers off, he's big enough to learn about pull ups and "big boy underwear". With the weather getting warm, this is perfect timing !Just remember to have patience, praise him, and watch his fluid intake, especially before bedtime. It also helps to let him have something to look at,books, for instance, while he is on the potty and trying to have a bm ,you never know how long it may take at a sitting. You might want to start a routine ,monitor when he goes pee and /or poop and hopefully you'll now about when it's time for him to go, but, it does take time. you may even want to start out with the pull ups and as he does get it down pat, graduate to the big boy (training) pants and when he's mastered that ,let him pick out some character underwear as a reward ! :) Good Luck to you both, C.

Hi K.! I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time! My sister's son started taking his clothes off (I'm not sure about his diaper, though) around 2 years. She went back to onesies because he wasn't sure how to get out of them. So that may be an option! They have them in bigger sizes at most Babies R' Us locations. I hope this helps...good luck!

I bet when you go in his room in the morning and see him like that you make a big fuss. You have to get him cleaned up, strip the bed, etc. You're spending extra time trying to find a way to keep the diaper on. See the link? He's doing whatever it takes to get your attention. You will still have to clean him up and clean the bed, but try not to make it into a big production. Keep your voice low. Tell him no no! sternly. And then place him outside of the room while you clean the bed so that he doesn't get your attention for that part.
At night, you can try the suggestions that the other lady gave first. Also, put him in a onesie before putting his pants and top on. They sell jammies that snap at the pants and top or find the zip-up kind. Anything to make it more difficult for him to get out of.
In the daytime, find something that he is doing well at and compliment that behavior. Sit down and play a little with him when the baby is sleeping.
Children act out in all sorts of ways when a new baby enters the home. This could be just that. But keep in mind that this too shall pass. Every stage is temporary and you will get through it.

This is normal, he's curious. Let him run around naked. It's OK. Have you tried pullups (the ones without the velcro straps) for nighttime?

Yes it is a phase, they get fascinated with all things down there around this age! My son did it with poop! oh it was messy and I kept having to tell him "no dig!" LOL but he was also a little older so a few cold showers to clean him and me telling him to yell for me after he pooped instead of removing it himself, did the trick. We also started potty training.
I would consider starting potty training and try the once piece PJ's that make it harder to get the diaper off. they make the shorty and the long ones--we used the Children's place who make the light weight ones with footies and that zip with the snap at the top making it hard to to get off. Gymboree and Carters also make one pieces, we just liked the CP ones since he didn't use a blanket so they were perfect for the summer.

Hi, I went through the same thing with my son. He was about 14 months old when he started taking his diaper off. I even tried turning the diaper around backwards, it worked for a few days until he learned how to reach around and take it off again. So thats when I figured it was time for him to start potty training. And at night I put the pullups on him. It worked out great he was completely potty trained by the time he was 15 months old. No more streaking child or waking up to a naked wet child. Good luck!!!

My son was doing the same thing and I started trying to potty train. Although he's not doing great with the potty training, he doesn't take the pull-ups off so even if you aren't ready to start potty training, maybe you could try pull-ups. Good luck.

Good Morning K.,

I am currently having the same problem with my son, he is now almost 23 months old. I have thought of using the same time of tape too, in hopes of keeping his diaper on, but if your son can remove it I know mine would too!

When this first started, I changed the brand of diapers that we were using, from Pampers to Huggies overnite protection. I have used all the different brands of Huggies but the overnite diapers are the most difficult from him to remove. The taped portion of the diapers / straps were harder for him to remove, so it took a little longer, by that time we were able to catch him in the act. That only worked for so long, before he found another way into his diaper. In most situations, someone might think so what, he got into his diaper. But when it is an all day, everyday event it is a problem. So now we are in the process of trying to potty train my son along with having him wear onesies with shorts or pants over them. This makes it difficult for him to get to his diaper. So if you come across any better ideas please forward them too me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Good Luck,

J. W.

Mom of three active and wonderful children ages 10 years, 5 1/2 years and almost 23 months with one more on the way!

Your son is "telling" you he's ready to be potty trained. Just go with the flow.... Instead of diapers switch to pullups, or the training underwear with the rubber pants. Whenever he "strips" take him straight away and put him on the potty. Be sure to praise him when he uses the potty, and even offer a little reward. (I used marshmallows or cheerios) Congratulations! You are simply at the next stage in your sons development.

Hi K.,

My son did the same thing around that age. He did not want a diaper on and wanted to run naked. I thought it was a phase and considered normal at the time. I was able to potty train him easily at this time, but he still hated to put on pull-ups. I find his pull-up ripped off and on the floor. He would put a big t-shirt on and that's it! He continued to have trouble and still refuses to wear underwear (he just turned 7!) Last year I found out that he has a disorder called "Sensory Integration Disorder" that falls under the autism spectrum. He would always tell me that his clothes "hurt him" once he started school, and always disliked shoes that actually fit him. (I had to send him to preschool wearing big rubber boots, which everyone thought was funny but thought he was just expressing himself.) I still have days that my son will not/can not put clothes on and no amount of coaxing or punishment will change it. I hope this is not the case for you, but I would watch him for other symptoms for the next few years just in case. I wish I would have known what was wrong a few years back so I could have begun seeking help for my son then. Nonetheless, it sounds like your little guy is ready for a "big boy potty":)

If you would like more info. on Sensory Integration Disorder or want to talk, feel free to send me a message.

Good Luck!


My 23 month old son has been doing that for 3 months, I took that as a sign that it's time to start potty training. He loves his potty and will go if I sit him on there. My problem is that after seeing how I dispose and clean the potty after he goes, he takes it upon himself to try and do it. I end up with pee on my floor most of the time. Also at almost 2 he says no to everything so asking him if he has to go doesn't work. I just sit him on the potty at different intervals every day, after drinking or eating. I don't like pull ups because they are difficult to change in public without having to completely undress him and they cost a lot for only a few, plus what did parents do before the invention of the pull up?

Hi K.,

Sounds like he may be ready for the potty. I'm no expert but if I were you, I'd go for it. My daughter used the potty on her own, I was not in the room, the day before she turned 15 months old. We bought the potty when she was 13 months old, just so she'd get familiar with it. After the first time, she used it on and off, wearing underpants some days and diapers other days. No pressure. We quit diapers cold turkey at at around 28 months old and have been in underpants only for about 8 weeks or so. It is a pleasure -- No MORE DIAPERS! Good Luck!

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