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My 2 Year Old Has Had Diarrhea for 4 Days Now and a Rash All over Body??

Just this past Friday my daughter was playing outside in the neighbors yard in her little pool and the next day she had moderate diarrhea (6-8 watery mucous filled bowel movements). I caught her drinking the pool water which had some dirt in it by then. The neighbors have dogs that poop on that side of the house. I'm just afraid that she ingested something that could have made her sick. On Monday she woke up with red spots all over her body. Some were raised and some were flat. She did have a diaper rash come on just the night before due to the diarrhea. I'm not sure if the rash on the rest of her body could be from the diaper rash spreading. I've heard that can happen. ??? Other than her playing in the pool on Friday she did have a little friend come over and play about a week ago. I can't get ahold of the child's mother to find out if she had a virus. My poor little sweety has her 2nd birthday planned this coming Sunday and if she does have a virus I couldn't have the party and get all of the other kids and parents sick. That would be pretty inconsiderate of me. Have any of you been through this with your kids? I'm not sure if it's a stomach virus or something she ingested. I would have asked her doctor when I took her in on Monday but she screams at the top of her lungs every time I bring her in. The only thing I could make out that her doctor said was to bring her back in on Friday if the rash is still present and I even had to ask him to repeat himself. LOL. Thanks ahead of time.

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Call and leave a message. Tell the Dr. you are truely concerned. Most Dr.s will call you in between patients and comfort you.

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Sounds like you were doing the right thing to take her to the Doctor's. If you can not get anywhere with her talking or maybe even offering her favorite thing if she is quiet so you can hear the Doctor then U would ask for either the nurse to help you or have him write out the instructions.
Good luck with this. Here you spent the time & money to go to the Doctor and don't really know what he/she thinks or even all of the instructions.


I would not have the party if she still has the rash. You did not say if she has a fever with this. She could have contacted something from the dog. I can't remember what the name of it is at this moment but if it is from the dog then she needs antibiotics to get rid of it. Also keep an eye in her stool for pin worms. They also come from playing where dogs go potty. And if she was out in the sun to long it could be a rash from heat exposure. Does the rash itch? If so it could be chiggers from the pool. I think I would take her to a different doctor if all she does is scream while at the one you are seeing now. A good doctor could calm her down enough to examine her and for you to hear what he or she has to say. If my child was not happy at a doctors office I would change doctors. Good Luck!

You could also ask your doctor to talk to you in the waiting room after her app while she plays with toys. She could have gotten a parasite from the dogs, so stool needs to be checked. I friend of mine just got a puppy and the puppy came with a parasite and ended up giving it to both her daughters. If she doesn't have a fever, I doubt it is viral. You definatley go back and maybe you can get everyone to agree to come the following weekend for the party? Sorry, I know that sucks. Good luck.

D. M.,

I have two daughters also, one is 8 yrs old and the other just turned one years old. I don't know if this could help your situation or not but my younger daughter broke out in a red rash all over her body with raised red bumps on her back and stomach that you could feel from eating something she was allergic too. Is it possible your daughter ate something new?? When I took my daughter to the doctor he said definantly an allergic reaction and gave us some medicine. After a few days it went away....hope this helps!!

Call and leave a message. Tell the Dr. you are truely concerned. Most Dr.s will call you in between patients and comfort you.

It sounds like a virus, which have to run their course. I would give her chamomile tea three times per day and add some slippery elm to it. Slippery elm is an herb that calms stomach ailments especially diarrhea. You can pick it up at the health food store. If you don't know where a health food store is in your area, email me and I probably be able to tell you where one is located by you.

Is she running a fever? She may not be contagious, but you don't really know unless she is diagnosed. It may be best to hold off on the party if she still has a rash and diarrhea, but if it is gone, I would probably move forward with the party and let all the parents know about the virus and leave it up to them to decide for themselves. I would clean the house thoroughly with antiviral essential oils like tea tree oil and lavander oil mixed with water and vinegar. You can pick those up at the health food store. I would wipe down all door knobs, sinks, counters, areas where baby touched, etc.

Hope this helps!
Wellness to you and your family,

sound like a virus see doc immediately

My suggestion is call her drs office and talk to a nurse to see what the dr wrote down in his notes about what was wrong with her.

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