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My 2 Year Old Has Frizzy Hair

Hi, I recently requested some information about how I could enhance my daughters Shirly Temple style spirals! I would just like to say thank you to everyone who offered their advice! Now my new problem is that once her hair has been combed out (with a wide toothed comb), after being sprayed with water & conditioner her looks beautiful, shiney, and each spiral is just perfect! But after it has dried completely it starts to separate and look frizzy, with a few of the spirals staying in place. But her hair on the top starts to just frizz. At night I must comb her hair with the water/conditioner and then put in two separate rubber bands. One on the top and one in the back that way her hair is not drying down, but drying tamed! If anyone knows how I can add some moisture to her hair, and tame the frizz without weighing it down or making it look greasey I would appreciate it!

Thank you

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Hi Everyone,
I just want to say thank you to all the advice I have received on my daughters hair! I would like to let you know that I went into a salon to have my boys hair cut and decided to ask them what I should do about my daughters hair. Basically she needs something that adds moisture and will reduce the frizz. They told me to buy some curl products that are in green bottles, they did not work! I was upset at the fact that they sold me $30 in products (which was a shampoo, conditioner and some spray that would leave her hair shiny) I called the next day to let them know that the spray was not working and was told to use it on wet hair and the bottle clearly says to use on dry hair. So after using the products for that one night her hair looked horrible! I could barely get the comb through it even after it was saturated with water! So needless to say when I went back and returned those useless products I saw a product strictly for giving moisture to hair (a leave in hair dressing)! Her hair needs that, and what angers me more is that she was there for them to touch and look at her hair and they did not even suggest this product. So right now I am still using the Infusium 23 hydrating shampoo and conditioner, along with the hair dressing (which is light) that I purchased in the salon. When needed (which is often) I use the conditioner/water mixture to wet her hair before styling.

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I have always been a big fan of Paul Mitchell products, and they make a product called Freeze and Shine. Its a combonation hair spray and conditioner/hair shiner. It is perfectly safe, you just wash it out at night. It cuts down on friz and keep the hair in place and looking fresh all day.

I have used a product called Frizz-Ease in the past and it works very well. It readily available in the hair care products aisle, and comes in a clear container of clear liquid. It definately helps tone down the frizz, just be careful not to over do it or the hair starts to look greasy. Good luck!

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Hi M., my almost 3 year old daughter and i are both bi-racial and we both have very dry hair. I relax mine, so i must maintain big time. My daughter has beautifully curly curly hair, but the same as yours, it gets very dry and the frizz starts to come out at the top in one day. I found a website with hair care specifically for multi-racial people. It's called www.curls.biz . I use the curly q's milkshake cream on her hair i wash it and condition it and when I touch it up during the day. before that tho, i use a little of my advanced expressions conditioner and rinse it out just to smooth it out a little. this is the first time I ordered form curls and i'm happy. i plan to order more. the only thing is when i ran out of the cream, i used the spray and that didnt'work too well, so i used carrot oil and that keeps it smooth and shiny too. Tea tree oil works well too, but the smell is not that nice after you've had it in there for a day or two. i don't wash her hair everyday because it's so dry. i learned that about my own hair. hope this helps! check out the website. good luck!

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I'm a hairdresser as well as mother of a bi-racial child. My little girl has the same exact hair that you described. Even as a hairdresser, I had trouble taming her hair. I called my MIL who suggested a lot of products but I found that they did nothing but goop up her hair and made it impossible to comb through while washing it out.

I did some experimenting of my own and found that Frizz Eaze(or any generic form of it) works best. After she gets out of the shower, I towel dry, comb through, then use generous amounts of Frizz Eaze, then comb through again. If we're going somewhere, I'll just let it air dry or if we're home for the day I'll put in a braid while it's still wet. I assure you, her hair will not be greasey. For a quick touch up the next day, I'll just spritz with a water bottle, add some more Frizz Eaze and we're good to go. I also forgot to mention, DO NOT wash her hair everyday. Hair that is that curly tends to be on the dry side. Washing it everday will only dry it out and cause it to frizz even further.

Give it a try, and let me know how you make out. :)

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You could try a product called Potion 9 by Sebastian. It's a light cream leave in conditioner and styling treatment. The only thing that sucks, is it might be a bit pricey. If you don't want to pay for a professional product, look for any styling product with a creamy consistency. It will give her hair some hold, without making it crunchy or greasy. Start by applying it to the ends, and working your way up. Use the very last bit from your hands up at the scalp (to keep the hair from looking dirty too quick). I actually have a friend who would use lotion in her kid's hair, because it helped tame the frizz. Hope this helps.

My daughter has the same hair. She's half white and half Dominican so it's very course and dry, but also very, very, very curly. I use water and conditioner, but also defrizz stuff. I'm not sure if you've seen it in the stores, but most brands have some type of defrizzer. I use Gardnier(sp?) Fructis(sp?). You know, the green stuff. They have a product called Soothing Milk or Smoothing Silk. I'm not sure which I always get confused. If I'm going to put her hair in say a ponytail:
wet it
comb it with wide tooth comb
just before you put the ponytail holder in spray around her hair line with water
use a comb with pegs very, very, very close together
put the hair in the ponytail holder
then immediately put the defrizzer on the hair

It's the only thing that even comes close to working for me. Hope I helped.

S. Beth

Hi M. M,
I've been a hairstylist for 10 years, I would suggest using a leave in conditioner for children. Not the water and conditioner only because the conditioner you might be using might have an extreme amount of alcohol and generic chemicals. These chemicals will dry out her hair and possibly over lay like a wax while sealing the cuticle without giving it moisture or protien. The safest leave in cond. that I have found is a proffesional Great Clip Afraid Not Detangler. I also would not put her hair in pony tails for bed while it is wet or not. The friction of her head against the tension of the band will cause breaking and more frizziness. Try the leave in and if that doesn't improve your situation there is a whole line from matrix called Curl Life for curly hair that has an all day reactivator for spiral curls that is very lite.
I hope this helps

Hi Michelle,
I think Paul Mitchel leave in detangler/conditioner and super skinny serum would work great after a moisturizing shampoo. Use small amount of serum and hair will not get greasy feeling. I have used these products alot on customers.
I hope this helps.

Hi M.:

I have curly frizzy hair too.. You can use CatWalk products for curly hair. It works well. There is a shampoo, conditioner and a spray. I love them. You can get them in a salon or beauty supply store. We have one at the mall. They are a little expensive, but I'm sure you won't use that much. I have long hair and still have plenty to get me through the summer.

Good luck

Check out www.ouidad.com
They have a line of products just for kids as well as hints for curly hair care

Hi Michelle,

My name is J. and I myself have curly hair. I use Infusium 23 leave in conditioner. It works wonders! You wash and condition your hair as normal and when done use the Infusium but don't rinse it out. I hope it works!

J., Mother of a 7 1/2 month old boy

M.: Have you tried using Infusium yet.

i am sure that professional hair dressers might have some ideas for you, however i speak from experience... i am 39 and have very curly hair... i used to (before straightners) blow my hair dry and then put on a bandana to flatten it... to this day, frizzy, puffy, bushy are all 4 letter words to me...

i use hair oil (its kinda expensive) to control my frizzies and dryness. also letting it dry in the pony tail holders is a good idea. or bunch it up like a bun, to tame it better.

i compliment you for trying to fix this problem, my mom just made me have short hair until i had a say over it myself.

try not to use to much stuff though, you dont want it to ruin her hair..

they have lots of frizzy products out there... good luck

I have extremely curley hair and battled with it my whole life, finally I found Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner". It's a leave in conditioner. Don't use water mixed with conditioner because the moisture will cause more frizz. Gels and Mouses will only dry out her hair making it even more frizzy. Just put the conditioner in her hair when wet, comb through w/ a wide comb and style or let air dry. It will hold and condition at the same time. I swear by it!

I have always been a big fan of Paul Mitchell products, and they make a product called Freeze and Shine. Its a combonation hair spray and conditioner/hair shiner. It is perfectly safe, you just wash it out at night. It cuts down on friz and keep the hair in place and looking fresh all day.

I would try Infusium 23, available in most food and shopping centers. This has always been a staple in my home for good hair days! Good Luck with your little one.

hi, my 5 mon old boy is multiracial (white, black, hispanic) and his hair is exactly like you describe. Although he is 5 months he has very long thick curly hair and what I do is wash it every other day and comb it after the bath(when its really wet) and then spray a little baby oil(johnson's makes one in a spray bottle) in his hair it keeps the curls tight and friz free, it doesn't weigh down or have anything in it that is bad for babies or kids.

My two year old daughter has similar hair (and so did I until I grew it long to control the curls more as I got older. I also use conditioner & shampoo formulated for curly hair daily.). For our daughter, we use Johnson & Johnsons detangling conditioning shampoo for curly hair and also spray her hair down with J&J Buddies detangler everytime we brush it. Her hair stays in nice ringlettes without the frizz and it doesn't hurt to comb the tangles out even when it's dry. People always comment on her beautiful curls. :)

Good luck!

i have curly,dry,frizzy hair and have my whole life and i've tried everything there is from mouse to gels for curls among other things. i found something thats helped me. i use citre shine products. my favorite thing to use is the ant-frizz serum you only need alittle of it in the palm of your hand and it costs between $3 to $5. it keeps your hair smooth and keeps the frizz away. my hair with using it is always shiny and snarl free. also with curls i find that a hair pic works better in enhancing the curls and is less damaging than a comb or a brush. i know she's young and i'm not saying you have to use it but it's something you can consider if all else fails.

mouse is the best invention for curly hair I use either paul mitchell mouse or frizzeze mouse as I have long curly hair paul mithchell product maybe more child friendly as it is made of more pure natural products and the biggy condition every day and deep condition weekly. Also I get all my tangles out in the shower and dont towel dry my hair much and never brush it in the day.
hope this helps


Do you remember the "Toni" home permanents... not that you want to use a strong product. but since those have been discontinued .. something similar tames the curl and gives it direction.. I think it is called a cold wave.

Hve you tried any of the silks for hair? I think BioSilk or there is one by Chi. You can just use a small amount and rub it in her hair before you style it. We don't have curls at our house -- the exact opposite -- but it gets crazy and fly-away. I just put the size of a pea in my palms and rub it in the boys' hair. I think it might work for you.

Hi Michelle,

I too have great curls which turn into super frizz. The only product I have found that really helps is called Bed Head. Sally's Beauty Supply sells a generic version called Noodle Head. Super reasonably priced, it does not seem to build up (I use a small amount), and makes great curls. I also use the Infusium 23 Leave in treatment as my hair tends to be drier which I think adds to the frizz problem. Since then, my hair looks really healthy and the curls are bouncy, but not weighed down or frizzy. Hope that helps!

Tam :)

I have used a product called Frizz-Ease in the past and it works very well. It readily available in the hair care products aisle, and comes in a clear container of clear liquid. It definately helps tone down the frizz, just be careful not to over do it or the hair starts to look greasy. Good luck!

I would try Curls Rock leave in conditioner by Catwalk. You'll have to get in a salon, but my daughter, son, husband, and myself are all curly haired and none of us can live without it. Also Garnier Fructis makes two different leave in conditioners (though both seem to weigh our hair down a bit more than the Catwalk) one is Sleek and Shine the other is Curl and Shine. Hope that helps.

Wow, what an abundance of great responses! Some people mentioned "non-lathering" shampoo. Here is what I learned from the Curly Book by Deborah Chiel and the owner of Devachan Salon in New York: avoid shampoo altogether. Use water or conditioner to cleanse, then of course rinse out any traditional conditioner and put in a real leave-in conditioner. If you must use shampoo, make sure doesn't have any of the sodium laureth sulfate ingredients in it. Of course, Devachan makes its own "no-poo" shampoo; another one that you can get at either CVS or Walgreen's is Flawless by Paves. Then of course don't towel it dry but gently squeeze, possibly with a tee-shirt rag or paper towels; scrunch in your fave gel/mousse AS LONG AS it has no alcohol in it to dry out your baby's hair and make it break, and don't touch it while it dries.

I also think an important thing is a pro-ethnic attitude!

Hi Michelle,

My Daughter has amzing curls as well. What you need to do is use a Leave In creme conditioner. Wtaer and conditioner is not (thick)strong enough. Some leave a cisper hard curl which is perfectly formed and some leave the hair softer, but still with a curl. you must apply the product to wet hair. You can even change the look of the hair by how you let it dry. Sometimes if I want to add body and volume, I blowdry the hair after I have applied the leave in conditioning creme. It is just a matter of trying different ones to see which one works best for the effect you want. Currently I'm using Moroccan Leave-In Creme Conditioner and Wavol Leave In Conditioner. The Wavol is amazing. It leaves her hair looking so healthy, not dull, like some Cremes can do. Her hair has curls, but with body and bounce as well. I'm not sure if wavol is available whereever you are but check on the internet. Good luck.

my first bit of advice is to ditch the comb!! brushes and combs are so bad for your hair, especially those of us with frizzy curly hair, lol. the only appropriate time for a curly Q to brush her hair, is in the shower when it's wet and full of conditioner :)

also, ditch the shampoo except for once a week; use only conditioner... or, use a combo, like Pert for kids, and then use a spray in detangler. don't comb the detangler though, just spread it through her hair with your fingers.

you shouldn't be using water and conditioner on her hair - use a leave in detangler/conditioning spray - you can also use a little bit of coconut oil - a 2 year old's spiral curl hair is going to get frizzy that's just how it is a that age until they reach about 3 - both of my kids have spiral curls - my 2 year old's hair is much frizzier than my 3 and 1/2 year olds - just be patient with it - DO NOT BRUSH IT and don't comb it too much - if anything use a pick

Hi I come from a family of culy haired girls. Starting with my grandmother down to my 3 year old daughter. I have tried every product out their and the best thing that works for me and my daughter is oil. My grandmother and mother always told me oil will help me fight frizz. After many years of trying several different products including frizease hair serum. I finally realized they were right. Just use very little baby oil. make sure you rub it into your palms and spread it evenly throughout your daughter's hair. If you use to much it good make her hair look greasy. Even if you use very little and you still thinks it makes her hair looks too greasy you can use to pre condition her haiir. Just leave the oil in her hair for atleast 20 minutes and wash her hair with shampoo. It will soften her hair and make it much easier to comb. You can also use olive oil which is actually more heavier than baby oil.

Hi M.,

There is a product you might want to try, Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. Just a tiny bit can do wonders for shaping curls and preventing frizz. Very affordable too.
Here is a link so you can check it out:


Good luck to you and your daughter!

I just saw a thing on the today show the other day about styling curly hair.The woman said if you have curly hair you should NOT be using shampoo on it every day. It makes curly hair frizzy. She said to use a nonlathering shampoo instead.And never blow dry just scrunch it while it's damp with product. I'm sure if you look up the today show's web site and type in curly hair it will take you to that woman's book she wrote. Hope that helps, if not sorry!

My two year old has really curly hair as do i (well not anymore since I have a straightner but since they are to young to straighten their hair heres other advice :)....) try Frizies (sp) dream curls and detanglers. (also I buy clips and use them for fly aways and found pig tail and sometimes braids help tame her hair ... ill give her a bath use conditioner then spray detanglers in her hair and then braid in with only an elastic at the end and let her sleep the next morning i would take th braid out (it was more wavy than curly now) I would spray dream curls in it and then style her hair :)

Hi, Have you tried switching her shampoo to a non drying brand? Most shampoos are heavy with the drying agents. If you try a better quality shampoo (needing and using less) this will help reshape her hair. I would add a light leave in conditioner. Paul Mitchell makes a nice light one. Try to avoid the products inwhich any of the first ingredients are drying agents. OR all together. You need to read the labels not just what they say on they are going to do. Even many baby shampoos are heavy with them. I had very frizzy hair. I only wash and condition with the products from my company. They have nanoshperes which adjusts according to the individual hair. So my whole family can use the products and benefit from them. The biggest has been their conditioner. I need so much less to tame my hair. I would be happy to send you a sample. Just contact me through my website www.freshflowerglo.myarbonne.com. REMEMBER to read your ingredients. That will make a huge difference. IF it is a conditioner and one of the ingredients is alcohol...it will dry out the hair!! Smile. Good luck. Even read your leave in conditioner ingredients. Very important!

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