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My 2 Year Old Feet Are peeling..help

I know what athletes foot is as my as my husband has been battling it for many years, but my daughters feet seem to be diffrent, Her toes the sides of her feet and heels along with the balls of her feet are peeling, she has no rash and it doesnt itch, but she doesnt like me touching her feet. Some people have said let her run around bare foot and that will do it, but the thing is she rarely wears shoes or socks only when we go out. She runs around inside and outside bare foot? Therefore her feet dont really sweat? It almost looks like blisters that have popped, but there where never any blisters there in the first place.. I am at a totall loss as to what to do.. any one have any opinions for me?? Please help me.. :(

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We used Eucerin on my son's feet when they were peeling recently. It went away within a couple days. As for cause, the only thing we could think of at the time was that he'd been in the pool a LOT in the previous days (and we haven't seen the peeling since then either). I'm guessing since it's Oct. and you're in IL that may not be the case, though?? Just a thought anyway... But really, try Eucerin, give it a few days, and then maybe see the doctor. The other thing you can try is Aquaphor- we use this all the time on my son's sensitive skin and it is also very effective.

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Hmm, I have feet issues of my very own, I would see if she would let you soak her feet in baking soda water, then put vaseline on them with socks (a few pair) and let the vaseline help soften the skin to get the looser skin off and help hydrate the rest. My issues are because I walk around barefoot all the time and it also runs in my family. Maybe if you play salon and do it to yourself too that might help or just put the baking soda in her bath like you might put bubbles and try the vaseline. Good Luck.

I don't know exactly what causes it, but I had the same thing for my whole childhood. I finally seem to have outgrown it now as an adult. I remember my mom making me go barefoot and cutting the feet off my pajamas.
I don't think it's anything to worry about. The only problems I ever had was if I peeled the skin back too far and it would bleed of hurt. Otherwise, it didn't feel like anything. And no, there never were blisters to begin with.
Good luck. I would be interested to know what a dr. has to say about it.

My son's feet and sometimes fingers peel periodically. His pediatrician told me that it is a fairly common after effect of fevers, especially strep.

Take her to the doctor and have her checked for Kawasaki disease. A classic symptom is peeling feet and/or palms.

I would look for a pediatric dermatologist, who can take a sample of the skin cells & determine exactly what is causing it.

Hi, I will try first what Kristina is suggesting: soaking her feet in baking soda regularly for a while. It can also be a fungus (not all of them hurt or show rashes). If it doesn't go away go you might consider seeing a doctor.

Good luck.

I just asked our peds about that! Peeling feet and fingertips. He said it's usually sweat, but my son DOES love his socks so it did make more sense for him. He said to switch out the cotton socks more often, could do baby powder on his feet so maybe that part would help your 2 year old. Maybe barefoot at home and baby powder in her socks when you go out.... Best wishes....

Everytime my son gets peeling feet or fingers in turns out to be strep. He does not get strep throat, he just get a strep infection. That is the only way I have of knowing he has strep. Just a little more info a guess :)

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