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My 2 Year Old Daughter Keeps Getting Fevers Why?

My daughter has been getting fevers every 2-3 weeks and the Dr. tells me that it is normal. The last couple of times they have been low grade fevers but the times before those they have been high grade fevers but they just keep coming back time after time with no explaination at all. If anyone has gone through this same thing and have suggestions I am open to anything at this point cause I'm desperate for answers and I'm not getting any. Please help!

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Children get fevers when they're teething. She may have a couple teeth breaking through. Does she have her back molars yet?

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Children get fevers when they're teething. She may have a couple teeth breaking through. Does she have her back molars yet?

She could be teething. Keep her diet healthy, and there are lots of herbs on the internet. Google fever herbal kids and read up on several of the links.

I have two children and I would not say reoccuring fevers are normal. I would get a second opinion, like someone suggested, Children's Hospital.

My daughter is 21/2. Starting at 7 months, she would get fevers similar to what you describe. She was getting repeat ear infections. Does your daughter have any other symptoms? Does she eat well, sleep well?

Good luck with this!

My son has had a few fevers of unknown origin as well. He is now 19 months old. I have a very close friend who is a pediatrician and an infectious disease doctor. He recommended a urinalysis if it happens again. Kids can have chronic urinary tract infections, and if not treated may result in long term complications. I would recommend you talk to her doctor and if they are not willing to investigate it any further then you should seek a second, third or fourth opinion. The bad side to this is that they would have to put a catheter in her bladder to get the urine out. It should be quick but she will most likely not like it. I think it is a small price to pay for peace of mind and the chance to diagnose something that could lead to complications in the long run. To have fevers that often in my opinion is not normal. Good luck and keep us posted.

You should immediately see if she has a bladder infection/UTI. This is common in little girls, and the recurring fever is a symptom. Please take her in - perhaps to a different doctor - and ask about this specifically.

Hi A.. I had the very same issue with my daughter. Our dr. explained it as her immune system doing its job. If she's in daycare or with other kids a lot, she's probably exposed to a lot of viruses and the fevers are the body's way of burning them off. So I think it can be normal for some kids. I know it can be alarming, but don't worry. It lasted for about a year with my daughter. She's three now and doesn't get them anymore. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. ____@____.com

Has anyone suggested or looked for an ear infection? A lot of times kids will get fevers, both high and low, that come and go with ear infections.

That used to happen to my son when he was 2 and under. He used to get fevers of up to 104 with no explanation. I'd take him in and they'd find nothing wrong. He eventually grew out of it. While I wouldn't call it normal really, it didn't seem to have any negative effect on my son other than he didn't feel good for a day or so. I would just keep an eye on her and when she has a fever watch for other symptoms that could indicate something more serious. Other than that, I guess wait it out and hopefully she will grow out of it soon like my son did.

I don't think ongoing fevers are "normal". I am a parent of two kids and have never had that issue.
Teething can give mild low grade fevers, it did in both of mine. See if she is cutting her molars.
If not , there is no law saying you cannot get a second opinion.
I would really dig deep to find out if it is ongoing ear infection or teething or something.
If the fever spikes over 100 ever, it isn't low grade anymore.
Does she have any other symptoms?

There are a few kids viruses that hang on there for a long time. Roseola I believe is one but rashes show up too with that one.
Hang in there, call around, even Children's hospital and see what is going on.
I hope she is feeling better soon!!

I would look into UTIs. These are very common with little girls.

If she also has a rash during these fevers (or not) it could be Juvenile Rhumetoid Arthritis (JRA). My sis was born with it, took a long time to diagnose, even though it is a blood test. Most drs aren't familiar enough with it (and it's fairly uncommom) to think of it first. Just a thought. Good luck.

Our three month old was doing that recently until she got the stomach bug that's been going around. Once she started vomiting, the fever left. Our two year old was notorious for that kind of stuff until we figured out he had a low grade infection in his lungs. Once we cleared that up he was fine. He's also been healthier over all since. I'd get another opinion if you don't feel any teeth trying to come through.

Hi there, I dont know much about this but a very good friend of mine her son was having the same thing a high grade fever every 17 days.... It took a really long time for him to be diagnosed with a fever disorder that I cant remember the name of...... If you want you can email me your number and I will call her...... and have her call you. I will also talk to her and get the name of it, she has got it under control lately so she might be able to help.....

Take care

I agree with the other responses, it could be teething or I know sometimes when my daughter would get constipated she would get a fever. Also, a few monthes ago, both of my kids were getting fevers with no other symptoms. they would be running around like normal.It would go back and forth from low to high grade fevers. I took them to there ped. and she said it was just a virus that was going around it lasted off and on for about 2 1/2 wks.

My neice used to get unexplained fevers a lot. She is almost nine now, and it seems to happen a lot less. I am not sure my sister ever figured out why it was happening.

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