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My 2-Year-old Has Weird Toenails

My 2 year old daughter has weird nails on her baby toes. All the other ones are normal but the baby toes have the TINIEST nails (which she gets from me). The weird part is that, instead of growing OUT, they grow STRAIGHT UP in the air!! I have 4 kids and more than a dozen nieces/nephews...NEVER seen anything like this. They are also thick so it makes it hard to cut them. But I can't let them get too long because I don't want them to rub on her shoes.

They've been like this since she was born. I've been watching them, thinking that maybe as she grows they'll straighten out, but they haven't changed.

Has anyone ever seen this before? They don't seem to bother her; they just look very odd and are difficult to trim. Should I talk to her doctor about this?

What can I do next?

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My baby toes are the same way. They are hard to cut. My husband teases me because I have to polish my skin to make them look half way normal in the summer. I think my problem is my baby toes a little chubby.

If she's not in any pain, I'd wait to see what happens.

My next door neighbor had the same thing with her little boy. She talked to her ped about it and he told her it was because his shoes were too tight. She started having to buy extra wide shoes that cost a furtune but it helped. His toe nail is now growing normally even though the nail on the baby toe is still just as small.

My husband calls these "frito nails" since they kind of curl and are weird shaped, nearly impossible to cut... and my 2-year old son has them (just like me). I think it's just hereditary as I have always had weird toenails... ask around in your family... probably someone else has them too!

My daughter is 17 months and all her toes are this way. It has been like this since she was a newborn, but now it is getting out of control. They are growing thick instead of long. I am planning to ask my ped about it at her 18 month appt. It is freaking me out!
I will be checking for advice from other moms!


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