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My 2 1/2 Year Old Has Canker Sores on His Tongue

Has anyone dealt with canker sores? My 2 1/2 year old son has quite a few on his tongue. He's pretty uncomfortable. What is their cause and how do I relieve his pain?

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My son had that around 2 1/2 as well. I took him to the doctor and it was some type of virus. It wasn't that uncommom. I don't remember the name of the virus. I would definitely take him in for antibiotics. After that it will clear up in a couple of days and his appetite will come back.

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My son had sores on his tongue and I took him in to the MD and it ended up being Hand Foot and Mouth. It is a virus that went away on its own.

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Take him to the doctor. In addition to it being a herpes viral thing it could be Thrush instead. Very easily treated with anti-fungal meds. This sometimes occurs following a course of anti-biotics. In any event they can give him something. anti-virals are available for children also.

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Canker Sores are a derivitive of the herpes complex...They can be inherited if you, your husband or someone in your immediate families are prone to them. My husband and my odlest daughter get them fairly regularly... The are also contagious...if you kiss someone who has an outbreak you can get them, and they will pop periodically for you...

I use KANKA which is a professional mouth sore medication. my daughter says it alleviates the pain and it helps them go away faster. It comes in a .33oz bottle, is a liquid you put directly on the sore itself and can be purchased at any pharmacy...

Good Luck!!!!

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Hello L.,

Canker sores are a virus and usually go away in about two weeks. From my expierence most kids grow out of them by adulthood. I use to get them all the time when I was a child and teenager. Sometime later in my adulthood I realized I didn't get them anymore. Why? I don't know? Just happy I don't. Ha.

My mom use to put campho on them. It comes in a litte green bottle at the drug store. Your pediatrician might reccomend something different for your two year old. Sincerely, G

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L-Lysine, a natural amino acid sold in most grocery stores, will begin healing immediately. just crush up 1000 - 3000 mg. into applesauce or yougurt. Do this maybe once or twice for the next day or so, and your son should be feeling relief very quickly! It's a family standard at our house for those painful canker sores!

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My daughter just got over hand, foot and mouth. The sores in her mouth were tiny, white and spiny looking sores. They did not look at all like canker sores and did not hurt like you are suggesting with your son. I am not a doc or nurse, but what your son has sounds different. I hope your little man feels well soon.

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L., my son had a virus about 6 months ago. It was not hand, foot and mouth disease, since he did not get blisters on his feet or hands; but rather a herpes derivitive (big long name that I can't pronounce). The doctor said that it is common with kids that attend a daycare because everything goes in the mouth. If one child has it and it's not caught, it spreads very quickly. Please see your doctor. If it is what my son had, it took an antiviral medication to get it to go away along with a mouth numbing mouthwash so he would eat and drink. I wish you the best of luck.

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Hi L.,
My daughter had that years ago when she was a baby. You should call your pediatrician....he can prescribe something to help relieve the discomfort...and reduce the time to heal.
It is very uncomfortable....even if you cant take him to the doctor they could possibly give you advice by phone on what to do to relieve the pain. Believe it is caused by a virus.(?)

blessings, DS

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BUTTERMILK. If you can get him to hold buttermilk in his mouth for a period of time, spit it out, and repeat until about he has consumed about 1 cup of buttermilk. Do this about 3-4 times a day. It has worked for me and for others, but not as young as 2.
Blessings to you.

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