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My 18 Month Old Is Underweight

I really need some advice. At 15 months my daughter weighed 16 pounds and was diagnosed as failure to thrive. She is growing appropriately in height and head circumfernce, she is just very tiny. We have done all kinds of tests to "rule out" anything abnormal and thank God they have all come back normal. At 18 months she now weighs 17 1/2 pounds. We saw a nutritionist but all the advice she gave me I cannot incorporate due to the fact that my little one won't hardly eat, much less eat the recipes she provided. If we do the pediasure a day she really doesn't eat. Basically I mix the Carnation breakfast drink with her milk to give her more calories and vitamins. Today she has had half a piece of toast and less than 1/4 cup of cherrios and about 6-8 ounces of fluid (milk/juice). What can I do to get my child to eat!!!

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She sounds like a normal 18 month old to me. My daughter is also very small for her age...2 years and 20 lbs. Kids are smart about eating, unlike most of us, they eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. If she is hitting all her milestones and is still growing, then I wouldn't worry about it. Some children are just smaller then others, kinda like some kids walk and talk at a different time then others. Not every child will weigh the same.

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Contact ECI-Early Childhood Intervention. In Round Rock it is called PRIDE and is located at the Bluebonnet Trails MHMR building on Georgetown Street, off of 79. I do not know the number, but you could Google it. ECI comes out and evaluates your child for free. If she qualifies for services, then a trained professional comes out to your home and helps you help her. If she is not growing, there may be some other physical delays. The payment for services is based on a sliding scale.

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Hi. I know it can be frustrating at times because this is how my daughter is too. But I find that if I try to put her on my lap and have her watch elmo and push the buttons on the computers, she eats. Even if it is a little bit. She is so absorbed in watch Elmo and Dora that she doesn't even realize me giving it to her. Also, try boost plus because that has 360 calories or so. Have you tried getting milk shakes from McDonalds and letting her sip it throught a straw? These are the things that work with my daughter. How about string cheese? Hope this helps.

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Don't worry R. it happens with mostly all the mothers out here.
My son has been very picky too but try the snacks that is the best way and do organic fruits brown rice beans, lentils chiken nugetts fish sticks ground meat mashh make a veggie sauce or pasta with spinach sauce ohhhh he love smoothies and i even put pro (egg or pb or almond butter with diff fruits) he is 28 m and weights 13kg but he has been sick twice so even though he eats a little he is getting his nutritional needs and also genetics as far as body wise parents been small medium or large frame he takes a chew vit and min as well be careful with the ones on the store it may be just dyes and not an absorbable one.

Contact Shriners Hospital..
there is one in Houston...they are AWSOME.
if you can't pay or your insurance won't pay...they cover it...

apply for care on their website...
Keep on it...there is something in you telling you to go further, a mothers instinct is never wrong...
go with your gut.
Sorry I don't have more than that. but I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers...let us know how she is doing...
God Bless

My first daughter was similar to your but not quit as low in weight but very thin and wouldn't eat. She would drink though. I think part of her not eating was not liking the texture but would eat Cheerios and thing of that sort. You might look in to that. I know now that there are children who do have this problem and they have therapy that helps with this.( I didn't know at that time other wise I would have looked into it) Just a thought. I used Carnation Breakfast and pedasure as well. I also would make yogurt and milk shakes in the blender and amazingly she would drink V-8 and tomato juice. She would eat peanut butter because it was creamy so I would put it on everything to give her calories and to get her to try other foods with it. I also tried having her make food with me and cooking with me. It seemed to help her to want to try it. I also made faces out of her food or a animal, something for it to be more fun. I also would puree vegetables and cook it in what ever she would eat.Say a muffin or if she will eat toast try making homemade bread with some puree in it.I also found that she couldn't handle eating as much food at one time so I had her eat more offten.I feel for you. I know how hard it is to want your child to be healthy and you feel as though you are doing everything you can but with no good outcome. Over time my daughter got better. Still very thin but healthy. I don't know that I helped much but thought if one idea helped a little it would be worth writing.

so how is ur daughter doing now i have an 18 month old daugher that ways 16.7 pounds and all her dooctoor says is "she's probably always just gonna be small" which doesnt really help at all.

Just do your best! My son is super tall, I mean off the growth charts so I am always working to make sure he eats enough. I do some things like make toast and put real butter on it. I might spread an avocado over it or shred up cheese and melt it on the toast. He likes toast, so we have all kinds of varieties of toast. Whatever toast I give him though I always put butter on it first for some additional calories. If he isn't in a mood to self feed, I will break it up and put the little pieces in his mouth. Whatever it takes baby! It sounds like your daughter drinks so what about yogurt? I get this LaLa yogurt and spin it in the blender because the fruit chunks are so big and my little man loves it. It is a nice calorie boost and almost like a drink. I have heard of some moms who make smoothies for their kids. Like maybe banana, yogurt, wheat germ, and some sugar. She may go for applesauce if she likes liquid as well. I would say don't even worry about rules or what she should be able to eat as far as finger foods etc. If her weight is suffering just get out of the box mama :) Give that girl yogurt, or smoothie, or really mashed bananas. If she will eat blenderized green beans, meats etc, just do it. She will eat more chunky solid food eventually. I think that getting her weight up is a top priority. Just my opinion, I hope I was able to give you some ideas that help! :) Best wishes to you!!

She sounds like she is not very far behind just keep up what you are doing it will get better. i know i have a 6 year old who will be a 7 year old in 3 more months who only weighs 36 pound she has been on every milk they have she has been through 18 operacions and been diagnosed with failure to thrive and mal absorption problem but she is healthy so thats all im going to worry about right now so just keep up what your doing and it will all fall into place good luck.

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