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My 15 Month Old Daughter Has Rash on Her Mouth...

On Easter my 15 month old daughter had what appeared to be a pimple on her chin, by the next day it had spread and she had many bumps on her chin and lips. Having a Impetigo as a child, I thought it looked a lot like that and made her an appointment for the doctor. She said it was either Impetigo or a cold sore. She said it looked morel like Impetigo and prescribed and antibiotic cream. Well we have been using that cream for a few days when she woke at night with her upper lip swollen(I do not put any cream on that lip). Inside of her mouth on the upper lip I noticed what appeared to be canker sores(I get them all the time and have read that if a parent gets them then a child has a 90% chance of getting them to). Plus in order to care for the sores we are supposed to keep the are dry and clean, but with her teething and drooling all the time it is next to impossible. Has anyone had any similar issues with Impetigo or cold sores? The doctor says she is a bit too young to get them that it usually doesnt appear in children until ages 4-5. Has anyone dealt with it younger than that? Any helpful ideas or thoughts or experiences on any of this stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, D. :)

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I don't think antibiotic cream is what you treat impitiago with- it should be an antifungal. My son has had numerous bouts with impitiago and I have been told antibiotics will iritate it not help.

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Since she is quite young, sometimes, if not most - doctors recommend not to give medications. You might want to consult your doctor again, however in the mean time, try to get a small face cloth and wet with warm water. Gently clean the area (to make sure it might not just be accumulated milk and saliva) My parents are Filipino and we have a home remedy that we often use for blisters or canker sores in the mouth. Try diluting powdered alum in a small cup - you can get it at any drug store. Mix a teaspoon to a cup 1/4 (or 2oz) of water. Stir the powder until melted and then take a cotton swab and dab the solution on the canker sore. The solution will eventually minimize the sore by helping shrink it down and help it heal faster. The taste is very tart, but otherwise helpful. This should only be used inside the mouth or on the lip area. Never on eyes or other injuries unless labeled on the bottle. Just make sure you keep the alum out of reach from your children. Hope this advice helps :)

i would take her back to the doctor and have him look again. my friend's son had a similar rash and it ended up being hand-foot-mouth disease. which appears in young children. hope this helps.
T. s

I don't think antibiotic cream is what you treat impitiago with- it should be an antifungal. My son has had numerous bouts with impitiago and I have been told antibiotics will iritate it not help.

It sounds like your baby has Herpetic Gingivostomatitis. It's cold sores all over and inside the mouth. My son caught it when he was a baby from my sister who didn't realize she had a cold sore and she kissed him. Beacuse he was so little his immune system wasn't as strong so he didn't get just one cold sore he got them everywhere! When ever he'd get sick he'd get them ALL over (in and out of the mouth) but as he got older he got less and less. Now at 14 he only gets an occassional cold sore when he's getting sick. It'll get better but the next few years are going to be rough. She probably caught it from daycare or someone w/ a cold sore kissed her not knowing they had it or not knowing the dangers. =(

My 2-year-old son had these similar bumps on his face at about 18 months. When I brought him to the doctor, they said they thought it was Impetigo, and prescribed antibiotic cream. I was putting the cream on for ages but it didn't help. I finally brought him to a chiropractor who did muscle testing on him to see what could be causing the bumps. He asked if my son ate nuts, and I said yes (I was making him p.b. sandwiches.) He suggested I keep him off nuts for a while and see if it helped - and it did! The bumps went away. I will probably try him on p.b. again soon since sometimes they grow out of these allergies, but for now that seems to have solved the problem, so it may be something to try.
Hope that's helpful!

I don't know anything about Impetigo, but have you or your doctor considered hand, foot, and mouth? Being in Hawaii, they say it's common here and my son has had it twice. It can be the painful bumps in the mouth. Might not be what your little one has, but it's worth asking.

My first thought was hand foot and mouth too. Check her hands for any signs as she probably has them in her mouth alot and would probably have some there. The doctor looks especially between the fingers where the moisture would stay more. If its worse and not better since the cream, could she be allergic to it or its simply not working. I would definately take her back.
Good luck

P.s. I had infintiago at the age of 2, so its possible.

Hey Michelle! If anything, this sounds like hand foot and mouth disease. My daughter had it when she was about 14 months old. She only had it in herr mouth, though. The only treatment I was told was benadryl and mylanta (or maalox- basically something that helps coat the mouth). It worked! Of course, the benadryl made her pretty drowsy, but once I started giving it to her she camed down. Her sores were really painful!! She had a lot in her mouth, too. It's very contagious! My husband actually ended up getting it as well! His was even worse!! I was afraid to kiss him for weeks after it healed because it had looked so bad. Plus, you know how men are, they're even bigger babies than our actual babies! :o) I would ask your ped about it! Good luck! I hope your little one feels better soon. Keep us posted! Email if you have more questions or just wanna talk to someone whose gone thru this! Take care!

Dear D. C,
I wonder if your child has hands foot and mouth disease. Both my kids had it. Does she have it also on her hands and feet? The only treatment for it is tylonal and benadryl for itching. Did you try giving your child benadryl? She could be highly contagous for about 2 weeks. It sounds like hand foot and mouth disease. Most kids get it before 5 but my daughter was an exception. She has a immune disorder and other problems and that's why she got it. Not many doctors know about it. It's a distant cousin to Chicken pox . Any questions please e-mail me back. M. Petersen

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