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My 14 Year Old Son Suffering with Hip Pain

I was wondering if any other mom has experienced this. My son is very athletic , travel baseball, basketball and football. He is now a freshman in HS and he is a running back on his football team. He has been suffering from bad hip pains after practices, they do alot of running too. Is this normal? He is icing it every night and taking Aleve. I am starting to worry that it could be something worse than growing pains. Thanks for any input.

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Hi Terri,
I have had several friends that their teens run into this problem with different sports. Massage works wonders as well as Chiropractic care. Dr. Eric with Health Sprout is great @ working with athletic teens.
Good Luck!

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Hi Terri,
I have had several friends that their teens run into this problem with different sports. Massage works wonders as well as Chiropractic care. Dr. Eric with Health Sprout is great @ working with athletic teens.
Good Luck!

Hello T.,

I think chiropractic is a great (and safe) way to keep your son out of pain, prevent possible future injuries and keep his body healthy!!! I was in gymnastics and other sports growing up and chiropractic helped me.

The Activator Method is great, especially for children because it is a gentle technique. You can read more at the link below and can also find a doctor close to where you live.

Hope this helps! :)

Hi T.,
I had some pretty bad hip pain which escalated for over a year, it ended up being more of a problem with my back (well, probably my body being out of health ended up in my back). I started seeing my Osteopath (Dr. Richard Armond in Suwannee, GA) four times (1 time per month). It improved a little each time, until the 4th time, when a few days after the appointment, all pain was gone. Dr. Armond is very careful and will refer out to Orthopedic if necessary. Inflammation can cause it, a injury somewhere else can cause the body to compensate, and this just might be where it did. If he did not have a injury that started this direct pain, I would highly recommend you take him to visit Dr. Armond. He is a wonderful and caring physician with more than 35 years hands on with patients. Our whole family sees him and it is amazing how effective it is. Hope he improves quickly. J.

It sounds like your son needs to see a chiropracter. His hips and pelvis have probably become misaligned from all of the running on contact sports. Could be easily fixed being adjusted. If you are interested I can recommend some good ones. GOod luck and hope this helps


He may have a hip displacement. Take him to a doctor for X-Ray.

Get a Doctors evaluation first. Then insoles are good (even before the Dr), physical therapy, Chiropractor, pretty much in that order. Be sure he is lacing and tying his shoes all the time....not walking around with them open and loose.
Just because he's an athlete doesn't mean he can't have issues. Get his back, hips and knees checked. Be insistant with the Dr that there is constant pain and you don't think it's growing pains. Just remember that it could be.
Took us a year to get my son's chest pains diagnosed! Potential surgery on this one. His knee took about 6 mo to diagnose as growing pains. We kept on it until we got the right treatment on both. At 6'4" growing pains seemed logical. We also keep a close eye on both issues and will and have gone back to the Dr when something doesn't seem right.
No pain No gain doesn't mean he has to suffer 24-7.
Good Luck!!

We think the chiropractor is an invaluble to keep our young athletes in tip top condition! If he is out of line the hips can really produce a lot of pain. This is an ongoing issue for me but with the Dr.'s care I am much better than I was and once he puts me back in line I am fine for a very long time.


I agree with the posts that say to take your son to a medical doctor first. If they don't find any thing then utilize a Chiro and LMT. My friend's daughter had limping at 12 yo that we thought was possible scoiliosis -pediatrician sent her to orthopedist who diagnosed her with a hip condition where the growth plate was slipping in her hip- she ended up requiring surgery on both hips to keep her from having more serious p[roblems- might have been missed until too late if saw a chiropractor first. Rule out anything like this first then chiropractors, manual physical therapy or massage are great.

Take care of the pain now before it's a chronic issue that may prevent him from playing football anymore. He is too young to masking pain with medications. It's more than growing pains!

I work for an orthopedic who treats young athletes. I would suggest that he see an orthopedic. We see young athletes come in all the time with pain that ends up being a stress fracture. He could have a stress fracture in his hip or in his back. I would get him in ASAP. Check out www.resurgens.com

This answer is based soley on personal experience, althought I am a girl, I too was very athletic and had hip pain from an early age. I am now pushing 30 and have had 2 knee surgeries and awating a 3rd. Hip pain is usually caused by 2 things, knee problems and/or back problems. Sometimes simply putting an insole in the sneakers/cleats may help.Arch support and ankle support can affect the positioning of the knee & hip. I would try this first as it is the least expensive. If that doesn't help I would suggest a chiropractor. I know some may have mixed feelings about teens/kids & chiropractors, but I would not be standing (literally) today if not for one. There are many homeopathic remedies for inflammation if you wish not to use ibuprofrin along with the ice. If the problem is still perstistant by the time he's 15 or 16 I would seek an orthopedic specialist. (Do this sooner if it gets worse, of course.) Be dilligent on monitering the type of pain and the intensity. I had my first knee surgery at 16 & wasforced to sit my last 2 seasons of sports out. In the event that physical therapy is perscribed (almost always is for insurance purposes) be sure they don't carry it on for more than 3-6 months. I wish you son the best.

Please, please take him to a medical doctor just to rule out possible serious conditions. It is probably just overuse of the joint, but it could be the start of something worse. Its better to be safe and get it checked out now!!!

I would take him to a chiropractor. Sounds like he needs an adjustment, which is understandable. Good luck!

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