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My 14 Month Old Is Not walking...should I Be Concerned??

Ok my son started walking when he was about 10 months old so I am a little concerned about my daughter. I know every child is different but this seems a little strange. My daughter is 14 months(15 months on the 22nd) and will not walk on her own. She will push things around and walk around holding on to the couch, walls, etc. I try to walk with her around the house during the day but even then she seems very unstable. So, should I be concerned? Has anyone else had a late walker and what have you done to help them? Please I don't know if I need to talk to the doctor or just be patient and she will do it when she is ready. Can't wait to hear from your encouraging advice. Thanks in advance.

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So just wanted to let everyone know that my little girl decided to start walking this last Thursday. I guess I have just been spoiled by my advanced son...I am still a little concerned about her development but will just see where she is at when we go in for our check up. Thanks everyone for assuring me that things were ok. :)

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Don't know if it helps, but my moms says I didn't walk until I was about 15 months. I throw like a girl, but I've run a marathon!

As others have mentioned she's fine. I just want to add that its actually very good for her brain. I don't remember exactly how it helps but it builds connections or something. My daughter was doing okay but all her cousins walked before they were a year old. She didn't walk until she was 15 months. She is a bright, active 7 year old now. Don't stress, just enjoy it. She'll be walking and getting into everything before you know it.

She's totally fine, and -- take a deep breath -- she's not a late walker. Honestly, anything prior to age 18 months counts as normal!

She's making progress and she'll be walking soon. I had children who walked between 10 and 16 months. I had one who never sat voluntarily until she was 18 months old. She either crawled, walked or slept. Never had any reason to be still and sit!

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If memory serves from the books and the pediatricians, the average age for walking is 13 months. So, statistically, your daughter is not late to walk at all. Ten months is actually very early to be walking -- so you're son was ahead of the curve, but that doesn't mean your daughter is behind.

Like the other moms have mentioned, they all do their own thing in their own time. And children's brains tend focus on one area of development at a time -- your daughter is probably more focused on learning language or fine motor skills or another skillset. I have a friend whose daughters didn't start crawling until they were over a year old -- they turned out just fine -- they were just not as exploratory and more interested in other activities. Her son was an early walker and into everything, like a lot of boys.

If your daughter hasn't started walking her 18-month checkup, I would double-check with you ped. to make sure that she doesn't have any physical or developmental delays, but I bet she'll be tooling around as soon as she decides to get on the go.

Hi V.. I would not be to concerned with her being a "late bloomer". My oldest daughter (now 3 yrs) did not walk until she was almost 18 months. She also did not really talk until she was 2. Now she is a happy, crazy 3 yr old that sings all day long and runs around the house. So unless you are really concerned something is physically wrong with her, then just give her some time and she will come to it on her own.

Just a little fyi... I had my daughters legs xrayed at around 10 months b/c she still was not crawling and everything was fine and the doctor just called her a late bloomer.

Best of luck to you and your family.


Every child is so different. Usually doctors are not concerned unless the toddler is 2 years. My older kids were both bigger children and they did not walk until they were over a year. I was in a car accident and had to learn to do everything over again and it does take a tremendous amount of coordination. The fact that she is able to walk with you around the house is a very good sign. She is almost there. I had a younger son who had constant ear infections and this also put off his walking. There are several factors that can be an issue. Just be patient!

My first daughter did not walk umtil she was 15 months old, and my second daughter walked at 9 months! Since your daughter is doing lots of other things, I wouldn't worry about it at all!


My niece was a late walker. I don't remember the exact age, but I know that she was still holding on to things to walk when she was over a year old. A lot of it was a confidence issue, I think. One thing they did was walk with her, but have her hold one end of a wooden spoon and they hold the other end. After she was a little confident at that, they would let go of their end, and she didn't realize she was walking by herself so she would keep going a few steps, figure it out, and sit down. But after a while she built the coordination and the confidence and started walking on her own.

She's 7 now and walks and runs and plays like any other 7 year old; no delays at all.

Our son didn't walk until about week before 18 months. He wasn't crawling, either, so we finally got a referral for an evaluation. If she isn't crawling, it's worth checking into, otherwise, we were told by both the doctor and the PT evaluator that there's nothing they could do until 18 months. I didn't look at where you are located, but the health care may be different where you are. If you don't want to spend money, or if insurance doesn't pay, you can contact your local Child Find and they will have your daughter evaluated and in services within a deadline of a month for each. Our son today is an excellent athlete and gets invited to join teams because of his skill. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Our other son started walking around 16 months, and at 3 still seems a bit challenged staying on his feet at times. :) Each kid is different. GL!

My daughter was 14 mos old when she started walking on her own. Up to that point she was always behind a push toy or something that helped her keep her balance. No biggie about your daughter. Just give her more time. She'll get there.

She's fine...not a late walker. Normal is between 14 and 18 months of age for walking (according to the material given to me by the pediatrician). My kids both started walking at 15 months. And as long as she is walking around holding on to furniture, she's getting there.

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