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My 11 Month Old Daughter It in the 5Th Percentile for Weight I Need Help!

My daughter is turning 11 months on the 5th of this month. She is 15.14 and 26 inches she is petite but healthy. I cant seam to get away from the doctors she ither has a sinus infection or an ear infection. but thats besides the point. she is according to my pediatrition in the 5th percentile and taking a slump in the charts. she is BF every 3 to four hours even now. I did not start her on solid foods until she was 6 and a half months or January. she stated off with one jar a day introducing a new food everyday. so by late feburary she had every food. then i went to 2 jars a day with cereal. I had no idea how much to give her at first. Then came the sinus infection and double ear infection and the 2 jars went to none a day because she could not keep anything but BM down. them came march and i had to start all over again. soo here does 4 jars a day and many puffs later... and still hardly any weight gain from 6 months to 9 she went from 13.5 to 15.16 and still she is UNDERWEIGHT i dont get it...

Today she is sick again and eating up to 6 jars sometimes 9, but everytime she gets sick she loses her appitite and just wants to BF.
And i try to get her to take a sippy cup and she will not drink even half of it.

I am afraid she is dehydrated and not eating what she should
she eats 4,4oz jars of fruit and 3,4oz jars of vegtables a day



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Hi L.,
I think you may have introduced too many foods too quickly. It is usually better to wait at least five days before introducing another food, so a new food every day is too much for a little one. I would try to simplify what you feed her at this point. Try more hypoallergenic foods like rice and pears to start with, then after waiting 1 week, if she handles those well then go to the next food.
She could be sensitive to one or more foods, so to keep track of what you give her keep a food diary. Py attention to how she reacts.
I would also give some probiotics to help her digestive system.
If this does not help, then talk to the doctor about testing her for allergies.
Good luck.

Hi L.,
My younger son is 10 months old and doctor instructed me to feed him baby food three times a day. He eats oatmeal with bananas in the morning, 1 jar of stage 3 food for lunch and 1 jar of stage 3 and 1 jar stage 2 for dinner. He also drinks about 28 oz of formula a day. My older son used to get ear infections every 3 weeks when he was a baby and my pediatrician said as long as he was drinking I shouldn't worry adout dehydration. Hope this helps.

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see if she will try finger type foods...like the cereal bites or fruit bites and cracker/cookie things...that may help some...our doctor always stated she would not starve herslef...and we tryed the finger things and it worked...the weight came on slow but it did come on... our daughter also started with the sinus and ear issues after starting foods and we kept a record of what she ate each day and how she reacted...skin tone...moods things like that...we ended up finding out she had food allergies which was actually some of the ear issues...and not wanting to eat..the wanting breast milk more is her comfort area..she gets to be close to you while nursing and she feels better that way...this might be a good place to start...hope it works for you...rosie

i think they have a gatorade for babies for hydration. i have a book called train up a child. healthmasters.com you might want to look them up and get your baby on this diet. it will help with ear infections etc. also the foods are whole foods can you can email the office or call with questions to ask for help. i trust them.

L., I tried to read through the other responses so I don't repeat what someone else said. At her age, it's pretty normal to slow down a little on weight gain because she's becoming more mobile. I would recommend introducing table foods that she can finger feed to herself. By 8 months, both my kids were eating dinner with us and we just chopped it up small for them. (Even without teeth, they ate table food just fine). Both my kids enjoyed eating so much more!

The #1 cause of ear infections and upper respiratory problems in infants and toddlers is a dairy allergy. Other causes include allergies to pets and environmental allergies. I didn't believe it, but when I took my kids off dairy per the ENT's advice, the improvement was increbile (I'm the proud mom of 20 ear infections between my 2 kids in less than 2 years - 3 sets of tubes and an adenoidectomy down, one to go).

My doctor was concerned when my son left his path at the 85th-95th% (23 pounds at 9 months) and hovered below 25th% and then at the 5th% from 12-24 months. She didn't need me to convince her to be concerned and look for a cause, and in fact, she was proactive with our search, thus ending it much sooner than a lot of parents with sick kids. My son has celiac disease. He weighed 25.5 pounds just 7 weeks ago when we took him off gluten, and was 33.5 inches tall. Today he is 28 pounds and 35.5 inches tall. So there really WAS something wrong with him. He's back up near the 50th% already! So if you think there's something wrong, don't just worry - talk to your doctor about your concerns.


Congratulations on breastfeeding her! THat is so awesome and wonderful for her! Whatever she is NOT getting from food, she is getting from you. Make sure you are doing all you need to for vitamins, so you don't get run down also. So cool! If she wants to go exclusive when she's sick - DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. The more you stress, the more she will notice and it will affect your milk production.

Same here. Essentially my son nosedived from 75th to below 3rd.

What is her attitude/temperament/etc.? Is she happy a lot of the time? Or is she cranky?

You're doing great with the veggies/fruit - have you thought of meat at all or are youholding off until she is 1?

One fruit you can add that most kids LOVE: Avocado. My son adores it and asks for it by his name (think: first syllable really drawn out). It is higher in fat than most fruits and it has a buttery consistency that melts on the tongue (I guess, I don't eat it myself, but that was described to me). It is I think 5 g per serving (you'd have to look up servings, but she can eat as much as she likes :) My son has eaten up to a whole avocado at times, though we usually limit him to 1/2 at a meal, so his body gets the benefit of fat and vitamins at the same meal.

Don't let the doctor scare you - unless her curve is going down totally. My son's curve didn't go down, it just 'plateaued' - got really flat for a bit. Pediatrician was doing the equivalent of going off the deep end, but I guess she has to with everyone bc you don't KNOW until you see how the curve pans out.

Another thing you can do: when you make your food at home, prepare it with olive oil. I wouldn't go so far as french fries as far as drenching, but if you had toast with margarine, you'd put a good Tablespoon on for yourself so it's not so dry (go figure, dehydrate the toast then add butter to make it softer :)

Keep up the good work with the breastfeeding - it is doing her a world of good.

Don't worry about a sippy for water - try a cup. Even if she gets just a sip, that's great. And if you're not starting fruit juices yet, don't. Plain water is all she will need, especially on hot days. Your milk will be in high demand there too!

Good luck, don't hesitate to send me a message if you need more ideas or support.

It seems like you are feeding her enough. Maybe some food w/ more protein and carbs would help (like meat, pasta, yogurt.) How about supplementing w/ some formula as well? I, too, am/was a BF'er and know how important it is, but sometimes they just need a bit more especially as they get older. Good luck and check w/ your ped.-they should put your mind at ease that she's not dehydrated.

try stoneyfield whole milk yogurt. i give my kids the french vanilla flavor mixed with some applesauce or they have Yo Baby that is already with fruit in it. my kids love it and helps them gain weight. my kids have always been underweight and as long as she is gaining something, don't freak out. you can also give her Pediasure a nutrient drink. good luck.

Hi L.,

First, if you are worried about her dehydrating, have you tried giving her Pedia-Lyte to replace any electrolytes she may be losing as a result? If she will not drink, they also come in ice pops that she can suck on.

My son, who is now 15, until recently, didn't even make it onto the charts! I did not worry about it, because, even with that a) he was always quite thin but not emaciated, b) he in all other respects has been healthy; and c) he was always steadily gaining weight even if he was not as heavy as others his age. It sounds like even when she is sick your daughter's appetite is decent if she is still eating solid foods and is breast feeding. I did my best to encourage my son to eat, but did not try to force it or make too big a deal out of it, because I did not want to make the problem seem worse. Now, as a growing teenager I get a real kick out of seeing him eat larger quantities of food!

If your daughter generally eats and continues to gain weight, even slowly, if she is reaching the major developmental milestones on time and the doctor is not expressing too much concern, then you may not need to worry about it too much. If it is affecting her development and health, I am friendly with someone in my community who actually administered supplemental tube feedings to her daughter and has gotten positive results. It might be something worth considering. Just a thought.

Good Luck!



If you and your husband are small your daughter may just be destine to be small. As long as she is gaining weight and thriving, you should not worry.

My daughter will be 11 months next week and she hardly eats baby food anymore. She may have a jar of fruit mixed with oatmeal for breakfast and a jar of veggies with dinner, but for the majority of the day, she eats “real” table foods. She actually prefers to eat "real" foods, which is very helpful since I already have to make something for my 3 1/2 yo anyway. Obviously she can't eat everything he does (she only has 6 teeth, so things like steak are tough to chew and I have not introduced her to seafood yet), but she does just fine mashing small pieces of chicken/turkey, any cooked veggies, pasta, small pieces of bread/crackers, etc. So you may want to try more "real" foods and she how she does. It may not make her put on extra weight, but it may be something she will eat when her ears hurt. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.

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