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My 10Yr Old Makes Weird Noises

My son will be sitting watching t.v and he will make noises, double wink his eyes, and moving his lips side to side. I have asked him why he does it and says cause he wants to. I just don't think this is normal, and its frustrating having to listen to all that. He suffers from allergies, and at first I thought that was why he made some of those weird noises, but I learned that, that was not the reason. Please help

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Hi Norma:
My son used to do the same types of things (the noises were really irritating!) so I took him to the pediatrician. She said they are nervous ticks (did I spell that right? Not the insect type of ticks!). Then I really started paying attention to when he was doing these things. It made a lot of sense. He usually did it when he was a little stressed out at school, had to go somewhere, knew Momma was not happy, or over tired. I know it seems like it will never end, but, it DOES! Good luck.

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I wish I could help. I have a 10 year old that is doing the same thing. From what I have read it's a developmental stage and we just have to live thru it!!

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My 13 yr old brother does that, too. He's the youngest out of all of us, and he will be watching tv or playing video games and make all these crazy noises and weird faces. My sister and I tell him to stop all the time and, he will say "I'm not doing anything!" or something like that but laugh like crazy after he says it. So if he's anything like my brother, he might just be doing it for some attention and to bug you. Good luck!

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I used to do similar things when I was younger - making weird faces at regular intervals, and making weird noises out of my throat. It bugged my parents, too. In my case, I think it was a nervous habit. I wasn't a terribly high-strung kid, but I think I felt I HAD to do it - almost OCD-ish. Maybe your child is worried about something that he feels he can't talk to you about. Does he do anything else behaviorally - like patterns to leaving a room or washing his hands (another OCD pattern). I don't have OCD, but sometimes I feel like if I don't follow an EXACT pattern to something, that something will happen. I still feel I'm relatively 'normal'. :) More creature of habit things, probably. Maybe your pedi can recommend something, or possibly a counselor in case there are issues he needs to talk about.

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I would think of getting him checked neurologically. It would be better to rule out problems now than to wait and see. Our son was 12 when he started doing similar things. They escalated when his hormones started kicking in that year. We were told that he had something call Tourette's Syndrome. Now, don't panic if you get that kind of diagnosis. All it means is that he has tics. MD's use it as a catch-all diagnosis. We have been using a fantastic Speech Pathologist that works with every thing from speech issues, ADHD, all the way to autism. He now rarely has a tic and only when extremely tired and/or stressed.

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I am not trying to scare you or diagnose him but the things that he is doing seems to be characteristic of autism. I would at least take him to a doc to have it checked out-if nothing else for your own peace of mind. JMO

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Similiar to Rebecca F in one of the previous posts, I also did things like this when I was young (about 9 or 10 years old, maybe a little younger). I did the winking thing and made a small high-pitched noise in my throat. Basically it was a bad habit that I got into, and then continued because I have a personality that becomes easily addicted or quickly falls into patterns. I felt a strong compulsion to repeat whatever it was I was doing. It was very like something that people who are OCD might do, but I was never diagnosed as an OCD child or adult.

I eventually grew out of it (partly because my father would bop me on the head whenever I would do it - NOT something I am recommending.) I was schoolage at the time, and when my friends started noticing my behavior, the compulsion became less "soothing" and more "irritating", and I had less of a desire to continue. I naturally developed more socially appropriate replacement activities because I became more aware of what I was doing.

That said, there is always the possibility that this behavior is a sign of something more significant than a bad habit. I know there is a LOT of literature out there about the early signs of OCD or even autism.

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Dear Norma:

My son's behaviour is similiar. If these actions have lasted less than one year, they appear to be tics, which generally begin at around your sons age. Tics usually occur when a child is relaxed, and occur more often with boys than girls. Most go away within a year.

If they do not, your son may be daignosed with Tourette's syndrome. If so, do not let the diagnosis scare you. Most of the time, they will become less noticable at puberty. They may continue in a more subtle manner throughout his life. If the tics become a problem, there are medicine's that may help control the tics. Surprisingly, focusing on the tics will only make them more pronounced. Try to ignore them. My eldest son was developing severe problems. Miraculously, when we explained them and stopped focusing on them (we talked to his teachers too, who were focused on getting him to stop spitting outside)the tics went away.

It turns out that my husband had the same problem and he is now a successfull attorney, so just focus on loving that boy and take him to a doctor if it is causing him a lot of anxiety- the tics can become painful, embarrassing, or insightly (for a short time my eldest pulled out his hair) Things may get worse for a while, but I can assure you that in time, they will get better.

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A lot of kids this age will have one or more "simple tics"--often they aren't aware they are doing it. If a child has a lot of different tics or more complicated tics, that's Tourette's. Sometimes being on medicines for ADHD will unmask a tic, or make it worse.
Try to ignore it for now, but mention it to his pediatrician at his next visit. If he's on Ritalin or Adderall, call today.

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My brother in law is 29 years old and makes noises, gasps for air, and twitches at randomn times too. He went to see a doctor and found out that it was high anxiety. They prescribed him medication and when he took it, it helped. But now he has quit taking the medication and his anxiety has gotten worse. This could be what it is, but I am not sure. Is there something tragic that has happened in the past year? Has a death occurred? Trouble at school? Any new foods you have brought that he could be allergic too? Allergies or anxiety would be my guess. Take him to a general doctor and ask about this.

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I could be a repetitive behavior like a tic. I would get it checked with a Dr. to see what they recommend.

We had a foster child that did something like that with his hands and face. However, he was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. This may be part of why your child does something like that is that there may be more going on that you don't know (school or elsewhere). It may be his way of handling his anxiety, stress or anger. He was on several types of medication for ADHD and other issues, that may have played a factor in the tics.

There is medicines, but I would try other things before medication and use that as a last resort type of thing. Play Therapy is great for kids with dealing with stress, anxiety. You could try playing with your child at home, whatever he likes to play games, cars, toys. Kids usually don't talk and tell you why they are upset, angry. They show it in their play. You can learn a lot by watching them play.

You can also look for more info at the library or internet for tics (repetitive gestures,etc). We use babycenter.com and parentcenter.com we have a 2 year old, they may have something on it.

Has it caused any problems at school? You could also talk with a counselor at school, they may be able to help him some at school. You could also talk with the teachers and find out what else is going on that your child isn't telling you, and that may help you too.

Hope this helps, good luck, C.

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