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My 10 Year Old Has a Few Gray Hairs

Hi Mama's...Here's the thing, I noticed a few gray hairs on my 10 year old about 8 or 9 months ago and shrugged it off. He has lots of highlights and colors in his reddish brown hair. (we just plucked them out) I noticed more again on Saturday. I was told that it may be a medical condidition. So we looked it up online and found that it could be a vitamin deficincy (B12) or even related to a bowel issue. (He has had the stool holding since he was a baby and takes miralax now, and other stool stofeners over the years). I called my pediatrician to schedule an appt, because on line it said a simple blood test could determine the vitamin defincincy. When the doctor called me back (not the one in the practice I like, by the way) she told me that she had never heard of this and I should take him to a dermatologtist. He didn't need bloodwork...Have any of you ladies heard of this before? I am a little concerned and to tell the truth, I am not sure if she is doing this because of insurance reasons. (her first question was what med ins do the boys have to which I answered none, my husband lost his job in August and I have applied to Kidcare and I am awaiting the approval. the insurance coverage at my job would be 1/2 my salary) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much....

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Hi Mamma's!! Thank you for all the advice...I will be calling MY pediatrician and talking to him about what happen when I spoke with his associate. I also printed some of what I found online to send to his office to show that not only are my concerns valid, they are well documented. I appreciate all of your answers and support and as soon as I have either a diagnosis or response from the dr. I will let you all know...Thank you again so very much!!!!I pray that it is the "nothing" I am hoping for.

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I wouldn't bee too terribly concerned about it. I started going gray around 12 or so. I'm now 34 and almost totally snow white. My brother was the same way, he's not quite as gray as me though. I'm completely healthy, I have 4 healthy children. My brother is healthy with 3 healthy children. We just stared to gray early.

Mt 11 year old son also has a few gray hairs always has. Once a hairdresser told me they were just non pigmented hairs. He also has a lot of hightlights and just an unusual hair color.

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If you feel your son needs to have this further investigated, then that is what you should do! TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! They are the most valuable tool we as mothers have. Call your Dr.'s office, request a call back from YOUR son's doctor and discuss it with him/her. Let your Dr's office know that you have already applied for kidcare/family care. (they cover 90 days retroactively) Most practices will take it if you are an existing patient. Or if you can get them in through health connect which is a part/division/health care plan umbrelled by kidcare. If you need more information I can help. I've unfortunately been down this road before just recently. It's frustrating until you get everything set up correctly.
e-mail me any time or send me a message on here either way. (if you need assistance)


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Why not add B Complex and see if it helps or makes a difference? B vitamins are best absorbed when balanced, and so it's never a good idea to take just one - taking a complex ensures you get the right (safe) balance and that the body can absorb the nutrients properly to actually be able to utilize them. I am a Shaklee rep and could give you more information on this and even the business if you're looking to make some extra money and get a discount on your products. I'd love to help so just let me know.


Hi D.,
My husband started going grey around 10 years old. His parents went through the same ordeal with the doctors and testing and it ended up being noting, just premature grey. While it might be a good idea to visit a dermatologist it might just be really pre-mature grey! Good luck!


I know that thyroid problems can cause grey hair. Keep googling and see what you can find.

Didn't Blagoavich get some kind off insurance program in place for kids in this state? I would check into that for your sons insurance needs.

My sister-in-law who is now 50 years old has always had a gray streak of hair....not just a few hairs, it's about an inch wide...and she is perfectly healthy. My son also has a friend who is a senior in high school and he has the same wide gray streak in his hair and he is fine also. Now my cousin when he was little had his whole head turn gray and the skin on his hands and feet became loose because his parents didn't make him eat anything healthy and it was malnutrition. So I would get it checked out for your own peace of mind, but it's probably nothing.

If you are willing to pay out of pocket for a bloodtest, then you can demand one. I would definitely worry about the stool softeners causing a deficiency.
Also, with B deficiencies, it is not because you don't get enough of the vitamin, but because your body can't absorb it. My dr said that something like 80% of Americans can't absorb B vitamins- we don't have whatever enzyme in our system that makes it possible, and you can't just take a vitamin to "fix" it- you have to have injections so it goes straight to the blood instead.
I would call the dr's office back and leave a message for whatever dr you normally see and deal with, or just make an appt with that dr.
There is a great dr in St Charles, if that is near you, at Valley Family Medicine- his name is Dr James Sanders. He is wonderful with the entire family and I'm sure he would order tests if he felt there was any chance there may be something wrong.
On the other hand, I had grays come and go throughout my life- I remember quite a few of us had them in middle school, so it could be a hormonal thing too.

Hope you get some answers,

Follow up with your pediatrician. However, like a few others have said in may be normal. My mother had a gray streak in her hair as long as I could remember. It came back both times after chemo. We considered her gray streak a birth mark. Is the gray hair in the same location? Something to consider.

I wouldn't bee too terribly concerned about it. I started going gray around 12 or so. I'm now 34 and almost totally snow white. My brother was the same way, he's not quite as gray as me though. I'm completely healthy, I have 4 healthy children. My brother is healthy with 3 healthy children. We just stared to gray early.


First, can the hair be a light blond and not gray at all? Secondly, did anyone in your husband's family go prematurely gray? I have a cousin who's head of hair was half gray by the time he was 16. It's genetic. Just a thought. Otherwise I have not heard of any lack of vitamin turning your hair gray but that does not mean anything. Stress can turn your hair gray though. Maybe try another doctor or keep calling one's until you find someone who knows something.

I don't know if this is a concern or not and it's a shame that your pediatrician has dismissed it, knowing your son's health history. I did pull up Vitamin B-12 deficiency and there are medications and medical conditions that can cause this.


One thing that this did say is that it is hard to overdose on Vitamin B-12 and I would probaly confirm that with a medical professional. However, one of your posts said that "injections" were the way to internally get a dose of B-12. I had low B12, diagnosed through a blood test. My dr. put me on a vitamim supplement that quickly dissolves in your mouth. Three months later, I was retested and my level is great. Your son does not have to have injections to receive an ample dose of this vitamin on a regular basis.

I've been very happy with this brand of Vitamin B-12 "NO SHOT" from Whole Foods but I'm sure you may be able to find it in other places. It's 100 tabs so it lasts for 3 months.


Again, I would still consult a professional if you want to administer this to your son. Good luck.

Seeing a dermatologist will give you the best information. These days, insurance dictates what the primary care physician can do for you. If you had an HMO, they would have been required to see you first, then write a referral. If you don't, then you can go straight to the dermatologist. My guess is your ped was being straight up with you, that they weren't sure what the problem was and you should see the specialist for it - and they were asking insurance questions to direct you in the best way.

I would call back and insist on speaking with the doctor that you like and trust. Tell the doctor what you found online and that you feel "with your gut" that something is wrong. Say that you would like the blood test just to make sure all is ok, and could he please just order the labs to ease your mind.

OR if it's a certain deficiency, why not just give him that vitamin and see if that solves the problem?

Private practice drs. don't do that. Hospitals, yes. They want their $. It may be something simple like a scar tissue mark. That could leave a white hair spot. We always thought that was cool on people we knew in school. This internet can scare the heck out of moms. Try to look at things more positively or you'll drive yourself nuty the next 15 years mommy.

Follow your gut and get it checked out. I have a special needs daughter so I know all about fighting for the best interest of your child!

I would call your doctor's office back and ask if they take all kids ins. If they don't then you are going to have to find another doctor anyway.

If they DO take all kids, then insist on speaking with YOUR doctor. You have that right! Insist on getting whatever testing just to rule out any health issues. B12, thryoid. Personally, I would ask them to run a full chem panel. That way you are only drawing the blood once.

JMO, but if a doctor is not willing to listen to a parent's concerns, then that doctor is not worth going to. As our doctor says, "moms always know best, since they KNOW their kids".

Good luck and keep us posted!

Mt 11 year old son also has a few gray hairs always has. Once a hairdresser told me they were just non pigmented hairs. He also has a lot of hightlights and just an unusual hair color.

My younger brother always had gray hairs throughout his hair. We never thought anything of it. Lets say there is this problem...he would have had it for a very long time for his hairs to be gray right? Maybe you should just add in a good multivitamin for now and wait for your insurance approval. My mom feeling on this one is they are going to find nothing and if they do...they will advise you to take a supplement. Keep an eye on it and if it still worries you after you get your kidcare...take him!
If you are really worried about it, sometimes the Public Health Department will check Iron and a few other deficiancies for a very low cost.

Hi! My daughter is 10 and is also on the Miralax she has a small grey patch in back and we took her to a dermatologist and they said she has a spot of vitalligo on her scalp and did they a blood test and found evrything to be normal. Follow your gut,I did!

I don't think it is a big deal. I had gray hairs when I was 10. I had a patch. Still do. My brothers had a patch on the back of the head. I think it is far too common. Not a big deal.

You might want to call a nutritionist(sp?).

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