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My 10 Month Old Bites Help!!!

I am just trying to get a few ideas. My 10 month old baby boy has started to bite. From what I can tell the only one he is biting is me, but I still think it is a problem. I have bruises on my arms from his wonderful 4 teeth. I know they say (whoever "they" is) you are supposed to bite them back, but at 10 months does he really know what he is doing? I say NO and say Bad and that hurts Mommy.. I know he understands NO because he is at the age that he hears it quite often. I am not sure if he understands that I am telling him biting is bad. I am willing to bite him back if that is the best way to get him to stop. I just don't want him biting another baby.. Please help.. Any advice is welcome.

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I had this same problem around 11 months with my son. My son was only bitting me. I was bit on the arms, sholders,legs and feet. My son is a happy guy and he was not tired or cranky he just bit me all the time.( I really think he was trying to give me kisses) Oventually, he started bitting hard. I would say "ouch no bite" but that did not work. I finally after getting a bite that was very sever put my mouth on his arm (DID NOT CLAMP DOWN) just a slight sqeeze, he did not cry in fact he laughed as I am sure it tickled, and said "no bite" and then he stoped. Everyone told me to bite, but how can you bite a little baby that obviosly does not understand? I hope this helps.

Hi J.!
My 9 1/2 month old is getting his 6th tooth and my arm looks so gross from bruises! He is literally biting me right now! I just tell him no and pull him away. I have never bit him and don't recommend it. You have to feel bad for the little guy. His mouth hurts so bad and biting him back would probably just make him wonder why you just caused him more pain. I don't think that at this age biting him back will teach him to stop. And I am not sure that a pediatrician would recommend biting your child. Good luck and know that they are other briused mamas out there feeling your pain!

Biting back = BAD IDEA

This is typical behavior for his age, he has figured out that he has teeth, and wow, look what they can do!!!

Be consistent with him. When DS bites you, say "Mama doesn't like it when you bite" and then set him down and walk away from him. Separating yourself from him when he does it will show him that you mean business (You don't have to put him in time out or anything, just distance yourself and "ignore" him for 30 seconds to a minute or so) It really isn't even necessary to raise your voice to him, just be firm, but gentle.
He will outgrow rather soon this as long as you are consistent with your actions.

Hope this helps a bit!

After running a daycare, I can tell you that usually they bite when they are tired or over tired. Also when the get frustrated and cannot verbalize what it is that they want or need. I certainly would not bite my child or any child back, what are you teaching??? Tell him to use his words or if he cannot speak the words, ask what do you want? Show me?
I would tell him no biting, and separate him from you in a playpen or area that is safe as a introduction to "time out" this is not allowed . The other thing would be to try to catch it before it happens, which is hard too.
You may also want to just flick him on the mouth and say no biting, not hard but just to startle and break the cycle.
Good Luck
L. T

I used to simply tap my daughter's mouth and say no mam' A tap with one finger a little firm. She finally got it. I also learned that some are bitters and some aren't. Good Luck

My 9 month old has started doing this to me as well. I have noticed it is maily when I change him or am trying to keep him still. I have started giving him something to play with during these times. I know it is out of frustration. I would never think of bitting him back. You may ask his pedi. I think it may just be a temporary thing. Discovering new teeth and all.

My daughter use to bite too. I was always the one that got bit. I would set her down and walk off for a couple of minutes. I think that halped her get the messeage. She is also a little older than your also. When she was younger we would "thump" her in the mouth.

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