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Music Cd's

Any suggestions for children's music CD's.
Inexpensive prices are preferred.
Also, where have you purchased this CD?

My son LOVES to dance around when listening to music.
Thank you!

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who replied to my posting!!
I received some wonderful suggestions.
We just went to the library today and checked out some cd's.
After my son listens to a few this weekend, we'll decide if we also want to buy more of your favorites.

I am SO grateful to all of you moms(dads and grandmas)!

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Anything by Dan Zanes. My oldest is 5&1/2 and next week he'll see Dan in concert for the third time. He LOVES Dan, and I really enjoy him too, despite the fact that I can't stand most kid's music. Also, we have no idea why, but since he was really little he's loved Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And my 13 month old likes jazz. If you have a good used music store locally (in Geneva, Kiss the Sky is great), you might be able to find some stuff there.

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My 16 mo. daughter really likes a pop band called Vampire Weekend (which has nothing to do with vampires). It wasn't made for kids, but is appropriate for them and is full of bright african rhythms and melodies, along the lines of Paul Simon's Graceland (which I've also seen little kids love).
Sample here:

We like to try out music from the library. Sometimes we buy it if we really like it. This is also a good way to get many different kinds of music.

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Justin Roberts (justinroberts.org) is a great adult turned kids singer as is Ralph Covert a.k.a. Ralph's World. Their lyrics are amusing to adults as well and the songs fun & danceable. They are both based in Chicago but you can order their CDs online (cdbaby, amazon, etc..), check them out at local libraries and find them in some stores.

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Ralph’s World (6+ CDs), Laurie Berkner (numerous CDs), The Roches – Will You Be My Friend?, The Big Kidz Band – Indian Elephant Tea. Check out the library. You can listen to them first and see what you like before you would purchase.

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Instead of buying cd's, why not head to your local library? They have a plethora of music in the children's department, and if you're looking for something specific they don't have, you can use the interlibrary system; it allows you to check out materials from another local library without ever going there! (be sure to talk to a librarian about this- it's great!).

At my library, you can check out cd's for 3 weeks at a time. And if you child really loves a particular cd, you could always burn a copy of it or go out and buy it then, instead of wasting money on something he/she may or may not like. This is also great for children's videos- you can rent them for about a week at the time for free! Much better than buying a Wiggles dvd that they will get sick of after a week anyway!

Be sure to check out these artists: their music really seems to move the kids, and is still pretty tolerable for us adults too!

Laurie Berkner
Dan Zanes & friends
Hot Peas & Butter
Ralph's World

and don't rule out some classic kis stuff like:

Sesame Street
Blue's Clues

Best of Luck!

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My children (2 1/2 and almost 5) LOVE "They Might Be Giants: Here Come The 123's". It is like a modern-day Schoolhouse Rock, so it's also educational and I like to listen to it, too. Also, any Laurie Berkner cd is great. There is also a group called "Hot Peas 'N Butter" that is very cool. The ultimate lullaby cds are from the "Rockabye Baby" series. There are individual cds that are lullaby versions of some great groups (mostly rock, but well worth a listen) hits like : Bob Marley, U2, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Coldplay, No Doubt. It is very nice to listen to when you want to get your kids to sleep to contemporary music with softer instruments. I like it alot.

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We love the Signing Time Cds that come with the videos.

I check out CDs from the library, if we really like them, I purchase them, sometimes online if it's cheaper.

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Hi there -
My sons (18 months and 3 1/2) LOVE the Imagination Movers and their CD's are very fun for listening and dancing. I don't even mind listening to them as they are a fun group for adults too and they have great messages for the little ones. I bought their CDs from their website but I think they are coming out with a new Disney CD in the next month or so.

We also love Laurie Berkner in our house as she has some really fun songs too. I know that her CDs are everywhere - we got ours at Wal-Mart.

Last but not least is Jim Gill - another great artist for kids who does amazing fun concerts too. We got our CDs at his concerts (he comes to Gurnee most summers) but I think he sells them on his website too.

Hope that helps!


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Check out Bloodshot Records' compilation "The Bottle Let me Down". I gave a copy to my niece and nephew and my bro tells me they giddily run in circles till they drop while listening to it. There's other good stuff at their website too:


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Jeannie B is a favorite in our household! She is a singin' mom from Evanston! We've seen her perform often because she is local. It is great to support a local artist.
She sings about everyday stuff for kids--washing machines, red pants, wanting a horse, etc.
Beware--her songs are very catchy and will stay with you in your head!
Check her out at:

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Jim Gill is absoultely wonderful. Lori Berkner (from Noggin network) also has a DVD for sale that is like a concert of a few of the top songs and a CD that goes with it. I think her one song, Victor Vito, even has a book available to with a CD. Raffi a is great (old standby)(Baby Beluga is old favorite). I'm not sure where to look specifically. Raffi you're going to find more widespread because he's been around so long. Just Google the other two, and I'm sure you'll find places to buy them. The Wiggles movies are also great to dance along to.

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Anything by Dan Zanes. My oldest is 5&1/2 and next week he'll see Dan in concert for the third time. He LOVES Dan, and I really enjoy him too, despite the fact that I can't stand most kid's music. Also, we have no idea why, but since he was really little he's loved Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And my 13 month old likes jazz. If you have a good used music store locally (in Geneva, Kiss the Sky is great), you might be able to find some stuff there.

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We LOVE Laurie Berkner and Ralph's World. Also, John Lithgow has some good children's cd's. I'd recommend checking your local library to see what you like before you buy. I've purchased a few that haven't lived up to my expectations. Our library has a huge selection of children's cd's, and since I've discovered it, I always try to check out a cd before I shell out the $ for it.

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Hi, my son (now 4.5) LOVES music and our favorite is Promisland music. You can check it out at http://www.willowcreek.com/children/resources/music/index... . These are great songs that are wonderful to dance and sing to and will introduce your child to very wholesome concepts and just plain fun!

Hope you find what you're looking for, there have been so many great suggestions!

PS: If you go to this link: http://web.mac.com/promiseland_music/iWeb/Site/Promiselan...
You will be able to listen to some of the songs available on the CDs. The previous site has a link for 'motions' and if you click on these you will hear snippets of the songs as well but that comes along with the motions (used in children's ministry). One nice thing about promislandonline is that you can purchase just one song via MP3.

Take care.


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My 14-month-old also LOVES to get her groove on!

Some of our faves are: Jazz for Kids: Sing, Clap, Wiggle & Shake (actual original, kid-friendly jazz music sung by Ella Fitzgerald, etc... wonderful); Laurie Berkner (We have Whaddya Think of That & Buzz, Buzz, Buzz--both get her grooving every time); Ralph's World (he used to teach at The Old Town School of Folk Music in the city before being signed by Disney, so there are lots Chicago references in his songs and he preforms at street festivals in the summer, so you could go see him for free--or cheap--and he's so funny! I recommend At the Bottom of the Sea and Happy Lemons as starters). We also have School House Rock and Peter, Paul & Mommy (Peter, Paul & Mary's kids' album that I grew up listening to).

You can get all of these on Amazon and most of them used so significantly cheaper.

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Go to your public library--you'll find tons of children's CDs for FREE! My kids love the Kids in Action CD by Greg & Steve...fun action songs like "Going on a Bear Hunt", "Beanbag Dance", etc.

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I found music from Laurie Burkner, the crazy, silly lady on noggin, who dresses up in costumes and dances to her music. My girls LOVED all the cd's I think you can only find them at walmart. link to her cds: (COPY & PASTE on the address bar)


Also, (we) they always sang with "Raffi" (we had the cd -songs for the very young)here is the link:

If you cant find them, email me, and I think I stil have them somwhere between my Journey cds, and tim magraw...
Good luck,

Oh my gosh....The Laurie Berkner Band is just about the funnest kids CD, that I have found. There are about 4 or 5 CD (all sold separate). Great beat, cute words and most importantly TOLERABLE for the parents. twotomatoes.com is their website for purchasing but I think you can find some of them at walmart or target. Enjoy!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Hi, I would first suggest to visit your library.My library has a huge selection of music cd's that you can check out for 3 weeks. Also, I am a Discovery Toy educational consultant and we have a cd with 24 songs about manners, alphabet, counting, etc. with great rhythm and music. It is only 12.99. We have lots of other cds that come with books that are 19.99. I hope some of this helps! My website is www.discoverytoyslink.com/christybabka

Another way to go is to go to the public library. I often check out CDs and burn my own copies of them on my computer. You could also do a CD share with friends. You can all share CDs and burn copies of them or just loan them around to each other.

Greg & Steve are fun, Ralph's World is good, too. Don't feel you always have to listen to "children's" music. Introduce your son to all kinds of music, music that you like, etc.

Have fun!

We like to try out music from the library. Sometimes we buy it if we really like it. This is also a good way to get many different kinds of music.

Dan Zanes is a good artist that uses classic tunes in an upbeat way that isn't too corny for the parents either! Another couple of good ones are Justin Roberts (rocky) and Elizabeth Mitchell (sweet, folky).

I'd sign up for www.lala.com . They "trade" cd's over the mail so you can get rid of your unwanted cd's and get some kid ones you want for a buck or so. They also sell them cheaper than the stores if you want to buy them outright.

My son is 2&1/2 and he LOVES Dan Zanes and friends. We are going to see him next weekend seriously he's more excited than he was for Christmas!
Also, Laurie Berkner is good too.
We have both of their c.d.'s and d.v.d's.
And the bonus they are not nearly as annoying as the 57 greatest kids songs!!!

Our absolute favorite is Jim Gill. He is from Oak Park and is wonderful. You can get his CD's at Anderson (although I've always bought directly from him at a show.) I recommend looking him up online to find out about him as he is truly an amazing man as well as delightful performer. He also plays Ribfest and Last Fling in Naperville as well as other local venues. I'm a daycare provider and he has performed and spoken at several of the training seminars I've attended. I promise you will love him as much as your son will.

The kids in my day care love listening to a variety of music. I usually check out different music at the library. In Joliet you can check out 5 CD's at a time for 2 weeks. I've also bought the CD's that the kids really like from http://Amazon.com - I get them used for really cheap!

Some of the kid's music I have in my collection:

Jim Gill
Sesame Street
The Wiggles
Disney Classics
Disney Silly Songs
John Lithgow
Sara Hickman
Music from http://AbridgeClub.com
Baby Einstien
Soundtracks from kid movies
Tons of Oldies (50's, 60's, & 70's)
Classical Music (the 'collection' CD's are best with 25-30 songs on each CD)
& some songs from different genres (80's pop, rock n roll, country, etc.)

A great addition to listening/dancing to music are child's instruments. "Melissa and Doug" make a sturdy set and they go on sale at Macy's every once in awhile. :)

we go to the librarys and then download everything onto itunes or onto a cd so we dont have to buy them:) Since there are so many!

I find the most inexpensive CDs are the ones I borrow from the library. Then if my kids don't like them it doesn't matter because they go back in a few weeks and we check out new ones.

My kids at that age really likes Laurie Berkner , and Dan Zanes. We've also found a few just randomly picked from the library. They pick the songs they like and we make our own mixes from those.

Both of my children love Laurie Berkner. She is fun and upbeat and has great music for kids!!!!

We check cds and movies out from the library....no charge!

Ralph's World. We love his music. It is fun for kids and adults. Try a lib. to see if you like it. You can buy it anywhere, even Target.

Hi! Our kids loved Laurie Berkner when they were little! Try ebay or Amazon for good prices!!

I am a huge fan of Laurie Berkner - lively, cute, tunes. My son also loves that new Mary J. Blige song. We usually get cds at the library. I only own cds that I've recieved as gifts. Actually, I bought a cheap cd at Walmoart that was supposed to be "toddler tunes" - but it is horrible and annoying.

I have some fabulous suggestions. I am kind of a connoisseur on this subject and am very picky. So much of that kid music out there is just bad and hokey!! By the way, I get my cds either at the library (I plan on burning them) or a used CD store like Disk Replay. I have bought plenty of CDs used and have never had a problem with them.
Here are my suggestions:

**Dan Zanes and Friends: Family Dance (WONDERFUL to dance to!--I used to nanny and the kids adored this CD!)

**They Might Be Giants: Here Come the ABC's. (Fun, silly and educational. The song 'Clap Your Hands' is very poplular with kids!)

**In Joyful Harmony: Children's Choirs Sing Songs From Around the World (This is a beautiful CD of music from several different countries sung in their native tongue. A lot of great stuff to dance to! Found it at the library!)

**I also play another CD I found at the library called Smart Symphonies: Classical Music to Help Stimulate Your Baby's Brain Development.

**Laurie Berkner is a wonderful, folky, silly kind of kids music artist. You may have seen her playing her guitar and dancing around with kids between shows on PBSKids.

**We also love the soundtracks to the movies Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

You can also buy great used books and music online at Barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, alibris.com and ebay. Hope that was helpful. If you discover more great music for kids, by all means, pls share...I'm always trying to expand my repertoire!

Go to your local LIBRARY for a wealth of appropriate musical selections!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the latest two They Might Be Giants CD/DVD collections, Here Come the ABCs and Here Come the 123s! The new packs they sell on www.amazon.com include the audio CD and the DVD in one pack, for like $12 or $13?!!! We have been fans of TMBG for years, and it's a way to listen to kids music that doesn't really sound like kids music. The DVDs are really great and the CD is a bonus for the car. My child has learned so much from watching/listening!

I'm a grandmother and great grandmother, but also a music teacher. It's wonderful that your child dances when listening to music. You would enjoy one of the early music classes (Kindermusic, Musikgarten, etc.) for him. They begin quite young and include mother's participation. As for CD's, Borders has a wonderful children's section with many CD's in it. My favorites have been Baby Einstein, just be sure to get the audio only not the video. The video is nice, but watching that will keep him immobile and we want to encourage the dancing.

Try the library - that way you can exchange them.

I have 2 boys (4 and 2) and they love Ralph's World, Justin Roberts and Dan Zane. They are fun cds with music that I even enjoy. There are several cds to chose from. You can buy them online at Amazon, or Boarders, Target, etc... - pretty much anywhere. Of course The Wiggles is still a hit too but I try to hide that one :)


Try the library. Thats a great place to start, because you can borrow the CD's and see if you like them. Sometimes you can copy them onto another CD I think.

You have tons of responses here and I could not read through them all but I and the writers of the Babygarten Curriculum (I am a babygarten instucter at a park district) suggest you expose you child to lots of different music. Let them listen to what you like. It does not all have to be classical music and kids CD's (though Laurie Berkner is my fave). Most all music will benefit your child in some way or the other (with the exception of the obvious).

There are MANY wonderful children's CDs out there. Since you are just beginning, why don't you go to your local children's library and get a selection? If there are any that your son seems especially fond of, or you do because you'll be listening and dancing to this yourself A LOT, then you can spend your money on what you truly want. Then you can get an idea of the different musical styles if you see CDs at yard sales. A very inexpensive way to augment your child's entertainment dollars. You can get a lot of variety for free from the library.

Steffi, a retired children's librarian

Hi There -

Have you tried Ralph's World CD's? The music is fun and most parents I know like listening to him, too. The music really gets the kids dancing and jumping around and it's age appropriate for all ages of kids. Ralph's World videos are featured on the Disney Channel. Give it a try!

Jim Gill. He is a local musican that has a few CDs. Really cute and fun songs to dance and sing with. Pretty easy on the adult ears also.

Just go to your Public Library, there are tons of CD's,etc available for free, also you can ask for librarian's advise.

I know you've gotten a million responses, but I just had to add that we loved the VeggieTales silly songs CDs. They were well done musically, so we as parents enjoyed them, and silly enough for my kids to enjoy and still remember years later! look for them at your library, or used on e-bay.

Laurie Berkner is by far the all time fav at our house! We buy used off of Halfprice.com or Amazon.com.

one place to check is your local library. most have music available. you can check something out and usually keep it for 2 or 3 weeks! think of the variety for no cost at all, except for the gas to get to the library!! then, if you found something you couldn't live without, you could invest in a purchase.

They're not inexpensive, but Land of Nod has a terrific selection of children's music. From Dan Zanes to Elizabeth Mitchell to some great compilations, they definitely have the best selection that I have found. Sometimes I find a CD there and buy it online if I can find it for less.

I have a 3 yr old daughter she loves music to I burn cd's for her off of limewire she loves them and u get to pick the songs so it works out good.

I don't have any specific cd in mind but because your son loves music and dancing around, consider checking out Music Together. It's a really fun and beneficial music class for little ones. If you go to their website, I think it's just musictogether.com you can get locations and more info. We started my son in the classes around 10 months, he is 20 months now and still loves it.

Most libraries have a great selection of children's cd's so you can try them out before you buy them. Amazon usually has good deals & if you spend $25, it's usually free shipping.
My kids LOVE Ralph's World, Justin Roberts & Jim Gill.

My son loves music as well. Some of his favorites include Jim Gill who is a Chicago artist (I think he is in Oak Park), he also likes some of the Putamayo CD's they have a variety, Raffi is always good and he likes Little Einstein Music Box CD. I would look on line to find them.

One of my favorite cd's is Laurie Berkner. Her songs get the children up and moving to songs like "Jumped into Monday"! You can buy her cd's at Walmart for about $15.

The Laurie Burkner Band - any CD, Under a Shady Tree is my fav CD, can be found at Borders,Barnes&Noble, etc

Ralph's World- CD Title: At the Bottom of the Sea, try bookstores or electroic stores, may have to be ordered into the store for you (no cost), I found my copy at the library, Best song is M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E (LOL)!

Anything CD by Jim Gill. My favorite song is "I took a bath in the washing machine", can get at bookstore, electronic store, library

All of these CD are priced around $15 a piece.

My 15-month-old boy loves to dance around to Ralph's World. We have the 2 disc set which has a concert DVD and a music CD. Sean loves the DVD because it has cute animation in addition to Ralph singing on stage with a bunch of kids dancing to his music. You can buy this online at Amazon.

Happy dancing!

My kids adore the Muppets CDs. I got a anniversary edition CD (includes songs from the show and the movies) on Amazon.

Keep in mind that kiddie music can eventually drive you insane, no matter how much you like it at first, so consider introducing your son to regular music that's fun to dance to--oldies, disco, cast recordings from musicals, early to mid-career Beatles, anything with a good beat, a peppy melody, and no bad words (because he will eventually start singing along!).

Hi! If you can go to the Library and check out some oldies but goodies, if you and your son like them, then go ahead and buy it. A favorite of mine and my little guy are Jim Gill, and the Wiggles, but most libraries have a great selection of children silly songs to get and have fun with.


We love Jim Gill. Can buy on amazon.com or his website. jimgill.com My suggestion borrow cd's from the library (yours or by request from other libraries) so you can try before you buy. HTH


find Joanie Bartels CDs, Dancin Magic, etc, I think most are someting magic - they are great she has a terrifc voice even for grownups and the songs are fun, the Martian Hop, the Polka Dot Polka and many more

Anything by Jim Gill who is from the Oak Park area. Check him out at www.jimgill.com. We have seen him a number of time live and have enjoyed his CDs for years. Fabulous children's performer!!! I can't say enough about him!!!

Laurie Berkener!!!!!! I believe she has 4 cd's as well as 2 books with cds that are awesome! The great thing about her is her music is fun for all ages. Also, Jim Gill (I think 4 cd's as well), They Might Be Giants (Here come the ABC's), Carol Peterson. Classics that kids still love are Raffi, Hap Palmer, Greg and Steve, and Ella Jenkins. I find a lot of these at our public library - you can't get much cheaper than that! I think you can find them also at Borders, or other places like that. Good luck!

Try Ralph's World Cd's. They are fun tunes which parents enjoy, too!

i go to willow creek church in south barrington, they have a cd called a hip hop happy day. My foster baby goes to church there and loves it!!! The 2 1/2 yr old who does not go with us to church LOVES to listen to it also!!! I play it in the car and they both are bobbing and clapping their hands. It is so cute!!

My boys like the Kidz Bop CDs. But they may be a bit older for your little one. They are some of todays popular songs but sung by kids.

Seems like you've gotten a ton of suggestions and I haven't read through them all so I don't know if I'm repeating or not. However, my son is 2 1/2 and has loved music literally from the day he was born! He LOVES watching "Jack's Big Music Show" on Noggin. It's a great show for kids and has lots and lots and lots of music. I recently bought him the "Jack's Big Music Show" CD and he is really enjoying it. I found it on Amazon.com but I'm sure you can find it anywhere children's music is sold. Have fun!!!

I absolutely love Ralph Covert. He has 5 CD's at last count. They're fun, playful and likeable for kids and adults. My son and students LOVE him! I've found them in local music stores and online.
Also, Ralph does children's concerts around Chicago; check his website for info (google his name to find it).

We had a few Ralph Covert cds... Besides being an incredibly talented musician, he writes songs for kids that won't make you lose your mind after hearing them a 100 times...LOL

Try some of the Puntamayo series. They are not your classical children's CDs, but they are so lively and the different types of music from around the world is great exposure at an early age. We currently are loving the Afro-Latin Salsa one and my twin 2 year old daughters and 4.5 year old son regularly request "the happy music" and love the songs. It's great for the adults too, fun when cooking or eating meals. We also have the one called "Puerto Rico" and love that one too. They'll run you between $15-$20. Not the cheapest but definitely worth the money if you like that sort of music yourself. Good luck!

My 16 mo. daughter really likes a pop band called Vampire Weekend (which has nothing to do with vampires). It wasn't made for kids, but is appropriate for them and is full of bright african rhythms and melodies, along the lines of Paul Simon's Graceland (which I've also seen little kids love).
Sample here:

I found many CD's at Target, several of them were around $7 or less. They have lots of different CD's, from KIDZ BOP to toddler tunes. My daughter loved the sing songy nursery rhymes ones, and they are set to danceable music.

Laurie Berkner, CDs are great..start with "VictorVito"..Amazon often has used cds..and the library and maybe you could download a few tunes from I Tunes..also the Beatles are great melodies

I buy children's c.d.'s at the Dollar Tree. They have one called "Party Time". If they don;t like it, you only spent a buck!

Laurie Berkner (You can get her cds at target)

My 3 year olds love Dan Zanes, Ralph's World, Elizabeth Mitchell, and also the WIggles and Sesame Street songs. Also there are a lot of generic kids cd's that we have too, like just traditional songs (row row row, coming round the mountain, etc). Those are usually pretty cheap. Check on amazon. Also check the library.
One of their absolute favroites is called "Boys GOtta Dance", it was a gift and we love it. It is all classic marches and no lyrics, just good music. My kids jump and hop all around when it is on. They also like some of our other "classical" and jazz cd's, which is great because we already had them and they are nice for all of us to listen!
You can download a few of the "Signing Times" songs for free on the website, too.

We have a CD from Grandma that is personalized. It is a lot of fun have her name in the middle of a song. It's from Mediak and has songs like: One of a Kind, Jesus loves me, Children Jesus love You, Praise Him, etc. If you are interested you can order one by calling ###-###-####. I think your little guy would really enjoy it.

My kids LOVE the Laurie Berkner band. I have three kids, boys: 3 and 4 months, and girl: 4.

My kids love Raffi CDs and Sesame Street, the Wiggles. Your 15 month old may like Thomas the Tank Engine too. The cheapest solution is to check out different cds at the library.

I have the cd "Get Movin'" I got it at wal-mart or target off the sampler shelf that usually has the international music. (Celtic sounds, piano classics, etc.) It has good use of instruments and kids singing.


My daughter used to love Laurie Berkner. I think Best Buy has them, and you should also check target. I never bought one on-line, but you might be able to get one at walmart. There prices are always good. If you are not familiar with Laurie Berkner, she sings great music for kids. Your kid will never stop dancing!!!!

Laurie Berkner is awesome and the songs are fun and catchy.
Baby Beluga? The best CD in our house for many months during the first 2 years.
Now, my daughter (2 1/2) loves a CD compilation called "30 Toddler Songs" - don't have it handy but look it up on iTunes. That's where I've downloaded all of her songs. Have fun.

Westchester Public Library Thomas Branch has lots of children's music. Look there first, get an idea of what your child likes and then you'll know what to look for.

I have 2 boys, one likes a more "groovy" wave and the baby is into heavier beats with lots of drums. Let your child guide you and do it for FREE!

xo A., President of MOMS Club of Duneland

I love Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Sunshine. I bought it on www.amazon.com-- but you may find a good deal on www.ebay.com, too. $12, I think. It's kids music that adults can stand to listen to as well-- has a folksy feel. I love it! On Amazon you can listen to snippets of the album. I would check out other kids' music that way if I was searching for something new and fun-- that way you have some idea if you like the music before you order it. Good luck!

I have bought great Cds for my kids from amazon.com and overstock as well! The prices on overstock were great! And shipping throught them is only $2.95.

We love Ralph's World at my house. We have 3 of his cd's and two dvd's, and they are very well used! We're listening to them all the time!!!! And he's from Chicago!!!!

Dan Zanes is our fave. Get House Party, it's a great intro to what he does, but almost anything is great.

Hi ~
My boys LOVE Laurie Berkner. She has several CD's and music video DVD's available. We have purchased them at Barnes and Noble, but believe you can find her work possibly on line or at Target. I purchased the DVD for my nephew and he watches it constantly. My 6 1/2 year old is only now "outgrowing" her music after listening since he was 2. My 3 year old sings all the words and even has a book with a music CD that he really enjoys.
Hope this helps!

My son love the Do-Re-Me kindermusik Cd's. I even like to list to them because of the variety. They are sold by Discovery Toys. They have a website to find someone in your area.

Laurie Berkner is awesome. She has several cds out and they are a blast to dance around to.

I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and they LOVE Ralph's World. I have bought CD's at Target and checked some out from the library.

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