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Music Cd's

Any suggestions for children's music CD's.
Inexpensive prices are preferred.
Also, where have you purchased this CD?

My son LOVES to dance around when listening to music.
Thank you!

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who replied to my posting!!
I received some wonderful suggestions.
We just went to the library today and checked out some cd's.
After my son listens to a few this weekend, we'll decide if we also want to buy more of your favorites.

I am SO grateful to all of you moms(dads and grandmas)!

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Anything by Dan Zanes. My oldest is 5&1/2 and next week he'll see Dan in concert for the third time. He LOVES Dan, and I really enjoy him too, despite the fact that I can't stand most kid's music. Also, we have no idea why, but since he was really little he's loved Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And my 13 month old likes jazz. If you have a good used music store locally (in Geneva, Kiss the Sky is great), you might be able to find some stuff there.

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My 16 mo. daughter really likes a pop band called Vampire Weekend (which has nothing to do with vampires). It wasn't made for kids, but is appropriate for them and is full of bright african rhythms and melodies, along the lines of Paul Simon's Graceland (which I've also seen little kids love).
Sample here:

We like to try out music from the library. Sometimes we buy it if we really like it. This is also a good way to get many different kinds of music.

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Justin Roberts (justinroberts.org) is a great adult turned kids singer as is Ralph Covert a.k.a. Ralph's World. Their lyrics are amusing to adults as well and the songs fun & danceable. They are both based in Chicago but you can order their CDs online (cdbaby, amazon, etc..), check them out at local libraries and find them in some stores.

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Ralph’s World (6+ CDs), Laurie Berkner (numerous CDs), The Roches – Will You Be My Friend?, The Big Kidz Band – Indian Elephant Tea. Check out the library. You can listen to them first and see what you like before you would purchase.

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Instead of buying cd's, why not head to your local library? They have a plethora of music in the children's department, and if you're looking for something specific they don't have, you can use the interlibrary system; it allows you to check out materials from another local library without ever going there! (be sure to talk to a librarian about this- it's great!).

At my library, you can check out cd's for 3 weeks at a time. And if you child really loves a particular cd, you could always burn a copy of it or go out and buy it then, instead of wasting money on something he/she may or may not like. This is also great for children's videos- you can rent them for about a week at the time for free! Much better than buying a Wiggles dvd that they will get sick of after a week anyway!

Be sure to check out these artists: their music really seems to move the kids, and is still pretty tolerable for us adults too!

Laurie Berkner
Dan Zanes & friends
Hot Peas & Butter
Ralph's World

and don't rule out some classic kis stuff like:

Sesame Street
Blue's Clues

Best of Luck!

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My children (2 1/2 and almost 5) LOVE "They Might Be Giants: Here Come The 123's". It is like a modern-day Schoolhouse Rock, so it's also educational and I like to listen to it, too. Also, any Laurie Berkner cd is great. There is also a group called "Hot Peas 'N Butter" that is very cool. The ultimate lullaby cds are from the "Rockabye Baby" series. There are individual cds that are lullaby versions of some great groups (mostly rock, but well worth a listen) hits like : Bob Marley, U2, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Coldplay, No Doubt. It is very nice to listen to when you want to get your kids to sleep to contemporary music with softer instruments. I like it alot.

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We love the Signing Time Cds that come with the videos.

I check out CDs from the library, if we really like them, I purchase them, sometimes online if it's cheaper.

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Hi there -
My sons (18 months and 3 1/2) LOVE the Imagination Movers and their CD's are very fun for listening and dancing. I don't even mind listening to them as they are a fun group for adults too and they have great messages for the little ones. I bought their CDs from their website but I think they are coming out with a new Disney CD in the next month or so.

We also love Laurie Berkner in our house as she has some really fun songs too. I know that her CDs are everywhere - we got ours at Wal-Mart.

Last but not least is Jim Gill - another great artist for kids who does amazing fun concerts too. We got our CDs at his concerts (he comes to Gurnee most summers) but I think he sells them on his website too.

Hope that helps!


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Check out Bloodshot Records' compilation "The Bottle Let me Down". I gave a copy to my niece and nephew and my bro tells me they giddily run in circles till they drop while listening to it. There's other good stuff at their website too:


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Jeannie B is a favorite in our household! She is a singin' mom from Evanston! We've seen her perform often because she is local. It is great to support a local artist.
She sings about everyday stuff for kids--washing machines, red pants, wanting a horse, etc.
Beware--her songs are very catchy and will stay with you in your head!
Check her out at:

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