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Mucous in Spit Up

I just posted a note earlier this week about reflux and using Reglan. Well now my question is my son will spit up and sometimes have a green mucous clump in it. He is on Zantac right now and I decided not to use the Reglan. Any suggestions on what it could be from? I nurse him and have slowed down on my dairy intake but I was dairy free a few weeks back and did not really notice a difference in his spit up. The mucous is not everytime. It almost looks like green boogies.

What can I do next?

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Going from what you have said, I would take him to the doctor and consider barium swallow/ upper G.I. If he projectile vomits, you should consider pyloric stenosis.

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S. ~
Is your doctor wanting the baby to use both the reglan and the zantac at the same time? The zantac reduces the acid in the stomach, and the reglan helps the stomach to empty faster, so they work differently. Use them both, it's ok. My grandson had reflux until he was over a year (pretty unusual to be for that long), and took both meds. Also, they fed only small amounts at a time, more frequently. As a 2 yr old, he still has issues with dairy.

the mucus is normal. the color could be from something you're eating, not necessarily dairy. try also drinking more water.


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Green is usually bile. Have you thought of reconsidering the Reglan? It sounds like your son needs help with motility, and the Rglan will do that. If bile comes up, it is very alkaline, which feels like bad heartburn, but no antacid will help because it is alkaline, not acid. I know it is always scary to give your child something new and different to you in terms of medications, but sometimes they need that help, and it can make all the difference in how they feel.

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Hi S.,
Bless your heart- this must be very hard on you and your baby. I would be cautious about giving these drugs to such a young baby- or anyone, really. These antacids drugs really just keep the problem going, by suppressing acid, which is essential for digestion of food. Also people who take these drugs long term are now at high risk for osteoporosis and hip fractures. If you can find a good natural oriented doctor, please try some alternative treatments. Many babies have spit up, as their digestive tract is not mature yet, but I don't think giving adult drugs to a baby is the answer.
Best Wishes,

My daughter has reflux. Fist of all that is NOT from the Zantec. PLEASE do not giver her reglan. My sister was on it and now has Distonia. Look it up. It is horrable. She has had to have 2 brain surgery's because of it. She now has electrodes in her brain - going down into different parts of her body just to be able to walk, talk, eat or even hold her head up. Use reglan only as a last resort PLEASE. Your baby can't say it for himself so I beg you. That is a big chanse to take.
My daughter is on Previcid. Working great. She has a sever case of GERD.
Green in spit-up, that sound new to me. Please get him into the DR right away. Sounds like infection.
By the way my Dr & Gastro (out of Children's Hospital) don't even allow the use of Reglan.
Good luck & let us know what the Dr said is the problem.

After reading both requests I was wondering are your sure that it is reflux? It seems like anytime a baby spits up the Dr gives medicine for reflux. I have 3 girls and all 3 were HUGE spitters. I never held the baby without a spit cloth near by! Is he uncomforable or just spitty?
If you suspect that it might be a dairy allergy it will take 2 and sometimes 3 weeks for the dairy protine to leave your system.
If it is an allery the best hing you can do is coninue to BF.
Blessings, K.

Sarah, I have heard that it is common for reflux babies to have mucus spit up.

My 6 week old son has mucus spit up too and does not have reflux. He has a ton of mucus. I am breast feeding as well. A friend with a reflux baby was told that the breast feeding should help with the mucus.

Good luck and congrats on the baby.

Going from what you have said, I would take him to the doctor and consider barium swallow/ upper G.I. If he projectile vomits, you should consider pyloric stenosis.

It probably is. When you have sinus drainage it usually sits in your throat or can go to your chest. I wouldn't worry about it at least its comming out. Unless you think he may have allergies or something. Because they are really bad right now. But I think he fina and I wouldn't worry about it and good choice of staying on the zantac.


I'm not sure what that is or what it's from but I was always told anything green from the nose or mouth could be a sign of infection...I would get him checked out at the doc. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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