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MRSA Staph Infection

Hi Moms,
I found out today that my daughter's daycare has a child who came down with the MRSA, staph infection....my pediatrician says as long as they're disinfecting, constantly cleaning up, washing up, that it's okay, but boy, I don't know...the more I read, the more I wonder if it's bad of me to send her back to a place that has a potentially very harmful disease....or am I just overeacting to all the medias hype of this condition??? I don't know...my brother in law, who has a 18 month old said he'd take him right out and not bring him back....my husband thinks that too, but then is fighting with the reality of the media hype and all that...any great motherly advice would be much appreciated!!!!!! Thank you in advance! By the way, the school sent a letter home with all the kids today telling us parents this information and they said they are following the guidelines from the local health dept. and the CDC.....and they are a good school. They did not specify what age group this was found in and they have 2 separate buildings housing different age kids....

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I found out this morning that it was a child in my daughters toddler group and only the toddler group got the letters sent home with them. I did bring her in today after speaking with the director and the teacher, as most people have told me, her school is going to be one of the cleanest schools around now that the Dept. of Health is involved and I have no doubt that they will be monitored closely. I honestly do trust the directors/mgrs./teachers at my daughter's school. I know that they will do everything that is required of them and above, to remedy this situation. Plus, they are not able to say where the child even contracted the infection from. But more than likely, it was NOT the school. It's still a very serious concern..believe me, I sat in the parking lot for about 25 minutes before I decided to bring her back in...but I can't shield her from everything. Just do my part to look out for her, check her for symptoms, launder her stuff from school everyday....thank you all soooo much for your words and advice, it's helped to keep me a little sane and it really does tell you how different we all are! Thank you again!!

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I am a mom of 3 kids and a daycare provider. I would not allow my kids in a daycare that has a case of the staph infection. I cant believe the provider is still open.

I am a paranoid mother..very. I would call my pediatrician and see what he/she said to do. I would personally follow my "mommy instinct". My "mommy instinct" has never failed me yet and is always right. Anyone can pick up any germ anywhere public, so keep that in mind also. Good luck and do what you feel is the right thing to do.

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Ok Moms,
Here's the scoop. I am a nurse of 14 years and have been exposed to MRSA more times then I can count. My 4 beautiful children and my wonderful husband are all very healthy! The media is definitly creating a panic amoung us all. Think about this. If all of the healthcare workers are not in a panic about this "new superbug", then the general public should not be. The numbers appear to be increasing because people are requesting and doctors are feeling obligated to test more people for MRSA. You all would be shocked at how high the % is of the population that are carriers of colonized (non active)MRSA. Yes, the hype is great as it will force all daycares and hospitals to provide cleaner environments thus keeping the usual infectious viral and bacterial infections away. So, don't panic. There is no need to go crazy washing clothes and items that come into contact with daycares/schools, (MRSA is passed on through secreations into nasal, oral passages) not objects. Teach your children good handwashing which is the best defense! Keep your children healthy, monitor open wounds closely for signs of infection. Educate yourself on MRSA and relax :)

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I have experienced this MRSA staph and it's not fun. My son got it when we was 10 months old (a year ago this month). I had just gone back to work and put him in daycare. He had staph one time before he was in daycare, but antibiotics from his ped. cured him in about a week. When he got it the second time, I knew what to look for I kept an eye on it, tried antibiotic...after 2-3 days did not work. We went back to the ped. and they immediately sent me to the hospital to admit him. I was terrified. They put him on Vancomicin (sp) through an IV. We were in the hospital from thursday to saturday. They don't like to keep young children on this stuff very long because it can start affecting your kidneys and they had to do blood work every other round to make sure his kidneys were flushing it out ok. By saturday the on call ped. came in and said you can go home, but first I want to lance (sp) the "boil/staph". Well they did and the stuff went everywhere. ALl over the poor nurse the dr. it was horrible. He had to have the spot packed and we did this for a week to help everything heal and to make sure all the junk was out. He had another bout with staph again this year accompanied by pneumonia. The staph was not as bad, but I think it led to pneumonia.
I guess my point is, this is something we all need to be cautious of. It's a very scary thing. I bathe him everyday, change bedding all that everyday. We obviously are not going to be able to protect our children from everything. I have an older step-son that lives with us and he has not had any problems with staph...and I really thought he would being so close to his little brother.
My advice is to catch it early. My sons staph started out looking like a pimple and that's what we thought it was at first. Then the pimple went away and got red and bigger and then turned into a boil. IT got hard and felt like a knot is underneath the skin. The first sign of something take them to the dr. I wouldn't try and pop it yourself, because that definetly could make it spread. The idea is to get that stuff out of there, but you don't want it to get infected. I did pull my son out of the daycare he was in when he got the "bad" case of staph, for other reasons. Like I said we can't keep our kids in a bubble and protect them from every little "bug" out there, we just have to stay informed and aware of what's going on with this stuff and make sure we do everything we can to keep our kids safe from it.
Sorry so long, I didn't mean to ramble. I just wanted everyone to know what to look for.

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I was a CNA on an antepartum wing. We had a MRSA patient and I took her blood, waited on her, and helped her in every facility for several months until she had her baby. I never got it. That was in 2002- 5 yrs ago. (I am confused at why this is now such a big deal on the news...it has been around for awhile but seems to be presented as new news in my opinion)

I would be willing to bet the children in contact with this child are being checked out. Kids do tend to share everything. If you haven't been directly contacted by the daycare, I am willing to bet your child isn't in close contact with the other child.

They taught us in a hospital that over 95% if staph infections are gotten in the hospital. You should always ask people in a medical facility to wash their hands before treating you. I am sure that now this daycare is watching their p's and q's on everything.

Think of the contact you have with people every day. Other than locking ourselves up in a bubble, what are you options? You run the risk of getting something taking your child to the pediatrician.

I know where you are coming from. You don't want to knowingly put her in a position that could be harmful, yet finding good childcare it tough too. I have 4 kids. I would leave my child if I felt the daycare was doing as your pedi said.

Just my thoughts...good luck!

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It may help you if you read up on the MRSA staff on the internet. My father had it years ago- a pretty severe case too. (he was even hospitalized and had to have a pump remove the infetion daily from his ankle- for about 2 months- it even required surgery) Then this past summer my four year old got it. He got it from a bug bite. Actually the staph lives EVERYWHERE!! It is even on your skin. My son was bitten by a bug on the 4th of July and it of course made a hole in his skin and that is how it got in. ( That is all it takes)A few weeks later my husband got it on his neck- a more severe case than my four year old. He had to got o the emergency room and have it lanced and treated with special packing) Let's just say that I bleached everything that a person could or would touch in my house. I cleaned doorknobs, lightswitches, doors , knobs on lamps, fab pulls, bathrooms, kitchens -every surface that I could think of. My hands were sore and it ook me a whole day but no more MRSA thank goodness. I still bleach some things occasionally. Who know how my husband go tit but I wasn't taking any chances. I will share with you what I learned. It lives everywhere - like door knobs under your finger nails, on your skin, - virtually all surfaces, It can sustain itself for quite a while on those surfaces also. The strangest thing that I learned is that it lives in your nose. In fact, part of the treatment was to swab this medication in all of our noses 2 times a day for a whole month. I still get upset if my son picks his nose without a tissue. It is a very scary thing, for sure, but it does live everywhere and unfortunately you can't hide from it anywhere. In fact, when my husband went to the emergency room they told him that they alone see at least 20 to 30 cases each day at their facility!! I am also a former elementary school teacher and you are right it is very difficult to keep the environment clean and the kids clean too. You just do the best that you can to keep their hands clean and treat any scrape, cut, bite , pimple etc.. taken care of with antibiotic right away. I promise that I am not trying to scare you- but read up and it may help you make a decision. Maybe talk to your pediatrician too. Good luck!!

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http://tinyurl.com/2v72dq That's a 10/17/07 Washington Post article on "Drug-Resistant Staph Germ's Toll Is Higher Than Thought" By Rob Stein, Washington Post Staff Writer. I disagree this is being overblown by the media. The media does not make up news. They are reporting what CDC officials and researchers are now seeing and saying. "A dangerous germ that has been spreading around the country causes more life-threatening infections than public health authorities had thought and is killing more people in the United States each year than the AIDS virus, federal health officials reported yesterday.
The microbe, a strain of a once innocuous staph bacterium that has become invulnerable to first-line antibiotics, is responsible for more than 94,000 serious infections and nearly 19,000 deaths each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated.
Although mounting evidence shows that the infection is becoming more common, the estimate published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association is the first national assessment of the toll from the insidious pathogen, officials said.
"This is a significant public health problem. We should be very worried," said Scott K. Fridkin, a medical epidemiologist at the CDC." Yes, R.N. Cheryl is most likely correct, "You all would be shocked at how high the % is of the population that are carriers of colonized (non active)MRSA." HOWEVER, now the staph is "invulnerable" to common antibiotics. The most chilling part of that article is that at the bottom, researchers ADMIT that new vaccines (Hib was first, and now Prevnar is on the schedule for children) in addition to widespread use of antibiotics, have caused this to happen. "The researchers attributed the emergence of the strain to a combination of the overuse of antibiotics and the introduction of a vaccine that protects against the infection. "The use of the vaccine created an ecological vacuum, and that combined with excessive use of antibiotics to create this new superbug," Pichichero said." Who is going to pay for the clean-up? Probably us tax payers. Not good. My 7 year old got the Hib vaccine because I did not better, but I knew to decline the then new Prevnar. I did not give my 3 year old Hib or Prevnar. Babies who are breast-fed are naturally protected by the immunological properties of breast milk. http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/bf/bfoutcomes.asp I read about Hib outbreaks... babies in day care on formula (dirty conditions). My children were not in daycare, so I knew they were safe. I never had those shots as a child and neither did anyone before my generation. I also avoided antibiotics for ear infections (only used them if there was strep throat.) Now we have a SIGNIFICANT health threat that did not exist before.

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Ok I just want to tell you my story and I dont know if it will help you or scare you but I think it doesnt hurt to know. I live with 2 people who have MRSA. I have a 6 yr old dayghter who has been living with it for almost 2 yrs and a husband who has been living with it for almost a yr. My daughter had chicken pox and I took her to the hospital to be treated and checked and everything was cleared up except she had a cut on her finger. The cut became huge and her finger swelled horribly. It had nasty pus coming out of it and I was scared half to death. I took her back to the hospital several times before they figured out it was MRSA. She contracted it in the hospital not at school. But the entire time she was going to school and no one else in the school came down with it because I am a clean freak. Then a year later my husband got bit by a spider and went to the hospital where he contracted MRSA. He was hospitalized for a month and came close to loosing his leg. They had to cut to large sections out of his leg to drain it and keep it medicated. You could take a long qtip and run it through his leg from one hole to another with nothing stopping it. The meat in his leg was gone. The only thing that saved him was that they had it under control before it got to the muscle. They wil both live with MRSA for the rest of their lives. My other 2 kids and I do not have. I was the one that took care of both and never contracted it. We have rules that we have to live by for the rest of our lives. We no longer use bar soap, we dont use the same washclothes or towels, all our laundry has to be done seperatly, I use high heat sanitary wash on my diswasher, we dont share any dishes or food, all bed sheets are washed several times a week, and we have to be very adament about every single cut or scrap. It is easy to do the longer you have to. Now it is an everyday routine. But we are all ok and I still have my husband and daughter. They are perfectly healthy and doing great. They got it from the hospital not the school, daycare or store. MRSA has been around a very long time and is normally contracted in the hospital or nursing home. If you would like more info you can write me and I will be happy to give you more ideas of how to live without losing your mind worrying about it. Good luck and God bless.

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Gee that is a tough one. This staph thing is becomeing so wide spread, it is going to pop up every where eventually. I think I would stick with the school you know is being proactive about disinfecting and doing what they need to do rather then go somewhere else when it is likely to happen there too in the near future and you dont know how they will handle it.

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Hi K.,

I will give you motherly advice as well as advice from a nurse. If you are going to pull her out of daycare because of MRSA, then you should reconsider going to the grocery store, church, public pools, public restrooms, public events and any other places where people congregate. MRSA is primarily spread by contact with an infected person and then the healthy person comes in contact with that item. If you have a scraped knee, then that can be a source the bacteria can get in. The best defense against MRSA is to teach your child to wash her hands frequently. You can also teach her to use the antibacterial handwashes but remember that overuse of these products can result in reduced protection as the viruses and bacteria will mutate to these things over time. It might be wise to keep her home for a few days to give them time to clean and sanitize the daycare but if you change your life for every threat, how would life be? You need to focus on teaching your child to clean her hands independently when she is done with the potty, playing outside and playing with toys. You need to question the daycare about their disinfection policy. They should be disinfecting with something like Lysol spray or a bleach solution while kids are napping and at the end of the day. Good luck,

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