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MRI - Anyone's Child Had One?

My 10 mos. old son will need an MRI around 1 yr. Has anyone's baby/child had an MRI where sedation was required and how did it go? Thank you!

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My son has had quite a few MRIs he still gets them every year. He had sedation the first couple of times. The hardest part is always the IV.

My now 7 year old had an MRI at about 5 months old and everything came out just fine however do not get scared when they put him to sleep, it happens in a matter of second literally. Good Luck!

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My son is 2 months and he his having his first mri on his head n neck due to a slight lazy eye n small pupil, he is gonna be sedated, im worried about that and plus juss found out bout the iv reading what some if you have written.....any advice?

My daughter has had 2 so far, she is 28 months now. It is scary, but they will get thru it just fine. They did sedate her, so she couldnt eat that morning. We just gave her lots of love - and her favorite tv show that morning, made for a good distraction. Make sure your appt is early in the morning. She was fussy the rest of the day, but the next day she was herself again. Good luck!

My daughter had an MRI done earlier this year (she was 21 months at the time) and they actually put her out using gas and put the IV in after she was out. It was very scary to watch her little body go limp but the person who was administering the anesthisia told me everything to expect before hand so it wasnt as scary. i think the hardest part for me was that she couldnt eat or drink anything before the procedure and then when she came out and was waking up she kept coughing and i could smell the gases they used for the whole day after it was really nauseating so i can imagine what my poor baby was going through I am so glad it is over with. We went to Kaiser in SF. It really went fast and wasnt as bad as i had imagined but no one wants to see there lttle one scared so that is also very hard just keep your spirits up our children can feel our tension so try to not be worried (i know easier said than done). Good Luck.

My son has had multiple MRI's and he is going to be 7 months old. Depending on the reason for the MRI your son might need to have a contrast in his system for the MRI. The first time this was done my son had a slight reaction and there was a little redness in his urine. Eventually it turned pink and then within a few hours it was gone completely. If this happens just watch it and then make sure it goes away within a few hours. I hope all is well and good luck. Let me know if you have any other q's/concerns I can help you with.


My son has had quite a few MRIs he still gets them every year. He had sedation the first couple of times. The hardest part is always the IV.

Hi J.,

My 10 year old son is a pro at MRI's. He has had so many we have lost count. He used to be sedated but know goes with out sedation. It can be a little scary when they firt go out but they come out fine. Sometime my son would wake up a little nausea, but it depends on what they use. Usually after a nap he would be back to normal. Your son is little now but if he has more as he gets older make sure you explain to him what is going on. If you are at a Childrens Hopsital generally they have Child life specialist who have pictures and dolls that can explain it to them on there level.

My 13 year old son had one last year (as well as a million other tests) and it went fine. Because he was older he didn't need sedation, but don't worry about radiation, like the other mom said it's a non-issue. My son was put under when he was about 9 months for surgery, it's scary, but he got through it just fine.

My daughter had a CAT scan at 9 months, I held her while she fell asleep with sedation. It is an odd feeling and they sometimes fight it, but they do sleep and all was fine when she woke up. Good luck, I hope everything is OK.

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