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Moving to Plano

My family and I may be moving to Plano from Washington State in the next month (depending on my husbands job). I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a certain area we should be looking to move to. any good schools that we should look into. or anything someone from out of state needs to know. Thanks!!

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Frisco is a growing community and an excellent school district. Frisco ISD has done a lot of research on the best student to teacher ratios for schools and which size schools work best, etc. Frisco is about to open high school number five this next school year and high school six the year after, eventually Frisco will have 10 high schools (grades 9-12) with a maximum of 1,800 students. In Plano, their senior highs(grades 11-12) have the following number of students in each school: Plano Senior 2,586, Plano East 2,807, and Plano West 1,887. Both areas are nice, but it might be something you may want to consider.


BTW, I do love West Plano. My husband and I use to live in the area, we are now in Frisco. I would move back to the area in a heart beat if it weren't for the size of the schools. Good luck and welcome to Texas!

I would recommend staying on the west side as the east side is older and dirtier I find. I would also try to stay in North plano up toward Frisco vs. down on the southern side. Again I find the southern side older and more ran down. I work on the Southern side wouldn't live there. Northern part is much newer and nicer. Frisco & Allen are great places to live as well. And they are right next to Plano.

Hope you enjoy TX. We've been here for 3 yrs and love it!!!

Personally, I would rather live on the west side of Plano, close to the Tollway. If you live close to either 75 or the Tollway then getting into downtown Dallas will be easy. You could call the community relations person at the Plano Police department and ask for crime stats, not that there are a large number of crimes but some areas are worse than others.

There are a large number of parks in the city, and good libraries spread throughout the city. It's a nice place to live.

I've read some of the other responses and wanted to add that Central Plano is great. So if I had to pick where to live I would say in the west central part of plano where there are great walking trails, parks, close shopping and good schools.

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I love the area around Plano Senior High. Reasonable homes, not tooooo much money--which can make kids bratty, close to all the schools and my church and the grocery store. Right in the heart of town.

Park Blvd on the south, Parker on the north, Independence on the west, Custer on the east---anything in the box is A+ for convenience and nice folks.

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Hi B.,
Welcome to Plano! I have lived here for 7 years. My husband and I are in real estate and mortgage and handle only distress sales and are very happy to say that Plano is very unaffected by the downturn in this market.

We lived in an older starter home in Plano and wanted to move up recently (about 1 yr ago), so I looked at the best school feeder pattern and the best, most stable, desireable neighborhood. Where I found is the feeder pattern of Carlisle Elem to Plano Senior, which is near Independence and between Spring Creek and Legacy. On the map, look for Jack Carter Pool - that's our neighborhood.

My opinion is to stay away from the newer outlying areas of town and stick with what is tried and true - Plano is that.
Good luck

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When you start looking at houses -- I would suggest looking West of Alma. That is where the best schools and neighborhoods are in my opinion!

I second what someone said about Murphy. It is due east of Plano and a wonderful community. Murphy itself is divided - the west side is part of Plano schools and the east side is part of Wylie schools. We moved here about 2 years ago and chose to live in this area even though my husband has a long commute because we liked the area and loved the schools. I also have a 9 year old and 2 year old and there are good opportunities for both of them here. We also like it because we live 10 minutes away from George Bush Turnpike, which can get us across town pretty quickly, and about 10 minutes to the DART rail, which can get us downtown in about 30 minutes (my husband takes it to work).

Of course, it totally depends on where your husband will be working. If he'll be working in West Plano, then I'd definitely look into areas West or North of that area. There are a lot of good communities all around here. We looked online at the schools first, then circled on a map areas that we would and would not live, based on commute and schools. It made our realtor's job a lot easier! Good luck!!!

Hi B.,

We moved here from Oregon in 04. I will tell you that while Plano and McKinney are nice, we are VERY happy in Allen. http://cityofallen.org/ The school district is good and the neighborhood atmosphere is great. Check out Watters Crossing neighborhood. It's on the west side and the homes are a bit older (built in the 90's...if you call that old!), so the trees and such are older and the support for moms is second to none. I live on the other side of town and actually go over there because they are the most friendly warm and accepting bunch, ever!

If you're looking for more space though and want a great school district, I'd suggest Lucas as long as you live in the LoveJoy School District. In Lucas, the homes are on at least 1 acre, and that school district is the best around. It's right next to Allen so not much more of a drive to places.

Good luck with everything. I hope the best for your family. Making a big move is hard on everyone and especially in stressful times. If you do end up here, you will find the people to be very warm and welcoming and it won't feel so far away from home. I promise!

Plano ISD is one of the better school districts in the state of Texas. Plano West Senior High School is rated in the top 100 school in the US. I would stick to the West side of Plano if you can. Frisco and Allen are also up and coming areas. Frisco has several foreclosures, so you could more than likely get a deal on a house. All three cities are very kid and mom friendly. You will find lots of things to do for your family.

Hi. Plano is a great place to raise a family. The area of Plano that is east of 1-75 (Central Expressway) is known as East Plano and it is the oldest part of Plano. There are some lovely neighborhoods and schools there, but also some run down areas and poorer performing schools. I live in central Plano where there are many different sized and priced homes and lots, all nice. Lots of walking/biking trails in Plano. Lots of places to grocery shop, eat out, see movies, shop. Very kid friendly. West Plano is newer and generally more expensive and seems crowded. Plano public schools are great, most are rated very well, but you can look up the schools with poorer ratings on the Texas Education Administration website: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/cgi/sas/broker
Just scroll down to see Plano. The other districts listed are all the ones in Collin County that may also be of interest to you. The cities surrounding Plano such as Allen, Frisco, and McKinney are nice as well. Good luck and feel free to email me with any specific questions.

B., There are several areas that are good and each school offers something different in the way of "special programs". I would look at where you are going to be working and what kind of commute you want as well. I would be happy to send you a relocation package for Dallas/Ft. Worth and include some Plano school information if you would like. No Obligation. If you are interested in some additional information email me at ____@____.com luck!

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