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Moving to Phoenix area...need Advice on Good Neighborhoods

Hi! My family is traveling to the Phoenix area tomorrow to look for a new house. We are looking around tempe/chandler/mesa/gilbert and were wondering if there were any particular areas to avoid...we have three children ages 5 and under. we are going to homeschool our children, so school location isn't an issue. we want to be within a 30 min drive to the airport, as my husband will be working close to there. I am an RN, and will be looking for employment as a private duty nurse (most likely...although i am an emergency room nurse by specialty for the last 6 years). please, any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much for all of your input. We were able to find a great home in our price range in the Gilbert area near the 202 which makes my husbands commute much easier. Now all we have to do is close in 30 days so we can all move at the same time! Thank you again!

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Gilbert is rated one of the safest places to live although not necessarily 30 minutes from the airport.

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I can not use company time to respond, but I've lived in Phoenix since 1962. My home email is ____@____.com. I can discuss areas to stay away from, and areas that are awesome, depending on what you like...and no, I am not a realtor! :)

Look in Power Ranch in Gilbert. It is awesome!! We just moved here three weeks ago and LOVE it. Tons of kids and tons of things in the community, fishing lakes, community pools, splash pads, walking trails and a homeschooling group that meets as well. I would highly recommend it.

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Hi G.,
There really are so many nice neighborhoods that people have referred you to. I too am a homeschooling mom. Many of my homeschooling friends have their children attending a one day a week enrichment program in Awhatukee called Casa Vida. My children attend an enrichment program 2 days a week at Surrey Garden Christian which is in Gilbert. There are a few other similar type programs throughout the Phoenix area. Just a thought as you're considering where to plant yourselves. Good Luck!

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Hi and welcome! You will sure have your pick of houses and neighborhoods. We moved here when there were bidding wars on houses and it was crazy. We live in East Mesa/Gilbert and we love it. It is probably a little farther out than you are looking for. My husband works near the airport and it takes him 40-45 min. with traffic. I personally think most of Gilbert is great. I have lots of friends who live in Gilbert.
Hopefully others will have better advice on neighborhoods.
The reason I wanted to write is because of the homeschooling. I know you are just starting out but I wanted you to know about all the great groups out there. First there is AFHE (Arizona Families for Home Education) www.afhe.org . They have a great convention in July with seminars and tons of venders with deals on curriculum (this can be a little overwhelming if your not sure what you want). Then there is HERO (www.happilyeducatingourown.org). This is a free newsletter with tons of info., advice, and you can find out just about anything going on in the homeschooling community. This one is a must. Another great group if you end up in the East Valley is EVCHE - East Valley Christian Home Educators (www.homeschool-life.com) Their Fit for Service PE program would be great for your little ones and help you get connected with other moms. Unfortunately we are almost finished with that this year.
I hope you find this helpful. I homeschool our 14 yr. old son. This is our 1st year. Best decision we've made.
Again, welcome!

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Gilbert is rated one of the safest places to live although not necessarily 30 minutes from the airport.

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Depends on what you are looking for? Master-planned community or a more quiet neighborhood with children...I have done both...let me know, S.

I have moved many times (13 in 13 years!) and have always found the best neighborhoods by checking out the schools. Although you homeschool, it is still a good idea to check out the school for the houses you find. greatschools.net is a good resource. I have found that the best schools correspond to the best neighborhoods. In good neighborhoods, parents are more involved in their child's education which corresponds to higher student achievement. It will also affect the resale value of your home should you ever move again. Best of luck to you!

Hi G.!
Our neighborhood is great. I taught in this neighborhood for 7 years and live in it. I have two boys myself 4 & 3. We are about 30 min from the airport and also belong to a great church. Our house is on the market if you want to look at it through realtor. com. The MLS # is ###-###-####. We never thought we'd move but my husband was very unhappy with his job and found a great opportunity so we are moving. I figured I would make friends but I needed to do what makes him happy! He is my best friend too!
Well, I hope this helps. Please let me know what you think.

I can recommend a really good realtor that can help answer your questions and take you to those areas that are worth looking at. And I really recommend using a realtor! His name is Dave Sobeck with Realty Executives. His number is ###-###-####

Hi G.,
I'm a Mesa native and would say that Gilbert is definately the most family-friendly part of the East Valley right now. I'd say if you're going to look in Mesa, only look in East Mesa. Chandler - mostely South Chandler. I'd probably stay away from Tempe all together because of the university there.

Also, there are several new hospitals in the East Valley that are desperate for nurses (I'm a P.A. in and Urgent Care).

Good luck and hope you find something you like! Where are you moving from?

I live in Gilbert and love it! Our neighborhood is at the intersection of Val Vista and Guadalupe. We are close to Freestone Park and lots of good shopping. Also, the new Gilbert Mercy Care Hospital is just down Val Vista and the San Tan Freeway about 5 mile south or there is a new hospital at Greenfield and the 60. We are about 20 minutes from the airport.

I live in Mesa in the Alta Mesa area - lots of homes for sale and pretty quiet neighborhood and equidistant from US-60 and 202 (major highways)~26 min to airport. Also has new hospitals in the area if private duty doesn't work out. I'm an RN but work in PHX, however Banner Hospitals and Catholic Healthcare West are around this area. Hope this helps.

i just moved to chandler in the provinces neiborhood last dec and love this neiborhood we have a big park and school together also have a big green belt for walking very nice.hey when you get here hope you consider making friends.

There are almost no bad neighborhoods in gilbert but it is the furthest from the airport. It is well worth the drive for the piece of mind it provides... especially the schools.


I live in the Gilbert area. We are actually probably a little further than 30 minutes from the Airport but it is a very good neighborhoor. There are a lot of little kids in the neighborhood which would be great for your kids. We live in the Seville Country Club and the cross streets are Higley and Chandler Heights. Let me know if you want to know of any houses in the are that are for sale. my email address is ____@____.com....


I have to say, my community is wonderful. We live in The Lakes in Tempe...Baseline to Southshore (N to S) and McClintock to Rural Rd. (E to W). Close to the airport, close to all major freeways, active community. Hope this helps and welcome to AZ!

We were looking for a home too, but decided to wait another year. With the research I did we were looking in North East Mesa (the red mountain area), Gilbert, or Ahwatukee. Depending on traffic and times of day your husband is driving it might be a little longer than half an hour to/from the airport. Ahwatukee or North East Mesa is probably the closest to the airport.

I love our neighborhood. We have tons of young families. We live at Power and Germann in Cortina.

G.~ I live in Ahwatukee, it's considered Phoenix, however I love it here. My husband retired from the Army a few years ago after 27 years and we moved to Phoenix then, I fell in love with Ahwatukee, I feel safe and love my neighbors! It's only like a 20 minute drive to the airport, however traffic sometimes gets crazy. I wish you the best of luck!!

We live in Ahwatukee, in the Foothills and simply love it. The Kyrene school district is one of the best in the state. My son goes to Sierra, an "excelling" school. We've lived in the Foothills for 13 years, but in Ahwatukee for 16 years.

Hi G. - I live in the Ahwatukee area also. My husband and I love this area there is so much to do and the schools are great. I have a 2 year old girl and one on the way and couldn't imagine a better place to raise them in. Good luck on your search

Tempe is a college town, so I would stay away from there. I've been in east mesa for 10 years and am happy out here, and with the new freeway system it is possible to get to the airport in just a little over 1/2 hour (in good traffic).

Hey G.,

My hubby and our little family moved to Az last year and we now live in the Spectrum Estates in Gilbert off of Val Vista and Germann right below the 202. It is such a GREAT area, there are lots of kids and everyone is tremendously friendly! There is very little traffic down this way and it soooo quiet and peaceful. ALthough far enough way from the more populated part of the town, everything you need is soooo close! And since we are right below the 202 the airport is about 30min away. And if you change your mind about being a private nurse...Mercy Gilbert and Gilbert Hospital are within minutes! I hope ou find what you are looking for!

G., I moved here a couple years ago and love my area. We are in Gilbert, around Cooper and Ray and we are so close to everything. Grocery stores, Target, Home Depot, parks, malls, movies and we are within a few miles to 3 different freeways which is so convenient. I would absolutely encourage you to look in this area. Good Luck.

I would suggest looking around the Las Sendas/Red Mountain area. It is in NE Mesa and the freeway entrance is only a mile away. The drive to the airport takes approx. 15 minutes from Power and the 202. There are three hospitals within a 10-15 minute drive. If those areas are too expensive for you-I would consider Alta Mesa, which is still a nice area, but a little more affordable. Alta Mesa is located near the cross streets of Brown and Recker and is also in NE Mesa. We do not live in any of these areas, but live close by:) Good luck in your search.

Power Ranch in Gilbert is an excellent place to live. Close to freeways, shopping and hospitals. It is at the intersection of Queen Creek/Power Rd. Great community for raising kids.

P.S. - if you are need of a realtor...I can help you out in that area too!!

Hi G..
Gilbert pretty much anywhere is VERY safe and very new and a great place to live. We've lived here for 9 years and I love it!!! I would recommend any neighborhoods south of Elliot in Gilbert. I would be more than happy to help you look. If you go onto www.aznb.com (just sign up) and it'll give you a map of each little neighborhood and what houses are for sale and for rent etc. LOVE the site. We are looking to move within Gilbert right now. There are two brand new hospitals within 3, 5 miles and another one 6 miles away. I have two friends who are nurses in my community. We live in Agritopia. The "la-la land of Gilbert." Sad to move. My husband works by the airport too and it's around 30 minutes!
Feel free to email with any questions. ____@____.com


I can not use company time to respond, but I've lived in Phoenix since 1962. My home email is ____@____.com. I can discuss areas to stay away from, and areas that are awesome, depending on what you like...and no, I am not a realtor! :)

Hi G.!
My name is K. and I live in Mesa! We are actually looking to sell our home, and not sure if it would be for you, but our neighborhood is AWESOME! Loads of kids/great young families, top-notch schools (if you ever chose to do that), and right off Gilbert Rd. and the 202-20 min.s to the airport! Where are you moving from?! My best contact
####-###-#### if I can help! Good luck!

Hi G.,
I live in Scottsdale and LOVE IT! Safe neighborhoods, good schools. Also East Mesa/Tempe around Elliott, Priest, Kyrene are good areas.

I am a realtor in the EAST VALLEY. THere are soooooo many great areas in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe. Tempe is a little more pricey, but really centrally located. Gilbert and Chandler are old farm towns but have GROWN so much in the last 15 years. Everything looks so clean and new. I came from Chicago 10 years ago so things really look new. If you are not working with a realtor, please feel free to give ME a call. I am with REMAX and would love to show you around. I live near the NEW 202 and the NEW MERCY CARE HOSPITAL. Many people move to my area because of the NEW hospital. If you let me know your criteria, price, bedrooms etc, I can do a search and print some listings. Hope to hear from you! M. Avila/Remax 2000 480/232-5555

Good luck with your search.
There are many good neighborhoods around this area. I would highly recommend Gilbert (we live at Lindsay/Ocotillo at Felty Farms (Capital Pacific Homes).. it is a new neighborhood, very quiet and all of our neighbors are great so far. There are some spec homes you may be able to get for a good price. We may be a little far- about 40 min. from the airport (my hubby flies quite a bit).. that's with good traffic.
Have fun looking!

I live in Chandler and I love it! We live near the Tempe/Chandler border--we're within 20 minutes of the airport, and there's Chandler Regional Hospital about 10 minutes away. In southern Chandler, southern Gilbert, and far east Mesa there's a lot of new building going on, if you're looking for a newer home, but it will be more of a drive for your hubby.
I grew up here, and can recommend lots of places in the east valley. But I really like my neighborhood now (Valencia in Chandler)--it's close to everything but not in the middle of everything.

When it comes to a good or bad neighborhood in phoenix, it is very spotty. Seems like no matter where you live out here you are bound to see some crime. I would say to stick with newer homes in gated communities with an HOA. Over a year ago we moved out of a 30 year old home with no HOA that looked nice but it was in a very bad neighborhood. We moved 2 miles down the road in a small gated community with an HOA and we feel like we live in another state. We love our new home and know our neighbors. It is called Southern Springs on 24th Street and Southern if you want to check it out. However it may be a bit small for the size family you have. They are all 1 story homes and the biggest model here is 1806 sq. feet. But it is really close to the airport and you can avoid all the busy freeways to get home quickly. I would also recommend checking out the Ahwatukee area. It is also a straight shot towards the airport and a very nice place to live. The other places you mentioned are good, but during certains times of the day a 1/2 hour drive could take you an hour or more because of the heavy traffic in Phoenix. Rush hour doesn't just start at 5 pm anymore, it can be 2:30 or 3pm and if there is ever an accident which is all the time, you have to take side roads and be late all the time. Happy home hunting. Hope I was some help to you! Enjoy your time here in the valley in the sun!

K., from Phoenix AZ

Look in Power Ranch in Gilbert. It is awesome!! We just moved here three weeks ago and LOVE it. Tons of kids and tons of things in the community, fishing lakes, community pools, splash pads, walking trails and a homeschooling group that meets as well. I would highly recommend it.

Hi G.,

I am also a SAHM to a 6-month-old little girl. I would recommend the Chandler Tempe area. My husband works very close to the airport area and we live in the western part of Chandler between I-10 and the 101 (not too sure how familiar you are with the area). Anyways, his commute is within 30 minutes. Best of luck.


I love living in Chandler. There are several great areas besides Chandler. If you would like to know more specifics, email me. I am a REALTOR and know the east valley very well. We have lived here in the east valley for eight years. FYI, Chandler was voted one of the top 100 cities for families!

My email is ____@____.com

If you are Spanish or speak it then most of Mesa would be ok... The East side of Mesa is farther than 30 min from the airport... Tempe is similar - both Mesa and most of Tempe are pretty run down. Of the cities you mentioned Gilbert would be your best bet - although it might be more than 30 minutes in rush hour. I used to live in Mesa many years ago but would not now... taxes are higher in Gilbert and you will have HOA but the schools are wonderful. Hope this helps.

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