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Mouth Sores in One Year Old.

Last week on Wednesday I noticed my son had a sore on the tip of his tongue. I thought it was a result of him biting his tongue the day before so I really didn't think much of it. Then on Friday he was running a low grade fever and I saw a couple more sores in his mouth. After doing my own research I self diagnosed it as Hand Foot and Mouth. He ran a low grade fever on Saturday too but has not had one since then. He is super grouchy, not eating the best and STILL 7 days later has sores in his mouth. He doesn't have any other sores anywhere else. I know there is nothing they can do for Hand Foot and Mouth but I am just wondering if anyone has experience with it, can the sores last this long? I am not opposed to taking him in to the doctor but I am also not one to run there every time my child exhibits a little illness. I am just looking for people with experience with a child with mouth sores. Thanks.

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Hand foot and mouth would cause a child to have blisters not only in their mouth but on their hands and feet as well. 7 days later and only breaking out in their mouth doesn't sound normal to me. I would take the child into the Dr. to see what is really going on.

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My son was 3 when he had Hand Foot and Mouth. The sores lasted a couple of weeks in his mouth. He had just a few on his hands. We did not give him anything for it. He ate a lot of soft foods and I made smoothies for him that he could sip through a straw so it would go past the sores. We did not go into the dr, we just called to make sure they didn't want us to come in. He was supposed to stay away from other kids, I just can't remember how long he was contagious.

My son has had the sores twice but had nothing on his hands or feet. Both times we went to the doctor and they prescribed Tylenol with codeine to help him sleep. We only gave it to him 1 or 2 nights so he could get some sleep and went with the mildest dose possible. It was a virus similar to hand, foot & mouth. His sores probably took about 4 days to go away.He didn't eat much but drank a lot and activity was fairly normal. I would recommend getting him checked out though just for peace of mind.

Hand foot and mouth would cause a child to have blisters not only in their mouth but on their hands and feet as well. 7 days later and only breaking out in their mouth doesn't sound normal to me. I would take the child into the Dr. to see what is really going on.

My almost 2 yr old daughter had this about mid-August. I thought for sure it was going to be hand foot mouth but after seeing 2 docs the second one called it Stomatitis. It causes fever and canker sores in the mouth. The other symptom that my daughter had as well though was terrible body aches. She didn't even want to stand up for the first 24 hours or so. I think that's what made it a little more difficult for the first doc to identify. Any way the doctor ended up telling us to use a syringe to get Benadryl on the sores and also to use Anbesol for numbing. It took a few days and a VERY bland diet but she got over it!

My daughter is getting about 4 teeth right now too and I thought it was interesting what another post said about this preceeding new teeth!

Good luck to you!

First of all, it is NOT hand, foot & mouth, because he would have sores on hands & feet also. My 22 month old son has had this twice, right before he starts getting more teeth. I took him to the dr. with it and it's basically like a canker sore outbreak before teething. He gave us an antibiotic to try if it got worse and we didn't use it because it went away within a couple of days. Good luck!


My daughter had what sounds to be this same thing when she was your child's age. Our doctor diagnosed it as Herpangina. The name sounds like Herpes but it's not it's a nasty virus that couldn've been picked up on a grocery cart, and it's like a bunch of blisters in the mouth and on the toungue. It took my daughter about 14 days to clear her mouth I believe and you're right, there's is nothing that can be done for it. I remember it being so painful for my daughter.

Hang in there and look up Herpangina and see if that has the symptoms, it's similar to Hand Foot Mouth but it's not.


Hi E.! When my son had that as a baby he was put on antibiotics and it went away. He had little blisters in his mouth and on his hands. I might be worth a trip to the doctor. Even though my son is now 16 I remember those sores being painful for him. Good luck! J.

I just wanted to respond to the one that wrote it is not HFM because it would be on his hands and feet also. That is not correct - HFM can appear in the mouth only. Here is a link to the CDC regarding this:

Just make sure to wash his toys very well...

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