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Mouth Area Break Out

I have actually posted my concerns about this already but I figured I'd try again as I still have not found a cure. My daughter has been randomly breaking out around her mouth. It almost looks like acne and it comes and goes. It never really disappears but it fades in intensity sometimes. I do not think it is allergies because I have tried pulling certain things from her diet and it didn't get better. I even pulled dairy for approximately one week. Needless to say, nothing made a difference and I immediately put her back on milk and dairy. I use Aveeno bath wash and cream that has no scent to it. I also use Aquaphor several times a day on the affected area. Her skin is extremely sensitive so I have to be careful what I use on her. NOTHING WORKS!!! I think it bothers me more. She doesn't even notice anything. I did get an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist, but not until August 18. Has anyone ever experienced this with their child? Any suggestions?
Thank You :)

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If she has really sensitive skin or skin allergies to chemicals and soaps you may have to get chemical free soaps and lotions. Aveeno is good for dry skin but it still has chemicals in it. You may want to try using California baby soaps or berts bees. You will especially want to get a dish soap that is chemical free. They carry seventh generation at target and it works really well. My daughter has skin allergies and gets the same thing around her mouth and on her skin. If I am careful about soaps and detergents it gets much better. Good luck!

is she using a pacifier? I would guess that to be the culprit, as it happens with my daughter as well. good luck.

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what has her regular doc said?

also what about putting vaseling or aquaphor cream on the pacifier - any parts that touch her skin. (thats what my daughter had)

Skin Conditions: Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a facial rash that causes bumps to develop around the mouth. In rare cases, a similar rash may appear around the eyes, nose, or forehead.

The condition is most commonly seen in young women (90% of cases), but it can affect men as well.

What Causes Perioral Dermatitis?

The exact cause of perioral dermatitis is not known. However, it may appear after topical steroid creams are applied to the face to treat other conditions.

What Are the Symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis results in bumps around the skin of the mouth, and a rash may appear around the eyes, nose and forehead.

The condition usually is characterized by an uncomfortable burning sensation around the mouth.


or check out

Having to wait over a month for an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist would be frustrating, especially if the appearance of this rash fades at times. I would try one of the following if I were in your shoes, provided insurance would cover it: 1) try get get in with another pediatrician for a second opinion (if yours has already run out of ideas), 2) take her to see an adult dermatologist (mine will see both adults and children), 3) take her to see an children's allergist (one the pediatricians in my group actually has a specialty in allergies).

I am a person who has had seasonal allergies all my life and who frequently gets seasonal skin irritation, mostly in the form of eczema. What you are describing sounds like it could benefit from some steroid cream, but I would never apply it unless you do so under the advice of a doctor, especially on someone so young, as she would need a low dose.

Good luck.

V., My daughter has the exact same problem! She's been dealing with it since she was 3 months old and nothing seemed to make it better. I used Aquaphor a lot in the beginning ut it didn't really work for us either. However, I have finally found a combination that does work. When it flares up I use Cortizone OINTMENT (not cream) and the redness usually goes away quickly. When it's not inflamed I keep it at bay w/ Mustela's Hypoallergenic Daily Hygiene product called: Stelatopia No Rinse Cleansing Water. Actually I use this on her when it's red too (before I put on the Cortizone). After every feeding (food or bottle) I wash her mouth/cheeks with this after she's done. It's very gentle and keeps the breakouts at bay. I found the product at Great Beginnings in Gaithersburg...but it's also available from wwww.1800diapers.com. I'm sure others carry it as well. I hope this works for you.

My second daughter had acne quite bad when she was an infant. I know yours is 1, so maybe not related at all. But my daughters was so intense that her face looked so red. Is it possible it is just that infant acne many children get? It eventually went away for my daughter. I suppose if yours is the same, it would just take time.

I started taking tumeric(the spice) suppliments to combat breakout with regards to MRSA It is a natural antioxident and blood purifier. My husband found this info online when researching remedies for boils/breakouts. I was AMAZED at the results-stopped the oncoming breakout in its tracks. It might be worth a bit of research or conversation w/ your pediatrician. Tumeric is used in indian food, like salt & pepper in american food. good luck.

My daughter has the same thing and we figured out that it is the pacifier - she takes it at night and our conclusion is that the pacifier keeps the drool on her skin causing breakouts. We typically use Aquaphor and on rare occasion - hydrocortizone if it's really bad (as recommended by the pediatrician).

I have noticed that in the winter, the skin around her mouth is chapped - conclusion - same thing. We can't get her off the pacifier at night because once we take it away, she is biting the inside of her cheeks and tongue causing them to bleed. She has oral stimulation issues and needs something to soothe her.

Hi, V. - Are you brushing her teeth? If so, perhaps something in the tootthpaste is causing the problem. Melaleuca's products are fabulous for anyone with sensitive skin, or you could try a natural toothpaste like Tom's of Maine. Good luck! N. B.

I bet it could be Perioral Dermatitis. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with this when she was 10 years old. The rash would appear and disappear. It drove my husband and I nuts. The only way to stop the rash is creating a 100% natural diet. We have been doing this for over 15 years. I can offer you some free organic products to try and see if it helps.

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