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Mothers Day for Mom Who Has Lost Her Child

My fathers new wife has been our lives for many years. They just married this last year.
Her daughter was killed in a tragic accident about 5 years ago. This was her only child and she was college age. Needless to say, she has never and will never get over the loss of this beautiful young woman.

In the past I have sent her a card letting her know I was thinking of her, but this year I would like to do something for her. Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are always very emotional for her so I do not want to go overboard, but I want her to know I now consider her one of my moms.
Any suggestions.. FYI, on top of all of this, she is younger than me.

Thank you for your ideas.

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Thank you all so much for your suggestions!
I spoke with my father and he let me know he was going to take her away for a week of golfing out of state.
I spoke with her this morning (mothers day) and she sounded great. It is the first time I can remember on Mothers Day, that she could even talk on the phone!
My family and I gave her a gift certificate for a Mani/Pedi at her favorite nail place. I also told her iif she wants company on the day she goes to let me know and I would join her, or she could just enjoy the quiet, without me.. Hee, hee..

I did print out your suggestions for future events. Again thanks for taking the time to help.

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Wonderful ideas...a card and maybe send flowers? Simple yet she'd know you were thinking of her as a mom. Did this for a neighbor who lost her grown daughter to cancer a 2 years ago and she said it meant a lot to her.

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Do they live somewhere they plan on being "forever"? If yes, maybe buy a tree and pay the nursery to deliver and plant it. Maybe a tree that flowers around Mother's Day?

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I'm sure people on here get tired of hearing me talk about these, but I can't help it. =0) I just love them! They are called Willow Tree Angels and there is one for just about every sentiment or occasion you could think of. There are angels and figurines. Each one has it's own little saying. You can order them online, or you can usually find them at any Hallmark store and most Cracker Barrels. Here's the website.......you should browse around and read them. I just think they are precious. My mom and I collect them. =0)


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you are wonderful. i got goose bumps reading your post. The donation idea is ok, for some reason, I am not jumping on supporting that. I think something personal, just for her, like flowers, or an outing (not on mother's day, but a day you two could do it) just you two, maybe you let her talk, if she needs to talk. This is so sweet of you. best I can come up, is take her out somewhere. just you two.

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Hi L.
I like the idea of taking her out for a nice lunch, just the two of you,and just letting her talk. Have the whole lunch be about talking about her daughter. I mean, who doesn't like to talk about their child/children, right? Remembering the funny things she did or said, her friends, her hobbies, etc; you know, to bring happy memories back for her on Mothers Day.
Just be there for her on that day, laugh with her, cry with her, remembering her daughter with her.
Whatever you decide, I'm certain it will mean alot to her.

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Tough call. How about a donation to MADD or some such organization in her daughter name? Mother's Day is going to be hard no matter what.

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Piggy backing on the suggestion made by an earlier post, I like the idea of a charm bracelet. I'd give her the bracelet with two charms...one that symbolized the daughter she lost and another for the joy of current relationships that may be indicative of a memory or something that you share with her. Then each year you can add a charm that symbolize the treasure of the warm memories you share with her and her child is always included. She is fortunate to have such a loving and thoughtful DIL.

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I think you have a good impulse to remmember her on Mother's day. A card with a note about how she is not your mom but is a mentor or role model would be nice. Once you are a mom there is no changing back--your body/mind/emotions all change starting during pregnancy. Ask her how or if she wants to do something like go out to eat or have a family dinner. Then you can plan what she feels comfortable doing.

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You are so lovely to be thinking of her and doing something special for her. A card that tells how much she means is always good. Perhaps a donation in her child's name to a college fund of some kind? I don't know if that would make her sad or happy...but it would be a nice memorial.

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