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Most Useful New Infant Item You had...please share...especially Preemie Parents

So my SIL gave birth VERY early last week..at 30.5 weeks gestation. My niece weighed in at 2 lbs, 1 oz. She has done miraculously..no vent the whole time, no emergencies and while she has not gained any weight yet, she is maintaining her birth weight at this point. She looks wonderful...even a full head of hair! I thought fat and hair grew last?? She is a tiny little spectacular miracle!

She will be needing some selections of preemie clothes, and other such things. But I am wondering what were the most useful things you had for Preemies or full term babies. There are so many more products and just..well..things now. When my niece had her baby last year, she wanted a Nap Nanny and loved it. Also I got her a really nice, high quality sleep sack that I think she used to death!

Any things you found especially wonderful for the little ones those first few months at home, or for the preemies, while still in the hospital, working on getting big enough to go home? Any suggestions are helpful!


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THANK YOU so very much to everyone for their great suggestions! So far little nice is doing fantastic. She is still not ahving any medical emergencies, just has her fedding tube (no other tubes or IV's) and last I was told was up to 2 lbs 8 oz...she is 2 weeks old today!

As far as a carrier, personally I am fond of the Moby so I will steer her in that direction :-) (I do home childcare and use this with all my little ones now!) Its also hard to get her new things, as she has done foster care for little ones in the last 2-3 years..both girls, so she has girly colored boppy's and swings and such things! I did find some used, but in great condition and fantastic prices, preemie clothing with gowns and onesies, plus got some brand new similar items that she can return if she decides she has too many tiny clothing items!

Again, THANK YOU for all the words of advice!

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My rainforest swing by fisher price was hands down the most useful thing when i first hand my son. The fact that you can use the adapter and plug in to the wall and not have to use tons of batteries was a life saver!

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All the answers are great. What really helped me were:
blankets good for swaddling (at this point he's so small most blankets will wk)
cap for his teeny head
premie t-shirts to sleep in
premie diapers

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Great answers as usual. I agree with Denise P! I do not know what I would do without the video monitor. I thought it was excessive and so I didn't register for it, but someone bought it for me as a gift for one of my showers. Greatest gift ever! Peace of mind leads to better sleep for mom or mom and dad.

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My rainforest swing by fisher price was hands down the most useful thing when i first hand my son. The fact that you can use the adapter and plug in to the wall and not have to use tons of batteries was a life saver!

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Video monitor, hands down!

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Infant swing and bouncer...they were my life savers. Congrats!

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My favorite must-have for babies, both in and out of the hospital, is the Boppy pillow. It saved my back while nursing and was/is a must-have in my book. Good luck to your sister!

P.S. I just read some of the other posts- great ideas. However, I would stay clear of the baby slings- they have been proven to suffocate babies. The Baby Bjorn is safer alternative and I love ours, another must-have for sure. Also, my sister had the miracle blanket and still swears by it.

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my 25 week miracle is now in 1st grade - it's great to read how wonderful your SIL's little one is doing

I cherish my journal from the days in the NICU. I could write down her progress, the ups and downs, my emotions.... She now has a wonderful account of her unique beginning during those 4 months in the hospital.

Preemie sleepers with snaps or the gowns worked best for us. There are so many wires attached that you can't put them in a sleeper that zips up the front. Hats and preemie socks - we would put socks on her under her sleepers to help keep her body temp up.

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Congratulations on you newest family member. And many thanks and blessings that she is a strong one!

Couple of things that came to mind. With both my babies the boppy pillow (the funny u-shaped pillow) was an absolute must. Not only when breast feeding but with daddy bottle feeding as well. It was just so much easier and more comfortable to snuggle the baby with.

Also, though it will be a few months before it is useable; the bumbo chair. Both of my babies were very small (though not preemies, just tiny girls). The bumbo wasn't out yet when I had my first, but with my second it was awesome and I wish I had had it before!! Would recommend it to any new mom.

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My son was born 6.5 weeks early (born on my baby shower day). The 2 things that were invaluable to me during the first few months was a co-sleeper (it nestles next to the bed for baby to sleep next to mom...nicer than a bassinet, and the Fisher-Price aquarium swing)....

But can I tell you what I treasured? I had one friend give me a gift certificate to a spa. I'm not the type to treat myself, so after my son was a few months old I went and it was amazing. There's so much stress in having a preemie versus term. Not only do you worry about their general health, but all the germs lurking everywhere that could harm them....The massage/facial was a perfect stress reducer.

Blessings to the new miracle!!!

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Swaddling blankets were our life saver. My son was born full term and these worked for the first 4 1/2 months, you might have to do some research online to find some small enough but I bet you can. Good luck and Congrats Auntie.

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