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Morning Sickness Without Pregnancy?

I have been experiencing what seems exactly like morning sickness for the past week, I get mildly nausious most mornings and fel 100% better after I eat breakfast, on Wednesday I was in a hurry to get my daughter to school and pick up a little boy who I was babysitting and so I was up for an hour and half without eating anything, I got so nausious I acctually threw up that morning. But I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests 3 days apart and both are negative. I have no idea if I am testing too early, I have an extremely irregular cycle, it is not unusual for me to skip a month or even two and not be pregnant. I just went off of birth control pills at the begining of March and my husband and I are "not trying but not preventing" right now. Has anyone ever had "morning sickness" without being pregnant? What else could nasuia in the morning mean?

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When I had this problem I went to the Dr and found out I had GERD. It is acid reflux. Try taking prilosec for awhile and see if that helps. Good luck!

I get nausous in the morning if I am hungry and do not eat sometimes. Maybe that's all it was. Or maybe you have a little bit of the stomach flu that has been going around. But usually that hits you like a ton of bricks, and then it's gone. Well, if you are pregnant - that's great!
Good luck.


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Hi H.

Hormones!! Since having my second child (who is now three and a half) I too get nausious in the morning if I don't eat right away, do you take a vitamin in the am? I was taking mine in the am after brushing my teeth and this made it worse I have to make sure I eat first then take vitamins.
Good luck.

Two of the three things that came to my mind have already been mentioned but I thought I'd add the third and sum them up into one:
1) Don't rule out pregnancy yet. I had morning sickness before my tests came back positive both with my daughter and with my current pregnancy.
2) Hypoglycemia. I had hypoglycemia when I was younger and would get nausious when my sugar was low, especially in the mornings. Eating protein before bed and eating first thing in the morning helped a lot.
3) Allergies/sinus stuff. When my sinuses are draining (from an infection or allergies) I get nausious. It happens mostly in the mornings because I've been sleeping all night and the gravity of raising my head in the morning makes them drain in one large bit. Sometimes I can physically feel it, other times I just get sudden nausea. I have yet to find a "cure" for that except sleeping with my head slightly elevated helps a little.
Hope this helps! Can you tell I have a lot of "morning sickness"? If it continues for a long time I would see your doctor to make sure nothing else is wrong.

I would go to your doctor and have a blood test done. One of my coworkers had this same problem, but a blood test determined that she was preg and how far along.

Hi H.,

I have found that if I take my morning multi-vitamin and forget to eat or don't eat enough to counter the vitamin, I get very ill within about 15 minutes of taking it. Have you started taking anything new or different like that in the morning?

Also, check with your doctor about an ectopic pregnancy. These will show negative on the normal EPT's. I pray that's NOT it, but I'd want to rule that out quickly. Good luck with finding an answer soon!


I had something similar for most of this school year, but I attribute it to waking up earlier than I am used to (5:45 instead of 6:30 or 7) and going to work out. I think my body just didn't like the change.

I haven't been working out as much lately....and I haven't been throwing up, either.

Good luck figuring out your mystery!

I have a friend that wanted to become pregnant so badly that she had every sign and symptom imaginable. She never did get a positive test. On the other hand, I took a test when I was late and got a few negative ones. Then, I waited and still no period, and boom a positive test. Try holding off and testing in a few days (try a digital test that way there is no misjudging the lines). Hope this helps.

i used to get nauseous and vomit and thought i might be pregnant. still wonder if it was gallstones or something or perhaps just hormones from my cycle.

I too have taken test before and had them come out neg when the results were actually positive, but they didn't come out that way until a week or two later. I hope that yours come back positive later!!

If you happen to not be pregnant-its probably the result of low blood sugar which can be caused by not eating enough or getting enough electrolites in your system. Low blood sugar can still be an issue even if you haven't skipped meals.

Gingersnaps can be a great resource to help with morning sickness whether your pregnant or not. Also drinking lots of water or even a little gatorade to keep your electrolites in check.

Also bring this up at your therapy classes-it's amazing what second hand knowledge will bring to the classroom. Maybe your teacher has other tricks up her sleeve. This is how I found out a lot at my therapy classes. Ask her to show you the pressure point on your wrist/arm that helps with sea sickness/nausea. Best of luck to you K.

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