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Morning Sickness Without Pregnancy?

I have been experiencing what seems exactly like morning sickness for the past week, I get mildly nausious most mornings and fel 100% better after I eat breakfast, on Wednesday I was in a hurry to get my daughter to school and pick up a little boy who I was babysitting and so I was up for an hour and half without eating anything, I got so nausious I acctually threw up that morning. But I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests 3 days apart and both are negative. I have no idea if I am testing too early, I have an extremely irregular cycle, it is not unusual for me to skip a month or even two and not be pregnant. I just went off of birth control pills at the begining of March and my husband and I are "not trying but not preventing" right now. Has anyone ever had "morning sickness" without being pregnant? What else could nasuia in the morning mean?

What can I do next?

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When I had this problem I went to the Dr and found out I had GERD. It is acid reflux. Try taking prilosec for awhile and see if that helps. Good luck!

I get nausous in the morning if I am hungry and do not eat sometimes. Maybe that's all it was. Or maybe you have a little bit of the stomach flu that has been going around. But usually that hits you like a ton of bricks, and then it's gone. Well, if you are pregnant - that's great!
Good luck.


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Hi H.

Hormones!! Since having my second child (who is now three and a half) I too get nausious in the morning if I don't eat right away, do you take a vitamin in the am? I was taking mine in the am after brushing my teeth and this made it worse I have to make sure I eat first then take vitamins.
Good luck.

Two of the three things that came to my mind have already been mentioned but I thought I'd add the third and sum them up into one:
1) Don't rule out pregnancy yet. I had morning sickness before my tests came back positive both with my daughter and with my current pregnancy.
2) Hypoglycemia. I had hypoglycemia when I was younger and would get nausious when my sugar was low, especially in the mornings. Eating protein before bed and eating first thing in the morning helped a lot.
3) Allergies/sinus stuff. When my sinuses are draining (from an infection or allergies) I get nausious. It happens mostly in the mornings because I've been sleeping all night and the gravity of raising my head in the morning makes them drain in one large bit. Sometimes I can physically feel it, other times I just get sudden nausea. I have yet to find a "cure" for that except sleeping with my head slightly elevated helps a little.
Hope this helps! Can you tell I have a lot of "morning sickness"? If it continues for a long time I would see your doctor to make sure nothing else is wrong.

I would go to your doctor and have a blood test done. One of my coworkers had this same problem, but a blood test determined that she was preg and how far along.

Hi H.,

I have found that if I take my morning multi-vitamin and forget to eat or don't eat enough to counter the vitamin, I get very ill within about 15 minutes of taking it. Have you started taking anything new or different like that in the morning?

Also, check with your doctor about an ectopic pregnancy. These will show negative on the normal EPT's. I pray that's NOT it, but I'd want to rule that out quickly. Good luck with finding an answer soon!


I had something similar for most of this school year, but I attribute it to waking up earlier than I am used to (5:45 instead of 6:30 or 7) and going to work out. I think my body just didn't like the change.

I haven't been working out as much lately....and I haven't been throwing up, either.

Good luck figuring out your mystery!

I have a friend that wanted to become pregnant so badly that she had every sign and symptom imaginable. She never did get a positive test. On the other hand, I took a test when I was late and got a few negative ones. Then, I waited and still no period, and boom a positive test. Try holding off and testing in a few days (try a digital test that way there is no misjudging the lines). Hope this helps.

i used to get nauseous and vomit and thought i might be pregnant. still wonder if it was gallstones or something or perhaps just hormones from my cycle.

I too have taken test before and had them come out neg when the results were actually positive, but they didn't come out that way until a week or two later. I hope that yours come back positive later!!

If you happen to not be pregnant-its probably the result of low blood sugar which can be caused by not eating enough or getting enough electrolites in your system. Low blood sugar can still be an issue even if you haven't skipped meals.

Gingersnaps can be a great resource to help with morning sickness whether your pregnant or not. Also drinking lots of water or even a little gatorade to keep your electrolites in check.

Also bring this up at your therapy classes-it's amazing what second hand knowledge will bring to the classroom. Maybe your teacher has other tricks up her sleeve. This is how I found out a lot at my therapy classes. Ask her to show you the pressure point on your wrist/arm that helps with sea sickness/nausea. Best of luck to you K.

It could a mild case of a stomach flu, or just your hormones readjusting after going off the pill. My advice is wait several more weeks and if your morning sickness does not go away, retest.- If you still feel sick consult a doctor or chiropractor.

I know when my blood sugar gets low I get very sick to my stomach. I don't have diabetes. I have been checked a couple of times now because I have a lot of family with it. But I can still tell when my levels are getting low. I wouldn't worry about it to much. Keep some easy snacks with you so if you get busy again you have something to munch on to keep from throwing up. Good luck!

When I had this problem I went to the Dr and found out I had GERD. It is acid reflux. Try taking prilosec for awhile and see if that helps. Good luck!

Hello H., I never had morning sickness UNLESS I ate breakfast. Then everything would come up. Maybe yu need to be checked for an ulcer. Ulcers sometimes create nausea before you have something in your stomach. Might be a good conversation to have with your doctor.
I am a 68 year old grandmother who has had an ulcer and so has my husband of 49 years. Please have it checked out!

I friend of mine experienced this; she was on the pill so pretty sure she wasn't pregnant (& blood tests were negative). Turned out it was gastric reflux. They put her on meds (after diagnosed with a scope) & she's fine now. Just another idea to consider while you wait....

I have this all of time and atrribute it to acid relux. Usually it happens when I've eated a large meal the night before, especially if I've had a glass of wine with it.

Sounds like hormones to me.I had that a long time. Are you on any birth control or hormones?

I was going to say that the pill can give you morning sickness in the mornings, but since your not on the pill, that is out of the question. I would really go and have a pregnancy blood test!!! Home tests are not always accurate, and even though they can tell you really really early now if you are pregnant or not. Since you have 2 kids already, your body already knows what is going on, if you are indeed pregnant.. My step sister is pregnant, due the beginning of Aug. and she just found out. She had taken a few home tests a few weeks apart, and they came back neg. so finally about a month later, took another one, neg. so she went to the doctor because she had all the symptons and indeed she is pregnant...

Maybe a cyst is possible as someone mentioned earlier. Or, you could be experiencing the after effects of going off the pill. You body will probably be going through homonal changes for a while as a result before it "stabilizes". Perhaps nausea is one of your symptoms as your body "adjusts".

But considering you did just get off the pill, pregnancy is also still a very strong possibiity. Considering you have other children, you are probably familiar with other early pregnancy symptoms. Do you have any other early pregnancy signs? Heavy or painful breasts, frequent urination? Those are both early indicators also. Even light spotting can be an early sign of implantation.

As for why the tests may not be showing a positive.. you may or may not know that pregnancy tests determine pregnancy by measuring a chemical in your system called LH (Lutenizing Hormone).

Each cycle/month, as ovulation(release of an egg) approaches LH increases in your body until an egg is released into the fallopian tube. LH is the hormone responsible for the actual release of the egg. LH levels drop off almost immediately -within a day or two -after ovulation if the egg is not fertilized.

Within 6 to 12 hours after release, an unfertilized egg will breakdown and eventually within a week or more, your period begins.

If conception occurs, it can take up to a week before actual implantation occurs. All the while, LH will begin increasing, but really takes off after implantation.

While many over the counter tests are now more sensitive than their older versions and are able to pick up LH levels much sooner than before, you still really need to have a significant amount of LH in system before the tests will pick it up. The further along in your pregnancy, the more LH builds up. If conception just happened, there may not be enough detectable LH yet. There are cases of people knowing before the tests. Some people get symptoms right away.

The earliest EPT tests claim to be able to detect LH is about 3 to 5 days prior to your next expected period. In your case, you may not be that far along in your cycle yet. And with you just being off the pill, you really still might not know when that would be. In your case, it seems the only definitive test available to detect "early" pregnancy signs, is a blood test at your doctor's office. I'd wait another week or so and try an over the counter test again. And until you know for sure, be sure to take care!

Nausea could mean a lot of things. Are you getting enough food? Water? Sleep? Believe it or not, I took two pregnancy tests in 5 days-both negative. I was feeling sick to my stomach and had severe cramps, so I went to the doctor. I am pregnant. It is not impossible that you could get pregnant that soon after going off the pill. Good luck.

Hi H.,

If I were you I would get a complete blood work up just to rule things out.

It could be the flu, you could be pregnant again, if you have an irregular cycle, something else might be going on. You just never know. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Better to be safe and not worry, stress can be the worst thing for a body. It breaks down the immune system. Plays games with the mind, and then stresses you out even more than you were when you started.

Knowledge is power! You need to find out what is going on!

Good luck!


Let me know if you find anything out. I have the same problem! I haven't actually thrown up. No chance at being pregnant, since my husband had surgery. I figured it was hormones.


I just experianced that my period I thought was messed up due to a cyst on my ovary bursting and I had gone on birth control to help prevent cysts in the future and kept getting nausious too and kept thinking it was just a side effect of the pill. My boyfriend out of the blue told me to take a pregnancy test and it was positive and I was quite shocked. I did take a preg.test when I was the E.R with the cyst and it was negative.

I would either go in to the doctors and take a blood test or in a week take another urine test at home. Alot of dollar stores sell pregnancy tests I know they get exspensive.

I had that for quite some time. It ended up being from anxiety. I would wake up in a rush to get everything taken care of with the kids and get to work, I felt that type of sickness for several years every morning. Once my life calmed down a bit it went away.

Hi H.,

Your morning sickness could be caused by low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). The fact that you've not eaten anything could be a clue. Try eating some protein in the morning - even if it is just a snack. I know how busy moms are in the morning and often go without eating. Try a slice of cheese or handful of nuts - just some protein for your body to function with.

L. L

It could be low blood sugar. If I don't eat in the morning I'll get it and then throw up and pass out. You can also get the sweats and feel hot as it happens. Stress can also burn my sugar up really fast.
Hope this helps,

Low blood sugar. Try eating something light right before bed or keep a small snack b bed and it as you get up.

I noticed that after having a baby, when I first got my period back, I would get pms symptoms that are very similar to early pregnancy. Nausea is caused by fluctuating hormones. It could be that your body is adjusting from being off of the pill. The pill uses hormones to control your ability to get pregnant. Now those hormones are not being consumed, your body must adjust to the natural hormone levels it produces on its own. This could easily cause a little morning sickness, especially when your blood sugar is low.

I am a mother of six children, four school age, two preschoolers who go to work with me at my full time job as a preschool teacher. Yes, still happily married.

I have had the same issue too and I noticed stress can bring that on or I have found out I have Acid reflux too and if I eat late at night I feel sick in the morning. I hope this helps and you feel better soon.

I have been pregnant three times. Both the first and the second pregnancy I took a home test and they both came back negative. That was after I had already missed my period. The hormone just didn't show up until later.

I also feel gross and nauseated when I ovulate. I feel just like I'm pregnant at that point as well.

Also, I have a friend whose daughter gets sick if she waits too long to eat. I'm sorry I couldn't have one great answer for you.


When I have had symptoms like that, it has been blood sugar level related. You may want to get that checked by a doctor.

Good luck,

Believe it or not, it could be a sign of acid reflux. Your stomach might be producing too much acid and by not eating something or taking a proton inhibitor (Pecpid, Zantac, Nexium), the acid is all coming up and making you sick. Do you wake up at night feeling like you are choking? Upset stomach or burning sensation after eating certain foods?
Otherwise, you might be right in your assessment that you are testing too early. The home pregnancy tests never worked for me until I was at least six weeks pregnant even when I KNEW I was, and I had four children in six years. (Also test first thing in the morning when the pregnancy hormones that those tests use are the highest.) Good Luck and God Bless!

I have had that happen. Sometimes your body thinks it is pregnant, especially if you are taking tests and thinking about it a lot. I had that happen before I had my 2nd child. I was sure I was pregnant! Even felt like a let down in my chect! I thought I was crazy after I found out I was not. I don't know how many tests I took, I just had to be pregnant!
Otherwise it could have something to do with your blood sugar crashing. make sure you are eating enough and often enough during the day. That might help in the morning when you get up. Our bodies sure do different things after we have kids!

It is so funny that you would write this because all last week I was the same way. I never threw up, but was so sick in the morning and even later in the day when I got hungry. I was so worried about being pregnant I went in and took a pre. test in the clinic and it was negetive. She told me that my hormones could be off, but to take another preg. test in a week. But I've felt great all of this week. Weird!?!

Are you taking any other morning meds/vitamins b/4 breakfast? I was perplexed by morning nausea until I realized that I was taking my multivitamin on an empty stomach. Now I take it with breakfast.

I agree wholeheartedly with those that mentioned this could be an ulcer or another medical condition (yes, even allergies). Also, if you are taking any medications at all, including over the counter medicines like ibuprofen, you need to consider whether this is a side effect. Depending on the medicine, when stomach pain occurs it could either be no big deal, or a serious warning sign that you need to stop. Since it has only been a week, this is what I'd do: ask around to see if anyone you have been in contact with has a similar symptom (illness), check medications immediately, schedule a doctor appointment (usually takes a good month to get in- if you are ill, you'll know by next week that you are recovering, and you can cancel).

I've been gone on vacation and reading past posts. I haven't read all of your responses so don't know if anyone mentioned this. Are you taking prenatal vitamins or a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach? When I was pregnant my prenatal vitamins made me sick if I took them on an empty stomach. I recently started taking a multi-vitamin and if I take it on an empty stomach I get the "morning sickness" feeling and even have come close to vomiting.

I had the same thing recently. I took 3 pregnancy tests before I went to the dr to have a test done there and found out that I was not pregnant but had a very minor cold. When I would wake up in the morning, I would get sick because of the phlem that had been running down my throat all night. Very disgusting - but that's what it was! As soon as I got over the cold, I got over the "morning sickness"!

Are you taking vitamin mineral supplements?? Many people, including myself, get very nausious and I have thrown up many times because of this. I need to eat first and most times am fine then.

It could just be from hormonal changes. Since you just got off of birth control pill this can get your cycle off a bit. I have had this feeling before and was not pregnant. If your unsure,I would get a blood test. good luck!

you could have low blood sugar. this same thing happens to me, and i have even passed out from it before.

Do you feel nausious after eating any of your afternoon meals? You may have a small ulcer if you have a lot of stress in you life right now. I know mornings were always the worst times for me when I had one.

I have been there! I thought I was going to throw up this morning!
Allergies can cause nausea and no other symptoms. Zyrtec is the only thing that helps me there.
Also, I am hypoglysemic, and that causes nausea. Being in the morning and being resolved with food, it could likely be that. However, it is very, very difficult to get a diagnosis with a blood draw, and many doctors do not even believe it is a real disease.

There is one other thing. My doctor told me that women in their 30's start having aging ovaries and their periods get irregular (not to be confused with perimenopause or menopause) and also can get nauseated. He suggested taking something like Aleve, but it was a different brand. I haven't tried it yet, though. I have had a lot of success with just being more active. The more I sit or lay down, the worse it gets. I can be nauseated all day. But that is typical for me for morning sickness, too.
I wonder if it isn't a sensitivity to progesterone, as I am only nauseated from after ovulation to my period. But my doctor didn't think so.

If you want to test for blood sugar issues, make sure to eat protein for breakfast, no starches, and see how that goes, then try eating a starchy breakfast without protein and see what happens. Eggs and bacon with no toast for a couple of days, and then have M&M's for breakfast a couple of days.


I am an RN and the mother of 4 naturally born children. My guess is that you either have a gastroenteritis, or are taking something new ie: vitamin, a power drink, or a ceral with bran, etc. Morning sickness is a term. Morning sickness actually can occur at any time of the day or night with a pregnant woman and is the result of a change in hormones associated with pregnancy. Usually Morning Sickness does not start immedately, but everyone is different. Also, pregnancy tests are quite accurate these days. Stress can also cause nausea. Good luck with this. My advice to you would be to see a doctor. There are a multitude of conditions that can cause nausea on an empty stomach (upon rising).


I had approximately 5 negative home pregnancy tests before I finally went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant with my second child. I too had terrible morning sickness that I didn't have at all with my first child. I would probably go and see your OBGYN just to make sure because even the urine test they gave me at the doctor's office was negative. The blood tests are much more sensitive. Good luck!

I would definately seek medical attention there could be something interal going on.

I get nausous in the morning if I am hungry and do not eat sometimes. Maybe that's all it was. Or maybe you have a little bit of the stomach flu that has been going around. But usually that hits you like a ton of bricks, and then it's gone. Well, if you are pregnant - that's great!
Good luck.

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