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"Morning" Sickness - What to Eat?

I'm not that far along (about 8 weeks I think) and am having the all day "morning" sickness. Saltines seem to help settle my stomach a bit, but all other food just makes me nauseous. I'm also extremely thirsty all the time, which is weird. I didn't deal with either of these things with my first pregnancy.

My question is, what kind of food could you eat that didn't make you want to vomit? Anything that was somewhat filling, would be great. One problem I'm having is trying to decipher when I feel sick from the pregnancy and when I don't feel well because my stomach is empty.

Thank you in advance for all the suggestions!

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Thank you for all the great suggestions! It seems that every pregnancy really IS different for everyone. The best advice I think was to eat what sounds good. When nothing sounds good I either go for graham crackers or saltines. Sipping on G2 Gatorade all day has seemed to help too. I'm also wearing the Sea Bands, which are uncomfortable, but they seem to help a little bit.

Thank you again! Hopefully this will pass soon :)

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I used to suck on a peppermint candy. Don't know why but peppermint would settle my stomach. I still do it today if i am queasy...I'll chew peppermint or spearmint gum.
Good luck ;-)

Drink lots of water, eat crackers. I too was sick all the time and felt even sicker if I did not eat. I had to start eating things that would come up well. It was still better then not eating because at least some of the food would stay down. I am sorry I do not have a magic food that will make you not be sick, but you still have to eat even if most of it is going to come back up. The good news is that usually you will hit a point in the pregnancy when you will stop being sick. For me is was around 5.5-6 months, but I hear it is earlier for most.

Honey Bunches of Oats. Every morning as soon as I woke up, I'd zip down for a small bowl with milk. I think I needed the sugar and carbs. This worked for two pregnancies. Anyway, I think you need to keep trying. When you weren't pregnant, is there something you would eat first after missing a meal and feeling yucky? Cereal w/milk was always my go-to food when my blood sugar would drop and I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. Hope you feel better soon!

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With me it wasn't a food that helped, it was a vitamin. Rainbow light complete pre-natals. They are food based and have ingredients for energy and ginger for the tummy. You take 6 a day because they are made with food, not chemical nutrients. They stopped my 3pm everyday 'morning sickness' in its tracks..the first day I took them. I took three in the am and three in the pm. Capella's natural market in Eugene has their label of the same thing..5 bucks cheaper and worked just as well.

I found that it was more of a frequency thing than what I ate. Try not to let your stomach get empty, eat something every 2-3 hours. Milkshakes helped me, but I also had really bad heartburn - but that started later on. Good luck!


Graham crackers really helped me with my first and gum with my second. They were the only things that helped me not feel naseous. I had to be put on Reglin with my third because I was feeling so sick (works great btw). Don't worry, it will pass :)

I had all day morning sickness and thirst too, and I had it for a long time. I also had trouble telling if I was hungry or sick. That was the one thing that really earned me my husband's sympathy. Hang in there.

Vanilla milkshakes were my food of choice during my first three months. Take a scoop of the most natural vanilla ice cream you can find, throw it in a small glass with a cup of milk, and mash it up with a spoon. If I felt like it, I would add raisings, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, whatever, but plain vanilla was always mild enough for my tummy and filling enough for the rest of me.

Bland foods are best. I know you feel all sick, but eating always helps even when you don't feel like it. I kept a sleeve of crackers at the bedside so I could eat a few before actually getting fully up and walking around. The good news is this...once you enter trimester 2, the morning sickness usually goes away, it did for me, and everyone else I know! Ask your OB about taking vitamin B for nausea, it helps some women, I didn't try it myself. Hang in there!

Cheetos! Sounds bizarre, but it helped settle things down for me so I could eat normal food.

You don't want too much water in your stomach either, but want something starchy and bland. I would eat a pack of ramen noodles- boil them for 4 minutes, then DRAIN them, put them back in the pan and put in the seasoning and stir the seasoning powder in for a minute on low heat. Very soothing on the stomach and warm and filling at the same time.

I feel for you...I was sick all day with both of mine!
A few things that I could eat (and craved) were Yoplait's lemon burst yogurt and cold oranges and apples! They aren't super filling, but they would calm my stomach and take the edge off. I think it's really all about experimenting and finding what things work for you because it's so different for every woman and pregnancy! Sometimes the not so good for us stuff worked well for me too...one night I was so sick and the only thing that sounded good was a McDonalds cheeseburger and fries! My husband went out and brought it back for me and I felt great after eating it...but I realize it's not the best thing you should be running out to get all of the time!

The key to drinking ginger ale if you want to try that, is to sip it warm. Sounds gross, but a friend told me that once and it worked great for me! It's not a thirst quencher, but if you sip it slowly, it should calm your stomach!

Congrats and best wishes!

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