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Morning Sickness - Warwick,RI

hi, im wondering if anyone has come up with something that helps morning sickness. my daughter is expecting her third child and is sick all day long. she has tried the preggy pops and they are just ok at the time. b12 doesnt seem to help much either. any suggestions?

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ginger candy, and wholefoods sells these "vitamins" called good mornings (i think) it saved me! I think i took 1 in a.m. and 1 at bed... its worth a shot! good luck!

Have her keep soda crackers by her bedside so when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she eats is plain soda crackers. That's what helped me with my morning sickness.

Try plain potatoe chips. There was a study done on nauseous pregnant woman done & it proved to help morning sickness. It helped me a little! Or try plain mashed potatoes those work well too.

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Hi L., I put out an email to all the Mommies in my local mom's club in our town, and i have received many emails back. If you are interested, i would love to put them all together and send them off to you, so you can share them with your daughter. What a wonderful mother you are to do this for her. Okay, if you want the emails, respond to ____@____.com and I'll send them to you.


Gingerale worked great for me. I am sure there are tons of things that you can try. like decaf tea, eating small meals instead of large meals....etc

I hope that helps a bit

i had very bad morning sickness with my daughter and tried the seabands, pops, freq. meals. also helped was 1/2 unisome and b6. ask your ob.

im pg again and once again have bad all day sickness, i was not even able to get out of bed to care for my daughter so my midwife prescribed me reglan. i thank god for it everyday. maybe you can ask your ob for some options. good luck.

Sea Bands!!! They're for motion sickness, but they work wonders for morning sickness. I kept them on 24 hours a day actually during the beginning of my pregnancy, I was so sick. You can get them at almost any drugstore. Also, ginger works very well, as do saltines. Another crucial thing is to not let your blood sugar get too low/go without eating. The less you eat, the more nauseaus you become. Seems counter-intuitive, but eating something, anything, helps!

I was very sick all day long with both pregnancies for the first 3-4months. Nothing really helped but time, waiting for the time go by for the 4th month to be over. They do say eating frequent small meals through the day should do the trick. With my 2nd child it was so bad, I did get medication for it. It was called Zofran, but it can make you VERY constipated so be careful, and some insurances only cover a few pills at a time. Have her talk to her doctor and see if there are any options for her.

Congrats and best of luck

hi L.,

my sympathies to your daughter! i concure with the other suggestions, but also make sure she talks to her doctor about it. i had mild morning sickness in the beginning of my pregnancy, but it came back at 16 weeks and continued all the way to the day i went into labor. as a result i have to have surgery on my throat to repair the damage from the acid. so, i'm not trying to be scary here, but its really important to control if it lasts past the "regular" morning sickness stages. I was put on two prescription medications, both of which helped keep things down so I could gain wait... they helped a lot. (and i had gone into my pregnancy insisting it would be drug free and 'natural')just make sure she talks to her doctor if it doesn't go away. i hope she feels better soon (especially with two others to take care of! oh my!)

Saltines and Ginger Ale

ginger candy, and wholefoods sells these "vitamins" called good mornings (i think) it saved me! I think i took 1 in a.m. and 1 at bed... its worth a shot! good luck!

I absolutely have some tips as I am going thur the worst all day long sickness ever. Go get the sea-bands from CVS, they are meant for motion sickness nausea but they work. Also, have her take half a unisom pill and one vitamin b6 together, she can take it up to 4 times a day. Also, cut a lemon in half and and have her smell it right up close to her nose when she can, citrus is very good for nausea. So citrus smelling candles, body spray, cleaner, etc etc. I was given all of these tips by my doctor so they are perfectly safe. I am currently taking an anti-nausea pill get thru the last couple of weeks of this, i'm 14 weeks pregnant. Tell her to talk to her doctor cause there are perfectly safe things to take nowadays. Hope this helps.-H.

Hi L.. I was pretty sick all day long too. I tried LOTS of different things. My OBGYN finally had me try 1/2 of a unisom at night. Don't know why it worked.... but it did! It helped significantly! I would still get nauseous later in the day, but stopped vomiting. Definitely have her ask the doctor about it, but it was a miracle cure for me!

The nurse at my OB office suggested a table spoon of HEAVY syrup from canned cling peaches (must be heavy syrup). won't work for diabetics, but it helped me avoid prescription meds for my 5 months of morning sickness.

I had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, but it came at all times of the day. The thing that worked best for me were bracelets called seabands. You wear them to prevent seasickness. I little plastic lump presses into a spot on your wrist. I think it's kind of like a form of accupuncture, but not 100% sure. I would wear them to bed at night, and it helped me in the morning. If I didn't have to go anywhere or I had on long sleeves, I wore them all day. They worked pretty well for me! Wish your daughter luck!

icewater with lots of fresh lemon,she could even suck on just the lemon, but it really works i did it with all 3 pregnancies..goodluck

Seabands really helped me keep it in the realm of nausea, as opposed to vomiting. I still had it, but it took the edge off and when I forgot them I was really sorry.

do a little research on homeopathic remedies, unlike herbs and meds, homeopathics are safe during pregnancy. There are several types of morning sickness and matching the remedy to the type of sickness (ie nauseous but not vomiting, vomiting in am only, vomiting all the time, you get the idea). Each one has a different remedy. Look online or in the library or consult a local homeopath for the proper remedy. It was a miracle for me...

Hi L.,
You have received many of the options that I was thinking of writing down myself, so I certainly won't reiterate them here. However, I do have a few things to add:

1. Coke--preferably flat if she can take it; the bubbles didn't bother me, so I went with regular
2. Steamer clams--I really don't know why. The thought and smell of them almost did me in, but once I was eating them, they calmed my stomach down. Mussels did not have the same effect.
3. Chicken broth with saltines/oyster crackers/or the like.
4. This will be the MOST bizarre thing you will read, I'm sure, but, here goes: I would go to McDonald's and get a Big 'n' Tasty Meal--yes, a greasy burger with equally (if not more) greasy fries and a coke. It settled my stomach so well that I would venture to say that I ate that multiple times a week and sometimes twice in a day. I went figuring that if everything was going to come up anyway, I might as well indulge a bit as it went down the first time--to my huge surprise, my stomach had never felt better. In addition, I ended up gaining less than 15 pounds the entire pregnancy!! The only thing that I could really keep down was fast food, and yet it didn't cause me to gain extra weight.

The moral of this story is for your daughter to find something, anything that she can handle--even if it doesn't seem like the most usual suspect, sometimes it still works!

My understanding is that a big part of morning sickness is related to blood sugar (low blood sugar to be specific) - hence sickness in the morning when it is the lowest. I found that small snacks throughout the day, whatever strikes the fancy, worked well for me. I would feel the waves of nausea coming on and eat small portions of crackers and fruit. It seemed to work. I also knew that I would be sick first thing in the morning so would be sure to drink something right when I got up so I would have something to throw up. Yick! But it did help.

Congratulations and good luck to your daughter!

Unisom sleeping pills. They are safe (ask your doctor first of course) and take at bedtime with 50mg B6. After suffering from horrible morning sickness a friend suggested this. It works!
I also lived on ginger ale, and tried the seabands,too. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

Hello L. K
im sorry to hear about you daugthers morning sickness
when I was pregnant with my 1 year old son in 2007 I had morning sickness all the time here are some things you might try to suggest to her that people had suggested to me while I was pregnant that worked for me.
.any type of minty flavored gum
.****pink lemonade worked wonders
.ginger ale(soda)
those should help
hope that it all goes well for her

Tell her to try canned peaches and drink the peach juice. THat helped me at my worst times. I was constantly nauseas for 16 weeks. Another thing was I NEVER let myself get hungry, that made it so much worse. I always had something right there to eat. I know this sounds weird but it was things like sour patch kids and those types of candy. I'm sure your daughters at the point where she'll try anything right? Good luck, I hope it ends soon for her. I think the nauseeaness is the most annoying part of being pregnant. Have a happy and safe holiday!


Has your daughter tried eating something in the morning before she gets out of bed? I know when I was pregnant I got up in the night to use the toilet this is also an opportunity to snack on something to keep the calories up and the stomach a little more full. It's not ideal but I found it helps and when my daughter was born I needed to eat in the night when I fed her just to keep my energy and milk flowing.

L. M

Acupuncture and homeopathic rememdies will help tremendously. Sometimes they don't take the morning sickness away completely, but it definitely helps to make it bearable. Other times it truly helps it dissipate. I used both during pregnancy. If your daughter lives in and around Cambridge/Arlington area I would be happy to give you recommendations of practicioners.

Have her keep soda crackers by her bedside so when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she eats is plain soda crackers. That's what helped me with my morning sickness.

Try plain potatoe chips. There was a study done on nauseous pregnant woman done & it proved to help morning sickness. It helped me a little! Or try plain mashed potatoes those work well too.

Ginger Ale.
Gram Crackers W/Peanut Butter. {Loved It}
All Kept By The Bed.
Were The Best Suggestions I Got From Other Mothers When I Was Prego.

Best is having plain unsalted crackers beside her bed, before she puts her feet down, eat 1 or 2 crackers and than get up slowly.
Hope she is feeling better, don't hesitated to contact me
best wishes in love, in light
T. Milioli

I used the Sea-bands also. One tip I found I had to have them on before my feet hit the floor in the morning. Hope it helps,

Hi L.,

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being so sick. I had morning sickness from my 7th week unitil my 7th month. I was in the hospital 5 times being treated for dehyration. I just couldnt keep anything down. My Dr.s gave me Reglan. It worked for the most part but what I also found to work was Lemonade. Drank it constantly and I know this sounds weird but I would eat McDonald food a few times a week. Especially when it was the worst, I dont know what it was but I'd eat the fries and greasy buger and felt so much better. The good thing about my pregnancie was I only gained 10 pounds and after I had my son I lost 20lbs. so that made it real great. Good luck and I hope this passes soon for you.

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