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Monistat 7 Safe During Pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had a yeast infection since early on in the pregnancy. The only symptom is it burns/hurts when we are having sex and I have been reluctant to use Monistat which was prescribed by my Doctor. I haven't read anything that says it is 100% safe after researching it and what scares me is that the application is being directly inserted so near to where the baby is. It also concerns me that the Doctor has recommended I not use it during the first trimester and that I only insert it half way, which makes me worry even more that it isn't totally safe. I realize I have to clear up the infection prior to giving birth however I keep putting it off since I am afraid of harming the baby. Has anyone ever used Monistat 7 during pregnancy and if so has your baby had any side effects from it? Also, did the Monistat clear up your infection and/or did it come back (which I've also heard is common)?

Thanks for you advice and help!

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I used Monistat with two of my pregnancies. Please use the medicine, you are at more of a risk of complications with having a longterm yeast infection! I had such horrible yeast infections with my second pregnancy, that my doc just gave me a prescription with refills. Good luck to you.

When I have yeast infections, I use these boric acid capsules I got at a health food store. They work like a charm. Before you use something like that though, I would do the same research you're doing on the Monistat.

I'd try the garlic clove or cocunut oil and acidophilus first though. Great ideas...I may use them myself!

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If you have a bad feeling about it, then use coconut oil (get a good one from the local health food store) and spread it on and around the area and then take acidolphilus. You can also get acidophilus or probiotics at a health food store too. You can get rid of it just by doing one or both of these things. I had a son that was 4yo at the time and we got rid of his by just him taking the capsules and another time by just coconut oil. (I took him off of cow's milk after that and it never returned.)

Monistat 7 is not the only remedy around town, know what I mean?

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Have you tried eating yogurt every day? Sometimes yogurt can stop a yeast infection.

A good website to check for safety of drugs during pregnancy and lactation is www.safefetus.com

Do not worry, Monistat 7 is ok to used because I had a yeast infection my first trimester and my 3rd trimester. It does come back because of your increase hormones (which is very common). It is ok to insert it halfway or if it's not too severe, you could just rub on some of the cream instead of inserting it. I just delivered our first baby boy on March 27th; so congratulations and good luck to you.

Just ask your doctor if it is ok.Just simply call the office.

Hi D.,
I know how you feel. I would not have used Monistat while pregnant either. Always trust your gut feelings as you are a mom now:) I agree that the acidophilus or probiotics would work great for you. It would be very hard for you to over do them and they are fine for the baby. You have a bad environment going on right now and these natural supplements will even it out and help you to build good bacteria up, which is what you need. Make sure its a good, high quailty one. Go to a healthfood store. If you like cranberry juice, it will speed up the cure too. Again, a good quailty one. If you have ever heard of Naked Juice, they have an excellant probiotic drink. Best of luck to you and your baby!!

I have two boys and had this problem with my first. Personally I wouldnt use it there are natural ways of getting rid of it that will not harm you or your baby. Like yogurt and something I used, gentian violet. You can find this at your pharmacy. They might have to order it. I was skeptical of this when I heard about it but both my sons pediatrician and my ob said it was perfectly safe and effective to treat yeast infections. My ped had me use it on my newborn to treat thrush at 2 months. You just have to use a cotton swab and rub it on the affected areas. You could ask your doc or research it online. Your pharmacy can answer those questions too. It is a little messy but totally safe. Hope this helps. It really worked!

Go ahead and use it -- it's fine. Lots of pregnant women do -- you can even talk to your pharmacist first if that makes you feel better about it. Your baby is inside the uterus -- the Monistat isn't going to harm him/her. The reason for the "halfway" is probably the applicator not the medicine.

After that, wear cotton panties. And no panties when you can -- at home, to bed, etc. Drink plenty of water (even though I'm sure you're peeing like a fiend) and wipe well when you go potty. Try not to eat a ton of sugars or starches. Be wary of the soaps you use -- especially down yonder -- stay away from stuff like Lever 2000 or highly perfumed stuff. Best idea would be a nonsoap soap like Dove.

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

Hi D.,

It says in the information insert that it can be dangerous during pregnancy and I have a friend that blames her miscarriage on it. The doctor told her she'd be miserable with her yeast and go ahead and use it and she didn't read the label. She miscarried the next day. I'm sure this doesn't happen everytime but once is too many times for me.

There are other remedies for yeast, maybe not as quick. I know you can use a charcoal douche. (If you have a vaginal yeast infection, then it's in the rest of your body also. That is the last place that Candida presents itself.)I would find a prebiotic/probiotic and avoid ALL sugars. Sugar feeds yeast! Sugars also include white bread, white potatoes, and a lot of starches not just sugar. Google simple sugars and avoid them all. This point is imperative because whatever you do will be undone.

If you want precise information I'd call a local midwife and see what she thinks. Midwives tend to look after the baby's well-being like a Mom would. They also are free with information and usually readily available.

God bless and feel better!


If your only symptom is burning, you might still be able to put it off. It could actually be a reaction to your laundry detergent or your toilet paper (yes, even the toilet paper). When I was pregnant with my youngest, I developed an allergy to both Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and Angel Soft toilet paper (the plain white kind). The only area that was truly affected by either was down there, and I kept thinking I was getting yeast infections. I just kept it as clean as possible, and I noticed switching brands of both helped clear everything up in just a couple of days!

Hi D.,
I have never used monistat during pregnancy but I have used a prescribed one during pregnancy. I would talk with your doctor more if you are this concerned and tell her you are worried about it. What I do know, that I found out after my baby was born, that it is important to get rid of the yeast as soon as possible. Yeast during pregnancy can cause stomach issues with your baby as did mine. My second child had reflux and her doctor, after the fact, asked me if I ever had a yeast infection during pregnancy and I told him yes and he told me to go to the health food store and get 'pro-biotics' (same thing that is in yogurt but you can get in powder form or dissolving pill for babies). Which is the 'good' bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria that I had given to her during pregnancy. It worked. So keep that in mind after the baby comes. So I would focus more on getting rid of the yeast. If your doctor says its okay to use, Im sure it is.

I'm not sure about monistat but when i was pregnant my doc gave me a suppository well like three i think it was but i know he said i couldn't use the pill. got rid of it and never had complications from that.

i am having the same problem and i just called my doctor and he said use the cream NOT the insert kind.. if that helps any :D

Take a ton of acidopholus (sp?) -you can pick up capsules or powder at health food stores, Whole Foods -usually even grocery store vitamin aisles. You can take loads of it, and it naturally restores your good bacteria. I would also talk to my doctor further about the Monistat. It does work, and the itching/burning is SO uncomfortable that I know you're eager to be done with it. As many others have said, plain yogurt is good too (same principle as the acidopholus). DO NOT DOUCHE!!! It's never really a good idea, but particularly a bad one during pregnancy. You can google pregnancy + douching to find a number of reasons why.

I ditto the suggestions around eating yogurt everyday and taking probiotics! My OBGYN recommended this as well. I have used Monistat while breastfeeding, but not when I was pregnant. You may have to use something to get rid of it, and then the yogurt and probiotics will help prevent reoccurances. Best of luck, F.

I had a yeast infection during my second pregnancy that would not go away on its own. One OB in my doctor's practice gave me a prescription for something that didn't strike me as safe so I asked my preferred OB who told me to use Monistat. I used a one or two day application and it worked great. My yeast infection did not come back. I didn't use it until I was 20 weeks, even though I'd had the infection since the first trimester.

Do some of the natural remedies mentioned; probiotics (acidophilus), coconut oil (unrefined), tea tree oil, etc. But make sure you also reduce your sugars, yeast feeds on sugar. If you lessen them you have a better chance of keeping it away. Natural soaps (like Dr Bronner's castile soap) make a tea tree variety that I use daily to keep yeast away. I know when the soap burns a bit, that I need to reduce my sugar intake. Oh, and don't reduce sugar by using artificial sugar, use things like agave nectar, maple syrup or honey. If you have any questions feel free to write.

Hey D.!

You and I are in the same boat! I am also 20 weeks pregnant. I never had a yeast infection with my first child, but have had one since I was 10 weeks along with this pregnancy. My doc told me to get Monistat (7 day treatment) and only insert the applicator 1/2 way. I have used it twice now b/c my infections were rather bad and started to affect my daily life. I was hesitant at first, but just could not stand it any more. I know I have one now, but it is really mild so I am not going to do anything about it unless it gets as bad as the others. From the research I have done, they say it is a common problem due to all of the extra hormones flowing through your system. 3 of my co-workers had the same problem during their pregnancies and they had no complications due to the use of Monistat.

Hang in there D.! You will make the right decision that is for you. Tell your doctor how you feel about using the meds. Maybe he/she will have some advise that will comfort you.


A yeast infection was one of the earliest signs I was pregnant both times. I used Monistat per the box directions and had now problems. Two healthy, beautiful, bright children. It was certainly a relief to get over the itching and burning and just enjoy being pregnant. I ate lots of yogurt the rest of the pregnancy and never had a recurrence.

Good luck.


i do not believe it is safe like you said. you need to talk to your doctor and see if he or she can advise you otherwise. i am a mom of a beautiful 19 months old who came at 31 weeks. my amniotic sac was ruptured a little early. i had a yeast infection 3 weeks prior and the nurse from teh doctor's office recommended that i used monistat 3. until this day i believe that this was the cause of my precipitated delivery. try eating some yogurt and see if that would relieve it. i am not trying to scare you but better be safe taht sorry. good luck and congratulations

When I have yeast infections, I use these boric acid capsules I got at a health food store. They work like a charm. Before you use something like that though, I would do the same research you're doing on the Monistat.

I'd try the garlic clove or cocunut oil and acidophilus first though. Great ideas...I may use them myself!


I took Monistat 7 in my first trimester when I was pregnant. I was never told anything about only inserting halfway or anything to be concerned of regarding over the counter meds when I called my OB. If you are truly this concerned, I think you should call your OB to discuss your concerns. I know there are alternatives, have you tried yogurt? I know you can actually insert plain yogurt for the same effect. I hope this helps but call your dr. to discuss your concerns!

Take care,

Hi D.,

Yeast infections are extremely common during pregnancy, and the best medication to use is a 7-day treatment like Monistat 7. The 7-day treatment is better than using a 1-day or a 3-day treatment because yeast infections are harder to clear-up with pregnant women than non-pregnant women.

If some doctors are saying not to use anything and some (like mine and yours) are saying it's fine, go with what makes you feel comfortable and gives you peace-of-mind.

Like you, I was advised to do was to not insert the applicator far (only insert so that the medication barely enters) and then use the topical Monistat on the external area. Apparently the risk is that the applicator could damage the mucus plug & medication could be absorbed, so it's important not to place the applicator too far or place the medication too far.

I experienced a burning sensation when using the product when pregnant, so I used it externally for a day or two and then gave up. Thankfully the infection went away on its own.

The best advise is to check with your doctor again (about your worries) and use it externally to be ultra-safe. Since you're really only experiencing symptoms with sex, you may want to refrain from the medication if you are worried about side-effects.

Take care,

I used Monistat with two of my pregnancies. Please use the medicine, you are at more of a risk of complications with having a longterm yeast infection! I had such horrible yeast infections with my second pregnancy, that my doc just gave me a prescription with refills. Good luck to you.

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