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Moms in Bikinis!

Just wondering what everyone's general thought is on moms wearing bikinis? I'm going to pool party next weekend. Very family friend, everyone will have their kids there. This will be my first time in front of others in a bathing suit since I had my daughter 5 months ago. It's not a matter of being able to "pull off" the bikini, I'm just wondering if it's no longer appropriate. It's definitely not skimpy or anything like that. I don't know why I suddenly feel that it might be inappropriate sporting a bikini with a 5 month old on my hip?!?!
Am I being paranoid? Thoughts?

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Thanks for all the support! I got to the party fully prepared to rock it and ended up not even going in the pool!! It had nothing to do with wearing the bikini, just didn't work out that any of my friends were in when I could go in (aka when my husband was available to watch the little one). I definitely will wear it again, I feel great in it so why shouldn't I!

To respond to one reply asking what my "intentions" were in wearing it. I don't dress to get attention from men. I dress in what makes me look good, what I like and what I'm comfortable in. I'm a huge believer that you can be sexy without letting it all hang out. Regardless of what kind of suit I wore, every man there would have looked and not because I'm some super model but because that's what men do! They look! They ALL do! So my "intention" was purely selfish and about me.

Anyway, thanks again for the supportive words I was completely blown away by the number of responses. I look forward to wearing my bikini soon!

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Hey, if you got it, go for it, don't worry about what those jelous women, who let themselves go, just because they had children think! Now, I am not one of those women, I am back to my 110 pre-preg weight, but I can't wear a bikini, because of excess skin and stetch marks! Now, if I can someday get a tummy tuck and wear one, I most certinley will. However, there is different degrees of coverage, I would not wear a string bakini to a that type of party! Anyways, have fun and don't worry about what the other Moms think, they will only wish!

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I think you should wear whatever you feel comfotable in, what makes you feel confident & happy & relaxed. If you feel this way in a bikini, then go for it. I don't think there should be age limits, that's ridiculuos!

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Why wouldn't you? Sounds like you are in great shape. Go for it. I would just wear one that doesn't shift around a lot! Have fun!

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BIKINI! If you've got it flaunt it, especially 5 months after having a baby! YOU GO GIRL!!!

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Yes, you're being paranoid!

If you've got the figure, flaunt it!

Just make sure your top isn't one that can be pulled down by your daughter.

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I don't think the question is one of age or being a mom or even if you look good enough in it. The question to ask is what is your motivation. I would wear a bikini for my husband's eyes only. He would love it. But to wear it publicly and possibly make my girl friends feel bad and turn men's heads and hormones on...to what end?

As I tell my fourteen year old youngest daughter with a perfect figure, "Turn hearts; not heads." She wears one-piece suits, but someday on her honeymoon in a private place where those responses can be acted upon as God intended--go for it!

Everybody in our family would be uncomfotable at a pool party filled with bikini clad people. We wouldn't go. People have told me I have a beautiful body, even now after 6 kids, including a set of twins, and at 57 years old! (I am a very active organic farmer in the suburbs who works very hard physically and eats extremely healthily.) But I have only worn a bikini on my honeymoon. Just because I have a good figure, does not mean I should wear bikinis in public. But you have made me think. But maybe it's time for a second honeymoon, eh?!

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I think you should wear whatever you feel comfotable in, what makes you feel confident & happy & relaxed. If you feel this way in a bikini, then go for it. I don't think there should be age limits, that's ridiculuos!

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WEAR IT!! There is no rule that says once you become a mom you have to transform into a conservatively dressing prude. I see this happen a lot and it makes me sad. Celebrate your body. I wear bikinis and by no means have a perfect body but I feel comfortable in it. I am 36 years-old and have a 7 and 9 year-old. Wear it and make the other moms jealous...

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Hey, if you got it, go for it, don't worry about what those jelous women, who let themselves go, just because they had children think! Now, I am not one of those women, I am back to my 110 pre-preg weight, but I can't wear a bikini, because of excess skin and stetch marks! Now, if I can someday get a tummy tuck and wear one, I most certinley will. However, there is different degrees of coverage, I would not wear a string bakini to a that type of party! Anyways, have fun and don't worry about what the other Moms think, they will only wish!

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If you look good, then go for it!!! Of course the other moms will hate you for being so skinny (LOL) but you deserve to where what looks good!

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My girlfriend wears a bikini (a modest one) and she's had three kids (twins and a singleton). She looks great and has worked hard to get there. Go for it!

I wore one up until about two years ago (I'm almost 40). I'm just getting too old now, but I still wear a tankini.

Good luck! As long as it's tasteful and not a string bikini I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with it!

Girl, If you still feel good in a bikini 5 months after giving birth, WEAR IT AND WEAR IT OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are 31 years old, you can't pack it in yet. Put that thing on tp go to Target, the grocery store, wherever. As a Mom who has never been a bikini girl (even as a young thin athlete I never had the mid-section for it), Anybody who can and feels good...can't see anything wrong with that!

Now that you're a mom doesn't mean you have to wear the swimsuit equivalent of mom jeans nor abandon what you like.

I had to laugh when I saw 68 responses. I am going to guess that they all said the same thing I am going to say. If you can wear a bikini after giving birth "GO FOR IT" and be proud of yourself. I would die to be able to wear a bikini. I have not had one on since I was in my 20's

If I could I would. I agree with the one poster about keeping modesty in mind on the style of bikini, but that's a personal thing. Good for you! I hope to some day return to a bathing suit ready body after two kids in 2 years. ;-P

I always wear bikinis, when we go to the beach, pool, etc. Except when I'm pregnant, then I usualyl don't wear bathing suits at all.

I really think it is up to you. If you feel fine wearing one go for it! I still wear one and I really don't think it is wrong. I know some people think after you become a mom you have to change the way you look but I don't think you really have to. I'm not saying I think you should dress like a tramp or in clothing covering you head to toe. Wear what makes you feel good! Really that is all that matters. Oh and I'm in ok shape but in no way have a amazing body!

If you can "pull it off", then go for it! Just know that the moms that no longer can (even two years later) because of stretch marks and now unsightly belly buttons might have an inner rage at your showing off....but there is no reason the mommy can't still wear what she wants. Speaking as someone who is forever changed by childbirth and without some serious plastic surgry will never again be able to pull of a bikini :( Feel good about looking good. Just know if you do get looks from other moms it is out of envy!

Hi Going ahead and wear your bikini!!! If you got the body for it, I don't see anything wrong with it. You're still very young. And even if you were not, life is to be lived to the fullest. So have a good time in your bikini at the pool party.

Congratulations on your daughter! My thought is if you can still pull off a bikini, go for it! You said it's not skimpy, so you're fine. Just because you're a mom now doesn't mean your fashion has to go out the window.

Congrads on the baby! I say you go girl..

YES YES YES! I think its great that you can do it and feel comfortable. I think its FABULOUS!

I never stopped wearing them, I just turned 50 last month and still wear a 2 piece even though they say women my age shouldn't, oh well, sorry but I'm still wearing one!!
Enjoy and be proud of yourself!

I say, so long as it's not skimpy you are just fine wearing a bikini. It's wonderful that 5 months after giving birth you can still look flattering in one.

Good for you!!

You go girl! If you're nervous start out with a top over it and shed it later.

Hi there! I would say that if you are comfortable in it - wear it! If you think you are going to be walking around feeling uncomfortable, than don't; it's not worth it. I could never pull it off, but my sister-in-law wore a bikini when her daughter was an infant and she looked beautiful. Why not?

Have fun! R.

wear the bikini!!!!!!

I completely agree, if your comfortable in it, wear it! No matter what your size. If kids are around, keep it sensible. I do have to agree with making sure you have a secure bikini top with holding a little one. I had a funny yet VERY embarassing thing happen at the water park. I have two now adult aged children in addition to a toddler, so I'm referring to when my oldest were little. We took them to a water park & I decided to wear a two piece suit. I went down the body slides and when I hit the water at the end of the slide, my top went completely up off of my chest. I for some reason did not realize this, and stood up at the end of the pool & flashed not only my children, but their friends, and half the people at the park. Oh my god, how embarassing!!! To this day my oldest talk & laugh hysterically about this. I myself will NEVER wear a two pc. around children. LOL Have fun at the party!!

Just do it!! You are a 31yr old mom - not a grandma. If you can pull it off - go for it!

If you can pull it off, by all means wear it. You said it is not skimpy or anything so I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a bikini. I have seen many mothers who are in a bikini and look wonderful. I wore one after my first daughter, it made me feel good that I still could wear one after having a baby.

I agree with the other posters- if you've got it flaunt it! If I had it I certainly would! And kudos on having a bikini ready body 5 months post baby! Four years later and I'm still not there! LOL
As long as it's not skimpy or slutty (not okay when the kiddies are around- Mom or not) wear it.
Have fun at the party!

I agree with everyone else. I personally still wear a bikini after two kids (I'm 36). I think that you should wear what makes you comfortable. Have fun!!

You're 31 years old! Go for it!

Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to wear "mom jeans", or get a "mom haircut", or wear a one piece.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and stylish, but don't think it's inappropriate to wear a bikini, especially if it's not too skimpy (as you say.)

Go for it. I still wear one. It is not inappropriate, unless it is sheer or too small. Those rules apply to everyone, not just moms.

I don't care if you have the figure or not..if you feel comfortable wear it. I wear a size 6/8 and don't wear bikinis because I am too self-conscious but my husband would love it if I did!!!

I have 2 kids - my daughter just turned one in June. I bought myself a new bikini for this summer! It's more of a sporty one (I was never a string bikini gal) and the one change I made - which was mostly pragmatic (I always have a terrible shorts tan anyway) more than a question of modesty - was to trade the typical bikini bottoms in for surfer chick shorts. Title 9 sports has some really cute ones.

So no - I think it's completely fine. Your body probably doesn't look like a 20-year-olds, but it's a beautiful mom's body.

For a little inspiration check out the website http://theshapeofamother.com/

You should definitely wear your bikini if you feel comfortable in it! I am also a 31 year old working mom and I have a 6 month old daughter. I will be wearing a bikini for the first time since my daughter was born this weekend.

Hi There go for it.. It am 42 and work out. I had not worn a bikini in 10 years. Funny story.. I was with a good friend and our kids, and she made fun of me for wearing my tankini with a skirted bottom. I do not have the bod I had in my 20's, but it is OK, I was more self concious about my tummy strech marks. anyway she just told me to look around, and I had sudden realization that nobdy cares but me! I bought a bikini, and wear it. So far I have not seen anybody point and laugh at me;-)LOL

I say if you have the body to look good in a two piece, by all means show it off!! God bless, I wish I could wear a two piece.

I have not read the other responses, but I think most people are self conscious in bathing suits. If you are comfortable in a bikini, wear one :) I think other people are going to be more worried about themselves in front of other people than checking out others. I say go and have fun, wear what you want :)

You can wear a bikini for as long as the body allows it! If I could have pulled off a bikini just five months after giving birth you bet I'd wear it!

i think your question was whether or not (now that you are a mom) it is appropriate to wear a bikini. Becoming a mom doesn't take away from you being able to wear a certain piece of clothing. Sounds like you feel you can still fit your bikini nicely and so go for it. As my mom said as I was growing up "dress in what suits you and don't be concerned about other's opinions".

It saddens me that in this day and age there are still a % of women that are concerned about doing something that may or may not hurt other's feelings because their pig husbands/boyfriends can't control their stares. COME ON! I can go for hours on this but we will leave it alone. Another thing my mom said to me (when I was in 8th grd-because I developed quickly) "Just because one may crave someone's chocolate cake, it's not yours so don't stare and much less try to touch it". GEEZ do we not (as moms) teach our children it's rude to stare??? Same rule applies when you are an adult (for men and women).

Just be you and feel comfortable (as my dad told me-in 8th grd as well) "a confident girl/woman is the most beautiful no matter what she wears.

Oddly enough I dress very conservatively :) I believe in comfort (and intelligence).

I can relate. I never felt like I should be wearing things like that either, after I became a mom. It's probably fine, but you go with what you feel comfortable in. If you still look good in a bikini and you want to wear one, that's fine. But if you feel more comfortable in a one piece, go for it!

You really won't want to wear a bikini when your kids are teens! LOL!

I say wear it!! As long as you can pull it off do it. i happily run around the pool with my 2 kids in a bikini because i worked hard to get back in shape.

Do it! If you can pull it off, do it!

Not that this is a reason to do the bikini, but there are a lot of other people at the beach who are inapporpriately wearing bikinis and it has nothing to do with being a mom, KWIM? If Kate from Jon & Kate can do it, so can you!

Good for you JE. My son is almost 4 months, and there is no way I would be able to wear a bikini right now. Go for it!

If it feels good, do it!

Only you know your friends and how they look at people in general, if they have an option on what everyone is wearing and what everyone is saying.
But as for your question it is up to you what you want to wear. If you have your figure back to where you can wear a bikini why not?? You life is your life and if you feel comfortable you should wear it. You can not spend your life worrying about what everyone and his brother thinks or your life will move on the slow track and when you are raising a child the slow track is not a good place to be.

OMG! Go shake what your mama gave ya :) Hats off to you wearing a bikini 5 months after having a baby. I personally think it's great- just wear whatever you're comfortable in.

have a great summer!

If you can pull it off, GO FOR IT!

I say go for it! If I didn't have massive stretch marks, I'd wear one. I refuse to buy into the notion that just b/c we have kids, that means we can longer be sexy. Ridiculous. If you wore it before you had kids, wear it after. Fat, skinny, whatever. If you're comfortable, dont' worry too much about what other moms will think.

WEAR IT! As long as you feel good, why not?

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! If YOU feel good about it and like the way you look then that is all that matters. You may want to give it a trial run first - I found it sort of tough sometimes to do those tricky mom moves (without having something pop out) in a two piece but if you have one that can stand up to twisting and turning and little hands pulling then I say go for it!

I say go for it!! I've always worn a 2 piece, and I've got 2 kids--2 & 6. Like the other mom said, if you've got it, flaunt it!!! Just be careful that your daughter doesn't tug too hard on your top (I speak from experience!!!)
Have fun at the pool party!!

Impressive! If you still have it, I say, "go for it", especially if everyone is a good friend. My only reservation would be about maneuvering the baby while in a bikini. Knowing me, I would probably do a practice run, in my own home, alone, just to make sure everything stays in place, (i.e. bending, picking up baby, any little baby grips... etc.... )

Other reservation would be any kind of family volleyball, or sports game, including bean bag games.

Other than that....good for you!

Hi JE,
You have tons of opinions here, so I'll keep mine brief. By and large, just wear what's comfortable. One tiny thing to keep in mind - are all your friends husbands' going to be there? If so, you may want to go with the one-piece. This has nothing to do with being a mom, but being a responsible friend and keeping concious of just how much you want to show off your body in front of the husbands of the women you care about. It's human nature - everyone looks, and people's feelings can be hurt without you meaning anything by what you wear.

I say, if you can do it more power to you and go for it!

I'd say wear whatever you are comfortable in. Just because you are now a mom does not mean you can't wear a two piece! If you can pull off a bikini, wear it with pride! You may not be able to wear it forever!

I personally think modesty is underrated in our society. If it is pretty modest, than I think it is fine. But I don't like my husband or sons seeing too much skin at the pool. It's not a mom vs not thing, just a modesty thing. It doesn't sound like yours is skimpy, but just wanted to counter the "if you have it, flaunt it" mentality:)

If you feel good enought to even ask this question, I say go girl! Work that body! I think it is great that you are comfortable in a bikini and I feel like it is definitely appropriate!

Go for it! I wore a bikini 4 months after giving birth to my 1st, and felt great that I was able to pull it off. Loved the nursing boobs too!! Now those are gone, and after the 2nd I have a little more pudge and spreading of the hips, but I always wear a bikini, except one place I don't feel comfortable is when I go to my kid's swimming lessons and accompany them in the pool. I wear a Tankini suit that covers my belly. My husband hates it and calls it a grandma suit. I agree, if you got it, flaunt it!!

I think if you feel comfortable wearing bikini, GO FOR IT! My only thought is maybe to wear one that will be easy to care for your daughter and play - something that is not going to make you worry about exposing any parts you probably don't want the world to see. I know that my son always likes to pull on my clothes!

Just a thought - but I say you should go for it! Good for you! Enjoy.

Absolutely wear it!! I've always worn bikinis and just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I'm going to stop. Have fun at the party!!!

I love all the responses you have gotten. :) I agree...having a baby should not stop you from wearing what feels comfortable, whether you can pull it off or not. :) I have a 2 year old and am 8 months pregnant and am still wearing a bikini to our swimming lessons. :) I hate one pieces/tankinis..for now at least. :) Have fun!

I see you got a lot of responses and I didnt read them but if you can wear a bikini, you go girl!! You had a baby 5 months ago and that is great you can wear one! My son is 2 and I am waiting for the day I can put a bikini back on--just cause you are a mom now doesnt mean you have to cover it up! You will get a lot of compliments! Have fun

Absolutely wear it! I just turned 44 and have a 14 year old and still wear one! No, I don't look like I did in my 20's, but I guarantee there's always someone there who looks worse than I do, even girls that are MUCH younger! I never wear a 2 piece to water aerobics or the water park (for obvious reasons) and if I'm really feeling self-conscious I'll wear a tankini, but my husband LOVES when I still wear my bikini, I get great tan lines, and I'm comfortable and that's all that matters. Go for it!

Why wouldn't you? Sounds like you are in great shape. Go for it. I would just wear one that doesn't shift around a lot! Have fun!

If you can pull it off -- go for it!! If you feel like you look good enough and you feel good in it, you should definitely wear it. If you got the body to flaunt, do it!! Good for you.

If you can wear a bikini and are comfortable taking care of your little one in the pool wearing it, then GO FOR IT. The only thing that should make you change your choice of bathing suit is your comfort (physical or mental).

Hi JE,
If your body is in good shape, which I mean no flab hanging out or cleavage on your back, then go ahead show off that body. If you're one of those mothers who wears a bikini because everyone else is; it's not so attractive, one piece please. I still wear a bikini, but I work out too. I would never get caught dead in a bikini if I was slightly over weight. My husband makes fun of those mothers and says that it's gross!

Hi JE,

Go for it! I had my first daughter 5 years ago and have been wearing a bikini ever since. I work out really hard and am proud of my figure, especially since I have given birth to two children and work part-time. Be proud of what you have, and yes, it is completely appropriate. I wear my bikini in front of my family as well. Last year I tried a tankini and my husband did not like it at all, so back to the bikini I went. Have a good time at the party!

Hi J E,
As others have said, if you can pull off a bikini then go for it. I have had 5 kids but I can still wear a two-piece. I do have a tank cover up that later on I can remove if I want. I don't wear a super skimpy two-piece though because for me, I'm not a teen anymore and being a mom I wouldn't want to embarres the kids trying to act like one. But there is nothing wrong with wearing a two-piece if you feel comfortable. Others could be a little jealous but if they are your friends then they should also be happy for you. I hope you have a good time.
J. J.

You're funny -- go for it and ENJOY the attention!

If you feel comfortable, and the company is an appropriate crowd go for it. I personally have downgraded to the tankini.

I haven't been on here in a while and just came across your post. What happened? Did you decide to wear it? Your post caught my eye because I recently did a mommy and me toddler swimming class, and I was the only one who "dared :)" to wear a bikini. There were plenty of other mommies with bikini-ready bodies, but no one wore one but me. I felt a little funny about it, but after I thought about it, I decided I'm not going to change my wardrobe just to please others!

I agree - if you think you can pull it off, then why not? It has nothing to do with "being a Mom", but rather more to do with modesty and the image you are portraying.

I work at a pool, and I am SHOCKED at what some people will wear - skinny, overweight, pregnant, older, younger, you name it. Now I'm all for being comfortable and proud of your body, however I also believe in a bit of coverage (some things should just be left to the imagination, especially when children are around!).

I also agree with the prior post, watch your daughter's hands and your top while you're out in public. Somehow there's just some allure of cleavage and those tiny tops.

Have fun and enjoy the pool party.

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