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Mom Wondering If Anyone Else Felt Overly Anxious After the Birth of Their First

Hello to all...
Just gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy 3 weeks ago. Since then I've been struck with anxiety and just recently feelings of depression. I'm really hoping this is just the baby blues everyone talks about but am not sure. Am really worried about having to take an anti depressant. I'm walking with the baby everyday and taking vitamins... just trying to take care of myself until this passes... does amyone else know what I'm talking about? Almost like feeling like I'm in a fog or out of touch w/ reality.
Thank you in advance for your thoughts:)

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Thank you to everyone for all their responses and support. Ty is 6 months now and I'm getting accustomed to my new role as a mom a little more everyday. I am taking some meds bit hopefully not for too much longer. Thx again to you all!!!

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I would definetely talk to your OB. I had SEVERE post partum depression after the birth of my daughter (first & prob. only child). It started with me about 8 weeks post partum, (she was also 6 weeks early, which would make it the same time frame as you). I was worried about working & getting her to her activities, from Kindergarten to College. Paying for college etc. Granted I had other issues (severe car accident, husband lost job etc.). The worse time for me was about 3 am, after her feeding & she was asleep & I was trying to go to sleep. I was placed on Prozac after 3 months & going back to work I felt normal again. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like this in my life!!! The feelings were so extreme!! This is nothing to play around with. Just talk to your Dr. My family was really concerned for me. fourtunately (or unfortunately), my Mom shared her experience after my birth ( I was the oldest) & what she experienced was PPD. So there may be a genetic as well as a hormonal component. BTW before this hit I felt GREAT!!!, full of energy etc. But when it hit it hit like a ton a bricks!!

Hi A...

The good news is you are normal. I too went through depression after giving birth to my son. You feel this huge amount of responsibilty has been laid on your lap and whats worse (in my case) I felt I may not be up to the job. I felt out of place, and awkward like all the other new moms at the park had it together and I didnt. In my case it did pass. I quit worring so much about all the what-ifs and I let go of the past completly..that is the hard part. Just let go of all the things that you miss since having a baby. And move forward. Depression is not a sin! your whole life has changed and I think for the better. My son has taught me sooo much about Life and he is a KID. Stay busy, and exercise that will help you the most. When your body is strong and in shape you will feel in control of this out of control situation.
Good luck

Taking anti depressants in the short-term is not a big deal. What IS a big deal is having you emotions such as they are when help is available.

Talk to your OB.

HI A.. I am a mother of 2 and one on the way. I clearly remember feeling the baby blues with the birth of my first son, and not understanding why I felt what I did. Everything felt surreal. I thank God for a supportive husband, however what helped the even more was getting to meet other first time moms. I delivered at UCH (Tampa) and they (6 yrs ago) had a Mommy/Baby class-support group that met once a week. It began to help me feel so normal to see that other ladies had similar issues and that it was not just me. So maybe you can check out the place where you had your baby. Also, as you may well know, your hormones are trying to adjust themselves so that has a major role in it as well. Hope this helps! Take care and congrats on your new baby.


Bless you sweetheart...Sorry that you are going thru a bit of a ruff time. Baby blues is very common and postpartum is more common than people realize. If your symptoms interfere with your day-to-day life or the care of your baby, it may be something a bit more serious that needs intervention. Postpartum is triggered by hormones and can be greatly helped by medication and possibly counseling. If you have any question at all, I would suggested to talk with your OBGYN about it soon...If they do recommend medication, that may just be for a season, but it may help you get thru a tuff time and help to pull you out of the fog. I can perfectly relate to what you are talking about and did talk to my OB and did go on meds in response to postpartu - I felt weird about it at first, but am so glad that I made the choice to do it - things are sooo much better. That coupled with some counseling to deal with some pre-existing things and to some things in adjusting to being a new mom and changing roles has all been very helpful. My advice would be to talk to your doctor (and husband if you are married) and all decide what is the best for you in your situation - do not compare yourself to someone else and what they did or did not do or what other people think. And do not take it as a reflection of your love for your baby or your worthiness as a mom - it is not about that - it is chemical and hormonally triggered. You need to be the best person that you can be for yourself, your little one and your family and don't feel any shame in going after that! Keep the hope - it may not be a quik process, but with reaching out it can get better!

My first baby I thought things were fine, but I heard that the sun starts shinning again and everything becomes clearer around 2 months. Sure enough exactly 2 months I felt like the lights came back on even though I didn't even realize they were off! My second one was not that way at all. I was tired, stressed, life did not look the same at all. Normally I am very positive and I just couldn't be positive. I lost patients with my 3 year old and would get so angry with him over nothing. I had urges to hit him that were so hard to control. I didn't feel that way towards the baby though, not sure why. I didn't want to go to the doctor and be put on medication either but knew my kids didn't deserve to suffer with me. I went and sure enough my Dr. put me on a anti depressant, a very small dose. What a difference it has made! So glad I didn't fight it!! It's not the end of the world and not necessarily permanent either. You should defiantly talk to your doctor. Most people don't like to talk about this for fear they will be viewed as a awful mother, not the case at all!!! I have found that 3 other friends are on the same medication as I am :) So don't fight it too much. Babies change us so much it's amazing, who knew a little tiny thing could do so much to change your body and emotions. Congratulations on the birth of your boy, motherhood is the best thing in the world!! You did a great thing about signing up on mamasource you will never be alone here!

I had my first in Oct 07 a girl. Went thru what you are talking about. I went on a small dose of meds and it helped tons. Some are safe if you are breastfeeding. Walks and vitamins are good but it is a hormone thing but it does go away. Once things "calm" down the 1st 2 months are the toughest I found.

Call your doctor. You might have PPD (post-partum depression).
Call your doctor, if you go undiagnosed it can get so much worse. This is a happy time, you should enjoy it.

I should know I went through it and it got bad.

Take care

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