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Mom to Be Needs Advice on Type of Stroller to Buy

I am wondering what type of stroller I should register for. I hope to walk often with our child once she is born as I am a big walker, so I would like something lightweight, and not so daunting to put her in. Those big Graco ones my friends and sis have seem pretty heavy. But I'm told the strollers with only three wheels (I would need the kind that accept an infant seat attached) are difficult to maneuver in stores. Also the $500 ones are not acceptable because my husband says it's too expensive for me to register for. I am open to suggestions. My number one concerns are baby's comfort, ease of set up (lightweight) and versatile. Thank you!

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While my babies were in the infant carrier, I basically only used the snap and go apparatus that is a holder for the infant carrier. it was light and easy to set up and had a basket underneath. No need for a real stroller until the baby is out of the infant carrier. The snap on stroller thing is only around $40.00 and by the time you need the real stroller new models will be out, and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. Take it from a veteran...less is more!

I have a BOB jogging stroller if that's what you think you want. It was expensive but worth it. Folds easily and rolls like a dream. Safe harness and comfy. I however never use it hardly, I use a sling or something when I walk. Baby is happier, mom gets better work out. Good luck, enjoy the new one, it last for two seconds!


The best stroller for doing the walking that it sounds like you plan on doing is a jogging stroller with a front swivel wheel. And the joging strollers are much lighter than the others, at least that has been my experience.

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Hi J.-
For easy wheeling around stores, I love my Graco snap-n-go. The car seat just pops right in... easy transition if your babe falls asleep in the car. It's super easy to open/store and very light weight, and cheap! (We keep ours in the car all the time). It's not the best for bumpy side walks though. Once my little guy got big enough, (4-5 months, I think) we got an Expedition brand jogger... It's lightweight, a smooth ride, and easy to manuever, and pretty middle of the road as far as $$ goes. I love it... we just went for a run this morning and Liam sang the whole way- he loves the wind in his face. :)
Before we got the jogger, I exercised/walked with Liam in the Baby Bjorn. He would face me and snooze the whole time. It was great. :)

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We carried our baby in a simple sling (a New Native brand sling, or simply a wide scarf folded lengthwise) until he was four months old. This allowed us to be perfectly mobile, taking him everywhere- movies, restaurants & cafes, and even to parties and Mardi Gras parades. He happily slept whenever he needed to. After four months, we bought the cheapest, simplest stroller- a fold up, very lightweight "umbrella" stroller for $9.99 at Target. This worked great for us until we moved to Germany in the winter and needed a heavy-duty one with a cover for snow and rain. (We got a new-condition, $500 model for 30 euros through the classifieds- buying used is really your best bet if you want an expensive model- you can get very fancy strollers in nearly perfect condition for 10% of the original price.)

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When I was pregnant I was completely obsessed with finding the perfect stroller. I think my nesting instinct focused on strollers, and I couldnt relax until I had one waiting for her. I agree whole heartedly with everyone who says wait until your baby isnt a newborn to buy one. I ended up using a baby carrier and the snap and go all the time, and had I waited until she was a few months old to test drive strollers with her I would have chosen differently. As it is I love the graco guattro travel system we got before my daughter was born, but we rarely use it, its really only for long walks on sidewalks or hard packed ground. Its very big and heavy, and while its completely safe and very comfortable for my daughter, its honestly too big for everyday use. The snap and go and a bjorn are the two things I tell all my pregnant frienmds to register for, and I've lent the snap and go out constantly since we stopped using it. Good luck and congratulations!

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Hi J., Congrats on your pregnancy! When we registered, we registered for a Graco stroller which works with the carseat and is great! It's really sturdy since the carseat snaps right into it, it makes taking our daughter out into stores, etc a breeze since it has a cover and we don't have to pull her out of the carseat to put her into the stroller. However, we also registered for a smaller umbrella stroller, I think it was a Chicco...but that one will be easier to travel with once she gets a little older. Good luck!

Hi J., Congratulations on your first baby.
I am a stroller lover. I have 4 singles and two doubles. Some of which I purchased 2nd hand.....I highly recommend the BOB single stroller. Light weight...easiely fits into cars....good for walking outdoors and indoors...swivel wheel. Yes I know you didn't want pricey...but it is worth the money. Get one good stroller so you don't have to be like me with a garage full of strollers for different uses (We have 3 little ones and I do use all my strollers) but all I would have gotten in retrospect is my double BOB and a single for short trips with one baby. Anyway good luck to you. If you search you may even find a lightly used one off of craigslist or ebay. Good luck. I have had good luck with the Graco single stroller too. That is a lot less prices. I have used mine through airports and it has last through all 3 kids.

Hi J.-
Like the others said-the Snap N Go is the way to go-it is so easy-you literally just snap and go. It is definitely the way to do and very reasonably priced and you could also register for a stroller when she gets older. Congratulations and good luck!

We registered for the Chicco travel system, and have been really happy with it. I researched different strollers, and then took the top contestants for a test drive at Babies R Us, and the Chicco was my favorite. It is lightweight, easy to fold up and maneuver, has some light "shock" absorbers for when we go over bumpy paths, and the car seat snaps in with an audible clunk, so you know when it is securely in. The Peg Perego sp? was nice too, a little lighter and more nimble- but seemed better suited for city sidewalks. My sister-in-law has that one, but doesn't like the handles- would prefer a full handle bar for easier management with one hand.

I got a Chicco brand because it is lightweight and small for my toyota, and I love it! It is still sturdy and is a travel system. It was a little more expensive than a Gracco, but worth it as it has served us well so far!

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