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Mom to Be Needs Advice on Type of Stroller to Buy

I am wondering what type of stroller I should register for. I hope to walk often with our child once she is born as I am a big walker, so I would like something lightweight, and not so daunting to put her in. Those big Graco ones my friends and sis have seem pretty heavy. But I'm told the strollers with only three wheels (I would need the kind that accept an infant seat attached) are difficult to maneuver in stores. Also the $500 ones are not acceptable because my husband says it's too expensive for me to register for. I am open to suggestions. My number one concerns are baby's comfort, ease of set up (lightweight) and versatile. Thank you!

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While my babies were in the infant carrier, I basically only used the snap and go apparatus that is a holder for the infant carrier. it was light and easy to set up and had a basket underneath. No need for a real stroller until the baby is out of the infant carrier. The snap on stroller thing is only around $40.00 and by the time you need the real stroller new models will be out, and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. Take it from a veteran...less is more!

I have a BOB jogging stroller if that's what you think you want. It was expensive but worth it. Folds easily and rolls like a dream. Safe harness and comfy. I however never use it hardly, I use a sling or something when I walk. Baby is happier, mom gets better work out. Good luck, enjoy the new one, it last for two seconds!


The best stroller for doing the walking that it sounds like you plan on doing is a jogging stroller with a front swivel wheel. And the joging strollers are much lighter than the others, at least that has been my experience.

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Hi J.-
For easy wheeling around stores, I love my Graco snap-n-go. The car seat just pops right in... easy transition if your babe falls asleep in the car. It's super easy to open/store and very light weight, and cheap! (We keep ours in the car all the time). It's not the best for bumpy side walks though. Once my little guy got big enough, (4-5 months, I think) we got an Expedition brand jogger... It's lightweight, a smooth ride, and easy to manuever, and pretty middle of the road as far as $$ goes. I love it... we just went for a run this morning and Liam sang the whole way- he loves the wind in his face. :)
Before we got the jogger, I exercised/walked with Liam in the Baby Bjorn. He would face me and snooze the whole time. It was great. :)

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We carried our baby in a simple sling (a New Native brand sling, or simply a wide scarf folded lengthwise) until he was four months old. This allowed us to be perfectly mobile, taking him everywhere- movies, restaurants & cafes, and even to parties and Mardi Gras parades. He happily slept whenever he needed to. After four months, we bought the cheapest, simplest stroller- a fold up, very lightweight "umbrella" stroller for $9.99 at Target. This worked great for us until we moved to Germany in the winter and needed a heavy-duty one with a cover for snow and rain. (We got a new-condition, $500 model for 30 euros through the classifieds- buying used is really your best bet if you want an expensive model- you can get very fancy strollers in nearly perfect condition for 10% of the original price.)

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When I was pregnant I was completely obsessed with finding the perfect stroller. I think my nesting instinct focused on strollers, and I couldnt relax until I had one waiting for her. I agree whole heartedly with everyone who says wait until your baby isnt a newborn to buy one. I ended up using a baby carrier and the snap and go all the time, and had I waited until she was a few months old to test drive strollers with her I would have chosen differently. As it is I love the graco guattro travel system we got before my daughter was born, but we rarely use it, its really only for long walks on sidewalks or hard packed ground. Its very big and heavy, and while its completely safe and very comfortable for my daughter, its honestly too big for everyday use. The snap and go and a bjorn are the two things I tell all my pregnant frienmds to register for, and I've lent the snap and go out constantly since we stopped using it. Good luck and congratulations!

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Hi J., Congrats on your pregnancy! When we registered, we registered for a Graco stroller which works with the carseat and is great! It's really sturdy since the carseat snaps right into it, it makes taking our daughter out into stores, etc a breeze since it has a cover and we don't have to pull her out of the carseat to put her into the stroller. However, we also registered for a smaller umbrella stroller, I think it was a Chicco...but that one will be easier to travel with once she gets a little older. Good luck!

Hi J., Congratulations on your first baby.
I am a stroller lover. I have 4 singles and two doubles. Some of which I purchased 2nd hand.....I highly recommend the BOB single stroller. Light weight...easiely fits into cars....good for walking outdoors and indoors...swivel wheel. Yes I know you didn't want pricey...but it is worth the money. Get one good stroller so you don't have to be like me with a garage full of strollers for different uses (We have 3 little ones and I do use all my strollers) but all I would have gotten in retrospect is my double BOB and a single for short trips with one baby. Anyway good luck to you. If you search you may even find a lightly used one off of craigslist or ebay. Good luck. I have had good luck with the Graco single stroller too. That is a lot less prices. I have used mine through airports and it has last through all 3 kids.

Hi J.-
Like the others said-the Snap N Go is the way to go-it is so easy-you literally just snap and go. It is definitely the way to do and very reasonably priced and you could also register for a stroller when she gets older. Congratulations and good luck!

We registered for the Chicco travel system, and have been really happy with it. I researched different strollers, and then took the top contestants for a test drive at Babies R Us, and the Chicco was my favorite. It is lightweight, easy to fold up and maneuver, has some light "shock" absorbers for when we go over bumpy paths, and the car seat snaps in with an audible clunk, so you know when it is securely in. The Peg Perego sp? was nice too, a little lighter and more nimble- but seemed better suited for city sidewalks. My sister-in-law has that one, but doesn't like the handles- would prefer a full handle bar for easier management with one hand.

I got a Chicco brand because it is lightweight and small for my toyota, and I love it! It is still sturdy and is a travel system. It was a little more expensive than a Gracco, but worth it as it has served us well so far!

The Snap 'N Go travel system is a must have. It comes with a car seat, base, and stroller. The car seat snaps into the base and lightweight stroller which can be maneuvered with one finger. An extra base can be purchased for second car. There is also a separate swing attachment so that the same car seat can be used in the car, stroller, and swing. They are all lightweight and versatile.

Have you looked into the Baby Jogger City Series Mini? The City Mini is $199.99. Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! L.

I have a BOB jogging stroller if that's what you think you want. It was expensive but worth it. Folds easily and rolls like a dream. Safe harness and comfy. I however never use it hardly, I use a sling or something when I walk. Baby is happier, mom gets better work out. Good luck, enjoy the new one, it last for two seconds!


Hi J.,
I can't say I've had much use for it yet, but my husband and I found a Babytrend Jogger stroller that has three big wheels and the option to lock the front wheel or not. Trying it in the store it seemed very manuverable, and does come with the car seat attachment. The wheels are all really big too, which appealed to me since I walk a lot of trails and have a muddy driveway. At the time I think it was around 180$, so it fit the budget nicely as well. BabiesRUs had it out on the floor in their South Portland store, so you can try it out for yourself. Hope you find something that works.

Hi J.

I have seen new strollers which are just the frame (wheels and handles and frame, the infant car seat fits into the frame. I am not sure how the frame handles as far as ease to open/close and manuver. They look easy to use, and definately light weight!
You could use that until the baby is big enough to sit in a 3 wheel stroller, which will be just months after birth, as long as it reclines as early as 3 months!

I thought the same as you about my big bulky travel system, but I am glad we got it; when we go on outings we bring it because it has lots of storage space underneath and it manuvers like a lexus! As heavy as it is, most have one hand open a close. We also have a maclaren, which is so light weight which we bring along for shorter day trips and when we are packing light for the day.
Good luck!

What we did was register for the CHicco travel system, with the stroller...this stroller was lightweight, easy to use and great for shopping etc. Then we also registered for a less expensive jogging/walking stroller, that easily folds up and can be purchased for $99 or sometimes less. That way we have the use of both strollers and no one had to spent a ton of money!

Be very careful to not buy into the unnecessary things for the baby. You are very right in questioning about strollers. Most are over the top.

I would keep the baby close to you in one of those carriers instead if you are walking. Many women outside the US don't rely on big strollers. As a mom myself, I used the umbrella stroller which is lightweight, folds up and my kids are perfectly fine today at 8,7. And when I did need to get a stroller because there were two of them, I really felt them to be heavy and a pain at times.

My mother works at babies r us and she also agrees that one brand is really difficult to open and close with one hand, since you are holding the baby in the other most likely. I think it was Graco. If your heart is on a stroller, you need to go to the store and play with them. See which one you can handle best because it will be you using it.

Good luck!

I remember going thru the same turmoil when I was pregnant. I ended up getting a smaller 3-wheeled stroller for when my son was real small. It is made by kolcraft. It was around $120.00 and came with 2 attachments, 1 for the baby carrier to sit in and another for just the baby. It also had the feature where you could have the baby face you or face front, this was nice depending on where the sun was. At about 8 months he seemed to be annoyed in it because it reclined too much and was more than we needed since he was older and much easier to travel with. We changed at that point to a Graco umbrella stroller which was around $80.00. This one is so easy to manuver and has the basket underneath for storage. Also make sure that the handles are taller so you don't hunch over while pushing it. I would register for 2 strollers of this type, you will need it!

Hi J. - (editting... i thought you said double...)

I sell baby gear and therefor have LOTS of great suggestions!

One fantastic one I would get is the Baby Jogger city Series Elite - it's super light weight, pushes like a dream - it does have a carseat adapter, but you can just as easily put baby directly into the stroller as it's rated from newborn up. There are lots of accessories too - and it's more in the $300 price range then the $500 (plus - if you visit my listing... you will see some "help" for that purchase!)

The bob revolution is also fantastic - but it does not recline quite as much. I prefer the baby jogger for a newborn.

Another one to look at - the Dreamer Design Park Avenue - it's $299 - and it has a reversible seat. THe seat is only rated to 33lbs... which is a tiny bit limitting... but baby is roughly 2.5 at that point - and maybe you'll need a double then :) (and I've pushed that weight limit... but I'm not recommending it :) )

It comes with the carseat adapter - which is great... and it pushes fabulously.

I have lots more suggestions in your price range... let me know if any of these above appeal to you!



In my opinion you probably could use two strollers. A jogging stroller for when you are outdoors walking for your own excercise. Get one with an aluminum frame if possible and I would not be fooled by all the bells and whistles. If you are a serious walker you will need a serious jogging stroller with a good frame. These can best be found in reputable sporting good stores. I really loved the products from babyjogger.com Check the handle height for comfort. The handle should actually be at hip level. A foam comfort grip is also a real plus. The true joggers are balanced and weighted so that maneuverability is possible even with one hand and most importantly are smooth on rough surfaces. (many of the traditional strollers can be difficult to push even on sidewalks because the wheels get stuck) but, you are correct they would be very difficult to maneuver in a smaller store, boutique, subway, city bus, airport ets. Most of these strollers will have a sling type seat so they really are not appropriate for newborns, but remember your baby won't be a newborn for long. In addition I kept a lightweight umbrella stroller in my car for trips to the mall. I particularly like the Maclaren (sp?) brand. Mine was very streamlined; a mesh seat (again good handle height) lightweight aluminum frame and very maneuverable. It also had a shoulder strap so was great for travel. I particularly liked the harness in the Maclaren umbrella as it was full chest harness not just a lap belt so it really prevent my toddler from standing in the stroller (the umbrella strollers can be very east to tip backwards as you will surely find out) a very handy accessory when you are somewhat distracted by shopping. Again, it was probably not appropriate for a newborn. If you want they sell frames specially designed to hold car seats. When the car seat is removed the frame folds up flat and can be tossed in the trunk. These tend to be a little heavier because they are not aluminum frames and a little more unwieldly, but they would be appropriate for little ones up to about nine months to a year old and the handle is designed so you are looking at your little one which they always enjoy. As they get older they prefer to look around and take in the sights. So I guess you might need upwards of three strollers, but, you wouldn't need them all right away. Those very expensive ones are nice but I'm not sure how old a child they would support and truly you will be using a stroller likely up until your child is four years old, also, they are hybrids, trying to be "jack of all trades but master of none" if you know what I mean. Hope this is helpful and does not just add to your confusion! Best Wishes.

J. L.

I have a 2 month old daughter and we use her Graco Snugride car seat and the Snap and Go Stroller Frame. It is VERY easy to use and very lightweight. Also, it's very reasonably priced--the frame is about $60 and you'll already be buying a carseat anyway. You will probably want to register for a stroller for when your baby gets older, also, but I highly recommend the Snap and Go for when your baby is first born. Hope this advice helps!

make sure it's a five point harness an infant car seat stroller combo you do not need to spen thousand of dollars check the ratings in online stores walmart target graco does make an ultra light stroller thats great for when you want to walk

I purchased a Graco stroller frame and LOVE it! I didn't want a big bulky 'travel system' either. The stroller frame is lightweight, easy to fold, fits everywhere, and has a roomy basket on the bottom. It fits the Graco Snugride car seats, and it is inexpensive (about $50). My son is 1 yr old now and will be moving out of it, sad to see it go...

I purchased the Inglesia Zippy and have been incredibly happy with it for over two years now. It's a little pricey (~$300), but I found a "last year" model and saved over $100 online. An infant carseat easily fits onto it, it's lightweight, folds with one hand and easily fits in the car. The handles are higher than most strollers and it handles well so you can walk comfortably.

Hi J., For the length of time my daughter was in her infant car seat carrier, I used the snap n go stroller. I used it everywhere, shopping, walking trails, anywhere we went. Once we moved her to the convertible car seat we went shopping for a more lightwieght stroller. At that time she could sit up, so we put her in them in the store and bought the one that fit her best. It was the Saftey First company(we have since given it to a friend, so I don't know the exact model) that was lightweight and easy to carry. I wish you luck! M.

Hi J.,
Graco makes a fabulous stroller, unfortunately it is in the $500 range but I felt it was well worth it. I registered for it and a few people chipped in so it worked out well. I went to a few stores and took them for a test run which will clearly show you what you pay for. 4 wheels vs 3 wheels are much better to manuever around corners and taking those long walks this Spring. This is one item worth investing a few more bucks in since it gets alot of use and it is important Mom and baby are comfortable and safe. Take care. L.

I know that it is hard to spend a lot of money on a stroller, but you will use it more often and longer than a crib. I have an older stroller (Peg Perego Venezia) that I have used since birth until now (my son is 4.3 years old). It is light, easy to fold, easy to maneuveur in tight spaces, easy snap car seat, can face baby towards you or away from you....When I bought it, it was on the more expensive side, but I bought it on clearance at a Burlington Coat factory for less than half the retail price. My advice would be to get what you really like & find it at a price you are comfortable paying. A few days ago, Shnoop.com had the new Silver Cross travel system for 179 (reg. 549)! Try Overstock, clearance aisles at the baby store, etc. I also noticed today that strollerdepot.com has posted a bunch of videos about all the strollers they carry. The videos show them being used & points out their functionality. I hope this helps.

The Graco stoller is the basic line of strollers. They are very easy to fold up and not too heavy. As for walking, you may want to look into the jogging stollers, this line has become very popular. You want to look for good storage as you will be attached to your stroller for a few years.
I would go to babies R US and look at the different lines as well as other baby stores so that you can compare and contrast. I can imagine that you should be able to find a stoller that meets your needs between 100- 300.

Hi J.,
The best baby stuff I've found is at www.onestepahead.com. They research all different brands for ease of use, comfort and functionality. I'd suggested finding one you like there.

I have to recommend the Graco Metrolite - it was one of the lighter ones I looked at. I have 2 boys who are now 2 1/2 and 3 1/2, so it's been a few years since I registered, but they were in the $140 range when I got it. I remember thinking it was so cumbersome at first, but now that I have a double stroller that is so heavy and not easy to steer I can't believe how good I had it with the first one. I love it when I only have one kid with me and can take the Metrolite!

I would also recommend you get the book called Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields. They come out with a new edition every year and they rate ALL baby equipment for safety and price and you can get the stats (weight etc) to compare models before you even go to the store. I found it to be an invaluable resource when I was registering.

Good luck with your new baby.

I love the BOB-it is the best. I have the off road version because we live on a dirt road and I have even been taking it on snowmobile trails. My sister-in-law is a runner so has the BOB jogging version-you can buy the car seat attachment for it for when your baby is a newborn. It packs easy and is relatively affordable <$300.

have you considered the snow stroller? www.snowstroller.ca Perfect for snowy Chicago!

Hi J. -

I love to walk too and what a great time a year to have your baby!! What I did is bought the Gracco Silver Frame - it is ~$50 an it is extrememly light weight (it can't be more than 5 pounds). The Gracco car seat fits right in. It is not bulky at all. It is great for stores and walks. I walk my daughter everyday for a couple of miles. I have even jogged with it.

If you are really into walking or jogging also get a jogging stroller. However, I think that you have to wait until your child can hold her head up before you put her in it. I hope this helps. Congratulations!!

I would highly recommend going with a carrier, they are much easier to pack and more comforting for the baby to be close to mom. I used the big, expensive stroller I was given maybe a handful of times, but I still use the carrier with my 20 month old every day when we walk. We have the Ergo carrier, which was a bit pricey ($100) but worth every penny...it can be used up to 40lbs I think. I tried several brands and it was the only one that didn't hurt my back. You can get an insert for it to accomodate infants. Strollers are just a pain, and you get a better work out carrying the baby.

I highly recommend the Baby Trend Snap N Go Stroller.
very easy to use and lightweight too.
This will give you many months of using your infant car seat which most babies love to be in, then when he/she outgrows her car seat you can move onto something else.

congrats on your baby to be!!

my advice is to wait until your child is born. What I recommend initially is a $50 universal car seat carrier - register for this - which you can use until the child is out of the car seat (8-18 mos depending on the size of your child). this is folding stroller legs - its easy to use and take anywhere. You envision walking - you may have a child who hates the stroller and screams for a number of months - mine did for the first 5 mos. He just wanted to be worn in a sling/wrap (we like mobi wrap and then ergo). We borrowed strollers and waited until 1 year to buy a new one - then we bought a mountain buggy urban single. I could never have imagined spending $400 on a stroller but it is a piece of equipment you use everyday and we live in brighton and walk in all weather - so the 12" bicycle wheels were key, small wheels get stuck in train tracks etc. Borrow used stroller or buy a cheap one and wait to see what you need - its all very personal and worth spending money on when you know what you need.

Hi there,
I'm expecting my 7th child in May, and I have been through so many strollers. My husband probably wishes I had gone with a real expensive one I loved instead! I think the type of stroller you need depends on where you will be walking, for the most part. If you walk briskly, for exercise, and the ground is at all uneven, even bumpy sidewalks, the jogging strollers are definitely the way to go. Not only are they way easier to push, but they are also designed to absorb more of the shock from any uneven terrain. There are lots of them now that can accomodate the infant seats, sometimes using a special adaptor bar, and then can be used alone when baby is bigger. And I haven't found them that much more difficult to maneuver in stores. One thing I would say, though, is that the more expensive ones aren't necessarily the best. I used an InStep from Wal-Mart for years, and it's still going. I even used it for my infants, just adding an infant insert and rolled blankets for support, and reclining the seat all the way. Also, some of the joggers now come with a wheel in front that can be set to swivel (for when you're shopping or whatever) or can lock straight for exercising. Good luck. Also, check out Ebay. I've gotten several great strollers for much cheaper than retail price. Enjoy that baby -- there's nothing that compares to being a mom!

Have you considered putting off getting a stroller, and using a carrier for walks and stores. (such as a bjorn or similiar brand, or a sling)Then your baby is "in arms", comfortable, and you don't have to worry about manuevering anything in stores. I didn't buy a stroller w/ my 1st child until she was over 1!

I have the Graco metrolite stroller system. It is more compact than most strollers and lighter. I highly recommend it!

I have a bad back - and w/ regular chiropractic visit's i have been able to minimize back strains/pulls.... so when looking for a stroller - my main priority was weight of the stroller - lugging it in and out of the car etc....

While the baby was in the carrier i used the graco Snug rider stroller frame - that was the best to get in and out of the car.

i also registered for the graco - Metro Lite series (travel system) - if you look at the descriptions - the metro lite series strollers are like 17lbs.... where the quattro tour series is like 25 - 28lbs. all the carriers are basically the same weight.

I also have the Chicco C5 - it folds up like a small umbrella stroller - but it's a bit beefier w/a 5point harness, basket underneath etc.

once the baby is out of the carrier, i mostly used the C5 stroller - great for going in and out of the mall. and it's great for up until they start to walk and are self feeding - for longer excursions (breast cancer walk, topsfield fair etc) - and now that my daughter is 18 mos - i use the metro lite - since it has the snack tray - she can keep her sippy cup and snack there - and she's sits right on the edge and hangs on to the snack tray - where as in te C5 now - it kind of always keeps her reclined a bit - and she like to sit up and see everything.

they were all very easy to use - to walk around the neighbor hood and on paved pathways - so depending on where you are planning to walk. the 3-wheel jogger type of strollers - the wheels don't turn and that's what makes it hard to steer - you are supposed to lift the front wheel off the ground a bit and pivot on the back wheels if you are going to make a turn.

my girlfriend does have the Jeep 3 wheel stroller - and i believe that the front wheel does turn.

and depending on if you are planning to have any more kids and how close in age - you'll be looking at a double stroller soon enought - i'm expecting my second in july and my daughter will be 2 in august - so i'll be lookign to upgrade to a double stroller of some sort.

I registered for the infant car seat from Graco so I added the snap and go- It is awesome. It didn't take up a lot of room in my car. I didn't have to take the baby out of the car seat and the car seat snaps in really easily. I think however, getting a jogging stroller is your best bet. I know mountain buggy has a car seat adaptper. They are expensive but maybe it is an item that you could buy on your own. They hold their value so I know you could sell it after you are done- which could be some years. ANyway you could put it on a registry and maybe some fo your friends would go in on it- good luck

If you are a walker, you will want a jogging stroller. I used a snap n go for the first few months to walk 45 minutes every morning with my newborn (to get the baby weight off!). Then I got a Jeep/Kolcraft jogging stroller from Babies R Us for $160 (the most expensive one in the store, so you know they have cheaper ones), and couldn't believe how much easier and more pleasant it was to walk with. I put the snap n go in the car and used it as my regular stroller until I knew what I wanted for that use. I finally decided to get a Chicco Cortina stroller. It's a full size stroller that weighs a lot less than those Graco things. As my child gets older, the full-size stroller, for me, is a bit much, so I use a substantial "umbrella"-type stroller. But I still use my jogging stroller!


I've been really happy with this stroller. I have to say it goes off road & on pavement and I'm pretty active walking etc.
It can go both directions and light weight. Good tires. great price for what you get. They sell it online via Target too.

It's in the baby bargin book - the review if you have that book, if not definately must get it! It's by Denise & Alan Fields baby Bargains - I think the latest version is the 7th edition so make sure you get at least that edition for up to date info. It is a must have for new moms - I use it all the time!

It's good birth through toddler.
But the Snap & Go is the best for quick infant transition with the car seat. which is only about 50 bucks...


If you are really into walking I highly recommend looking at a walking/jogging stroller like the BOB strollers. They are more expensive but the have a weight capacity of 75 lbs. One stroller for the entire span of baby/toddler/small child! I bought a running stroller and LOVE it!

Two of my friends when the route of buying the stroller that the
infant car seat snaps into and now they've both purchased walking/jogging strollers now that the babies have outgrown the infant strollers.

Check out this website: http://www.bobgear.com/index.php

You have to remind your husband that its okay to register for something expensive. Maybe a couple a people will pitch in together. Or if you don't get it, maybe you will get some money and can purchase it after. Babies are a BIG investment! I definitely think a good stroller is worth it!

I run nearly every day with mine and my daughter LOVES it! We got the running stroller before she was born and I got the infant attachments so that we could use it right away. She loves it! Good luck!

Hi J.,

I had the same concerns about which stroller to buy and I also did not want the big Graco types so I know what you mean. In addition, we love to walk and I have back problems, so lightweight was a huge concern. We have a Maclaren ($350), which i love for the features it has- super easy to use, very lightweight for such a substantial stroller, flattens down to a bassinet style for those impromptu naps, can have the infant seat attach (although there's an extra piece to clip on the stroller first), and has a rain/wind cover. It is the best stroller for us overall, and for the winter months by far because of that wind cover. It's easy to use and folds simply but is slightly bulky when folded up (still not nearly as big as the Graco kind). My daughter is very comfortable in it, she just sits back and enjoys the ride. The Maclaren works for all ages, too, which I thought made the investment worthwhile (and it's under $500:) ). Maybe a group of friends or relatives would pitch in and buy it? That's what my aunts did for us. So, we use this one primarily, but what i found is, there is not one perfect stroller for my every need. The Maclaren is perfect for walks around town and the neighborhood, but for quick trips to a store or restaurant I use a smaller (cheaper) stroller now that my daughter is big enough to sit up. We found a pretty nice one for $40 at Target or Kmart- but again, it doesn't recline and doesn't have a cover. Then for off-road walks on trails or dirt roads, we found a jogging stroller at a yard sale for $30. So it sounds crazy but we have a lot of strollers. But as you can see, we did not pay much for most of them. I remember thinking I did not want a used stroller, no way. So we got the Maclaren and then after awhile I realized it wasn't so bad to get a used stroller when they are most often in fabulous condition and you can wash the covers (check Craigslist too). As for registering, I would suggest picking out a nice, all-around stroller (like the Maclaren or similar) that might be a few hundred dollars, and also a less complex one for other needs so that your friends and family will have a choice. You will probably get gift cards and/or some cash too, so you can always use the money towards the more expensive stroller if no one buys it for you. That's the other thing, you have plenty of time since you won't really need the stroller right away, so if you pick it out now, someone can go buy it later if needed. Sorry to be so long winded!! I hope this is helpful. And, Congratulations!!!

You can always get just a frame stroller for the infant seat (like a "snap 'n go") which is lightweight, easy to use and very affordable. We used one and it is great! After the baby is no longer in an infant seat, you can get a nice jogging stroller for those long walks. (I have an Evenflo stroller and I walk a ton with it and my son loves it. It is bulky when it is folded in the car, but I don't think it is too heavy.) Hope this helps. Good luck!!

Graco makes a Light-Rider. It worked well for us. It unfolds with one hand and fits in a small trunk. It also handles tough terrain well.

While my babies were in the infant carrier, I basically only used the snap and go apparatus that is a holder for the infant carrier. it was light and easy to set up and had a basket underneath. No need for a real stroller until the baby is out of the infant carrier. The snap on stroller thing is only around $40.00 and by the time you need the real stroller new models will be out, and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. Take it from a veteran...less is more!

Hey there,
If you're a walker (I am) get an all-terrain one with bigger rubber wheels. The 3 wheeled ones are ideal, but get one with a front optional swivel wheel if you go that way. (which makes for easier maneuvering)(You don't need a "jogging-stroller" (no swivel wheel)unless you are a runner.)The rubber wheeled ones are easier to push outdoors and it's nice to be able to take them on a variety of walks (gravel, dirt,grass, broken side walks etc...) They are not usually compatable with infant seats. With my first I got a Jeep all-terrain stroller at babies-r-us ($130, I think)for my walks. Then I bought a fancy, light-weight peg-pergo one for the infant carrier and store use. Well, after a VERY short time that ended up in the basement never to be used again. I'm expecting #2 in May and am still happy with our Jeep stroller and will probably buy one of those snap-n-go strollers for that very early infant car seat factor. My daughter has out grown the stroller for walks, but we still use it for trips to the mall. With the swivel wheel it's not at all cumbersome to get around.
Some other tips though, get one with a tray (for snacks and toys which will come up way faster then you expect 8)and make sure there is a decent sized storage basket underneath for diaper bag and such.
Good luck!

I have a Graco carriage that the car seat fits into. Mine is light weight and was easy to get into the trunk of the car with one hand and to open and fold. some are heavier than others but mine was great. I used it up to recently when I had my second child and my 3 year old still loved to ride in it. You can get a good feel for strollers if yo go to babies r us and practice pushing it around. I went on walks lots of tomes with mine on sidewalks, malls, and on trails in the woods. It has a big storage area and cupholders. I love mine. Also test puttinh the stroller in the car. I had a jogging stroller but never used it it didn't fit in the car and it didn't turn good. Also it took up a lot of space. I personally think you only need one stroller anyway so mine was perfect for me.
Good luck picking one out and congrats on the baby girl who will be here before you know it

don't listen to your husband. the three wheel Mt Buggy is a fabulous stroller and well worth the $450. light weight, good storage and folds easy. think of it as your car, the rule of thumb is that you really do get what you pay for in strollers. i have a mt buggy as my only stroller (i had a graco and hated it). i live in the city and walk everywhere...the three wheel strollers are actually easier to manouver, if you are considering have a second kid soon, also look at the phil and ted, because they become double decker for two kids.
the bob is also a good stroller, but I would avoid the valco it is very heavy

Maclaren strollers:
urban quality with a twist
One of the most popular stroller names on the market, Maclaren was founded in 1965 by an English aeronautical engineer wanting to improve the quality of his granddaughter’s clunky pram. Today Maclaren sells their higher-end strollers and accessories all over the USA and Europe. Maclaren advertises itself as the ideal stroller for the modern urban parents, with city-recognized snob appeal for the likes of London and Manhattan parents.

We loved, loved using this brand! It was great and easy and light-weight and fit down an aisle on a plane. I am a walker, also, and we put the miles on and up and down hills! The prices range from $99-$349. Not bad at all! Definitely check this brand out. I do not think you will be disappointed. As a coincidence, my first born daughter was born in May, also. Oh, by reading up on Maclaren you will see that it is medically sound for your baby's back as many are not (be careful of some umbrella strollers for that reason).

Hi J.,

I felt overwhelmed looking for strollers too. I highly reccomend contacting a friend of mine, Kate O'Connell who has a business and even a blog specializing in just this. She lives in Sandwich. Her business is on here I believe but just in case... it is babyonthego.com I might have the e-mail wrong but you should be able to find it. She definitely has some ultra high-end stuff but some more reasonable stuff too. I learned the hard way and went through several over-rated strollers before I got help from Kate. Congrats on your imminent little one!

Hi, and congrats! Same concerns for me when I had my little girl 4 1/2 yrs ago. I wanted something not bulky, but that would be comfy for her as she grew and folded up good. I ended up with a Peg Perego Pliko. It was about $200 at the time I bought it with a car seat that attaches for about $100--both are probably almost double that by now. I did register for the car seat and then with gift cards bought the stroller. It is an umbrella style in that it folds up very compact & easy to fold-- Has good maneuverability and is a good size. I just got back from Disney, and took this with me. At 4 1/2, my daughter still fits in it well, it reclines so she can sleep without slumping her head over and hurting her neck, and it folds up so well, it's small and light to carry.
All of my friends that bought other travel systems quit using theirs when the kids got out of the infant seats because they were so bulky and heavy. They bought the $10 umbrellas that the kids are so uncomfortable in. This Peg Perego was SOOOOO worth it, and my husband and I still comment on it now. You can use it for everything and for a long time!
Good luck.

Hi J.,
I am a 30 yr old mom of 2 girls age 5yrs and 15 mos. With my first daughter I went through 2 strollers. I had an eddie bauer travel system, that one was very difficult to handle. I had a Safety First one from Walmart, that one was easy and light but a pain to adjust the seat, there was a pull strap to lay the seat down then you had to pull it to sit back up. I've never used the jogging strollers as I had friends who said they were hard to drive through stores, but with my second I broke down and bought a Graco travel system and I LOVE it, it's easy to use both w/ the car seat and without. It does seam a bit bulky but it folds down easy and I don't find it to be heavy, I took it to the beach last summer and for the most part it rolled right through the sand. I would highly recommend it. Good luck and congratulations!!

There is a website calle bobgear.com that sells small 3 wheeled strollers that are convenient for shopping & exercise but I saw one on the graco website called "The Small Travel System", its an umbrella stroller that has a car seat too. But I have seen those strollers that are just the stroller part - SnugRider™ Stroller 6001BCL1 on the Graco website too, they fit most car seats, I believe. Good Luck.

There is no single stroller that will do everything. Think about where you will walk. If the ground is fairly smooth you will be fine with a regular and not a jogging stroller - but the bigger the wheels the easier they will go over bumps, but the more difficult they will be to steer in a store. For the first few months you will need a stroller that reclines. After that there is a lot more flexibility. I found that having a mid range reclining stroller (it was a while ago, but a $250 Peg Perego, it was about 16lbs, on the high side, but wasn't really that bad) as well as one of those real cheapie (often available on ebay) supports for the car seat was a good combo for walks outside and for shopping. Finally when my child got bigger I got a fairly inexpensive unmbrella stroller that was super light. From when he was about 1.5 until he stopped using a stroller that was pretty much the main one we used.

Hi J.,
You know, I went out and bought a really great jogging stroller/ car seat/ carrier combo but the first 8 months of my sons life I carried him everywhere in a baby bjorn and only used the stroller once or twice. Now that he is a little bigger I am using the stroller more but generally only use it outside. In stores he either rides in my new sling for larger babies or rides in the carriage. (he's a big baby)
I really loved the sling, I used it constantly. I can see why doctors recommend wearing your baby as much as possible.I think it had a very calming influence on him. He hardly ever cried until he started teething!If the idea of baby wearing appeals to you, check out Dr Sears' website.
Good luck with your new baby!

The best stroller for doing the walking that it sounds like you plan on doing is a jogging stroller with a front swivel wheel. And the joging strollers are much lighter than the others, at least that has been my experience.

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