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Mom Seeking 30Th Birthday Gift for New Mom

I have a fried who is turning 30 this week. She also just had her first baby a month ago. She has everything she needs and wants...goes right out and gets it if she wants something. I can't think of anything for her birhtday....I want to try and avoid something totally baby/new mom-related if possible. Does anyone have a good suggestion? Maybe something special you got as a birthday present?

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Thank you for ALL of your responses. I wanted to do the spa thing but her mom had done it and couldn't find anyone to go in on it together to compliment the package. Great ideas from you guys! Ended up getting her photo albums that I realized she needed; new baby = new pictures. Plus she is looking into starting a dog walking business so I found a book to help with that.
Thanks so much for all of your ideas!

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I know this is a little late... but maybe for her NEXT birthday. i just love this!


How about an afternoon of babysitting for her child and a massage? I would love that myself! Good luck!

Most def! A day at the spa...that would be awesome and very relaxing. I think she would appreciate/enjoy it.


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A.: The following gift was given to me and there isn't a time I read it and don't cry. I will keep this one close to my heart for life. Go to the office supply store and purchase however many "response" cards you want to send. Cream color ends up being the prettiest. Send them to all your girlfriends friend and have them write loving motherly advice and wish for her new baby. Have them all mail them back to you (cost is postage). Also ask them to send a photo of themselves and/or their child. Put them in a beautiful scrapbook with motivational words throughout. End it with a loving note from her husband. Also wrap a box of tissues she'll need them. Hope this works for you. M.

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I agree with some of the responses you've already gotten: Get a sitter for her, take her out to lunch or dinner, go to a spa TOGETHER. I know that after being a stay-at-home Mom, I would love to get a massage or something, but I TRULY enjoy the uninterrupted company of my girlfriends! My favorite gift is always time with my friends - whether or not we're doing anything expensive or just sitting together and gabbing! She'll be truly appreciative of some adult time!

Dear A.,
I am a mom of three and grandmother of two by my daughter. I know when I have given her the gift of a manicure/pedicure she is ecstatic. She is always so involved with the children and work that she nevers gets the time to devote to herself. I know that a few hours at the spa for a massage, etc. (pampering)completely invigorates the mind and soul, especially for new moms. It seems that everyone benefits when "Mommy" is relaxed. Hope this helps!

How about a spa day...a massage is ALWAYS a nice treat...especially for a new mama who's getting little to no sleep...and this is totally NOT about baby...it's about Mama feeling nice and relaxed and refreshed...M.

Hello A.,

How about a pedicure? A manicure? I love giving this kind of presents to my friends because the gift it is not only for them to enjoy, but you give them the opportunity to do something for themselves.

My suggestion is a pretty journal and fancy pen to go with it. She can write all about the new addition or all about herself :)

I got a massage from a friend as a gift right after my son was born. She watched him while I add the appointment. It was the perfect gift!

A day of pampering would be great for your friend. Get a reliable babysitter such as the grandmother or a close relative that your friend trust because she should not be stressing about the baby while out for a day of relaxation. Take her to a day spa and treat her to full packet that includes a massage, facial, mani/pedi, and maybe get her hair styled. And a day of relaxation is not complete without lunch/dinner. Please remember as a new mom she will want to call home to see how baby is doing so allow her one phone call during her time out. Enjoy! RAC

A.--aren't you the friend we all want!! :) My top suggestion is a mani/pedi @ her favorite place. Number two (& kind of equal) is a massage w the babysitting provided by you or a few friends doing it together! Anything that might get her away and feel like a woman/herself again!! I loved when my friends made dinner for my 7y.o. son and babysat while my husband and I went out! :) Hope you get some good responses.....H.:)

LL Bean or Lands End tote bags, monogrammed with the child's initials or first name, are perfect gifts. They will be used for years and years, and cost less than $30 depending on the size you choose.

Get her a gift certificate for a massage and offer to babysit for her while she goes to get it. :) What she needs is a break to pamper herself.

Either treat her to a "day at the spa" with you or offer to watch her baby so she can go alone for a little pampering.

It is very thoughtful of you to consider your friends needs. I was 29 when I had my first child, 39 when I had my second. I also pretty much had everything I needed, and more so. What I found especially wonderful, is when my frind gave me gifts of time, peace, and beauty. Translated, that means that I got to go have a mostly whole day off from all my regular life. We didn't go to a day spa, although I hear that is really nice, but my good friend arranged for a babysitter for the day (several friends all volunteered some time) and I got to go out doing what I love (hiking). That was for my first child. He is now 14, and I remember that day so clearly and well. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.
If you want to arrange something like that for your friend, find out (if you don't already know) what she really is longing to do. Go to a movie, attend a play or concert, spend the day shopping with a great restaurant for a meal, or like me, spend the day outdoors. All the while, she knows her family is being taken care of. This gift doesn't work well as a surprise. And I admit, I enjoyed the anticipation of my "day off" as well. I also got to give instrction to my babysitter and, you know, take care of what needed to be taken care of in my absence. That gave me the peace of mind I needed while I was out.
Even people who have everything, and don't need anything, need time and space to tuly relax and have time to themselves. That would be the best gift of all. Especially new Mom's! Good luck, Jen

hi A.,
I think you friend would enjoy something special for herself like a nice basket of smellie goods and candles for a nice relaxing evening along with an invitation inside offering that you take her son so she may enjoy that quiet time to herself without the baby. the invitation could say something like this is for a three hour relaxation fun filled time to yourself, free babysetting extended to you at your convenience.So enjoy

How about a day of pampering at a spa, a massage, or something along those lines - who of us couldn't use a little tender care of our own?

Gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure. It is always nice to get pampered when you are always doing the pampering.

The gift I love to get is a spa gift certificate or make an appointment at a spa for her and go with her. It is so much fun to get pampered and spend time with your girlfriends!

I always think that spa gifts certificates are nice. A facial while you babysit?

Hi A.
As a new mom turning thirty, may I suggest that you get her a babysitter and send her to have either a massage or manicure/pedicure or both. I am sure that she has not had much time for herself and would appreciate this very personalize gift. This is really just for her and no one else and plus she will feel like a woman too. Moms tend to forget about themselves and give to everyone around them. This would be something that would benefit her the most I think.
Good luck


Give her a nice piece of jewelry. It will make her feel pretty and is focused on her.

Hi A.. I am a 31 year old mother of 2 boys, 5 and almost 2. One of the greatest gifts I got my for my 30th birthday was a gift certificate to a spa/salon for a massage, facial and mani/pedi. Of course because it was so expensive a couple friends went in on it together. It was FABULOUS, VERY needed and one gift I will never forget. Do you have a few friends who may be willing to go in on something like that with you?? I'm sure your friend will appreciate it more than you know.

I say get her a gift certificate for a pedicure or a massage that she can use when she's ready to leave the baby with dad or a sitter for an hour or two. That's what I would have wanted. :)

That is so thoughtful of you. Your friend is very lucky to have you. I love all the ideas you've received so far. What sort of things is your friend interested in? What does she like to do? I want to suggest a slightly different twist. Have you heard of Arbonne? They are an amazing company with botanically based products that are Pure, Safe, and Beneficial. I would be very happy to customize a gift basket for her. Just let me know what your price range is and we can figure out what items you'd like to include. We have product lines from baby care to the most amazing Anti-aging skin care, makeup, aromatherapy, nutritionals, products that reduce stretch marks and firm/tone skin, weight loss etc. you name it. We have something for everyone. I'd love to help. Just let me know.
Take care,

How about offering to watch her baby for a couple of hours so she can get out for some free time!

Give her a gift certificate to one of the local ready made meal places...I like Let's Dish...you get entrees that feed 4-6 people and most can be prepared in under 45 minutes...add a side dish and voila! Dinner is served! I loved this when my 10 month old was born! so easy! and tasty too! I am still "dishing" now! and the family loves the variety of dishes!

My favorite gifts, like those listed are spa gifts/pampering of some sort. My second favorite gifts were free babysitting. Third favorite, and reason for this response, is getting a pajama gram www.pajamagram.com so much fun and many of them so comfortable, she'll never want to take them off (their "oh-so-soft" fabrics are my favorites). Good luck!

ANy new mom is in need of pampering.....perhaps a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure/facial/massage, anything that you know she would enjoy?

You are a great friend to be putting so much thought into such a lovely acknowledgement of your friendship,


I make sterling silver mother's bracelets with the child's name on it. Those are always a great gift. I also design other non-mother related jewelry. It is nice to get something just for her on her 30th. You can check out my website for some ideas. www.GrantMeGraceDesigns.com
Good Luck! K.

Someone gave me a day of beauty at a local salon that included lunch as a shower gift when I was pregnant with my son. You feel so yucky while your body is recovering from pregnancy that this was a wonderful thing for me.

What about a spa day for her. It gives her a day to herself and it doesn't matter what age she is or whether she is a new mom or not. Or if not a spa day, maybe a pedicure or manicure.

I totally agree with what the others have suggested! Having just turned 30 myself and having three daughters, I don't get out by myself at all. A day at the spa was what I requested for my gift and it was amazing, I felt ready to go home and be with my wonderful family.
I would definitely love to do that with girlfriends, if at all possible you should go together if that is what you decide.
Good luck and may I say that your friend is very lucky to have you in her life!

Hi A.,

Just a thought...
If your friend is fortunate enough to have all that she needs, she may appreciate a donation in her name to a charity that she cares about. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving!


Check out OnesiesDC.com or contact ____@____.com's a site that offers a program for new moms and their babies to learn about different activities and resources in the local community. The program is six sessions (ie music class, yoga, pediatrician talk). It makes a great gift (gift card).

A manicure or pedicure gift certificate. Or one to a beauty salon for a new hairdo??? Spa certificate to get a massage?


So nice of you to try to get something special for your friend's 30th B-D. What about a few hours in a spa? or a dinner for her and her husband at her house, you can prepare the dinner, bring it to her house, take the baby for a few hours and let them have a great couple of hours. My sister did that for me as a present after I had my 3rd baby, and it was the BEST present ever!

I'm not sure how close a friend you are or how much you want to spend, but seeing how 2008 is shaping up to be a huge year for her you may want to get her one of those little Halcyon Days English enamel boxes that have the year on the top and "A Year to Remember" on the inside lid. These are lovely little tokens that she can keep forever. I have a few from various years and they sit in a cluster on my bureau. You can find them online, at nice jewelry stores, at department stores such as Gumps, Neiman Marcus, etc.

It's totally practical, but I received a cuisinart food processor (the small $40 kind) for Christmas and I LOVE it! It's great for chopping up onions, peppers...and of course sweet potatoes and such for my daughter. On the non-practical side--how about taking her out for the night (dinner/movies) and leaving your kids home with the Dads? It'll be great for you AND for her! Or, a gift cert to a nice salon so she can get a pedicure or her hair done..?

A gift certificate for a house cleaning is HUGE happy for a new mom! Good luck!

You find her a baby sitter for a few hours and send her and her husband to the movies.

How about sending a catered meal to her home and picking up baby for the evening so she can hubby can have a night for adults with a candlelight dinner she did not have to prepare.

I'd give her a bottle of Monavie. Any mom who is turning 30 (like myself) is constantly thinking of her health and wanting to give her body all the extra nutrition it needs. Lets not forget, MonaVie is fast becoming the #1 nutritional beverage on the market. MonaVie is an all natural health beverage. It consists of 19 different fruits and berries from around the world. The key ingredient is the Acai berry. This berry is known to contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit in the world. The juice is designed for easy absorption in the body, and it delivers the phytonutrients and antioxidants found in the world's most nutritious fruits.

www.beantime.net (click on MonaVie - Drink it, Feel It, Share it!)

I sware by it. Cannot live without it:)

How about a gift certificate for a massage? A bonus would be an offer to babysit during her appointment, if you can.

How about a gift certificate from you....for one free babysitting session....so she can use some of those spa gift certificates!

a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure would be nice! Gives her some "just her" time and makes her feel pretty at the same time, or maybe a 1/2 massage. Hope this helps!

A Spa Day is a very good gift.

This may or may not be related to "new mom/baby", but it makes a great gift.... I've ordered food from http://www.homebistro.com before and it's always been a hit. It's gormet, pre-cooked meals that make a great gift. Plus, it would give her a break for a night or two of havin to cook anything at all. I haven't eaten their food myself (I'm a vegetarian, and their vegetarian options are pretty limited), but I've ordered meals as gifts for several relatives for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries - you name it, and everyone has always said that the meals were great. The other suggestion of a massage or pedicure/manicure package or something may be a great gift, too. I've also had meals sent through www.honeybakedham.com before, and those are always awesome, too - just depends how much you're looking to spend! Good luck!

HA! I just turned 30 in Jan and I am pregnant! So my husband gave me a certificate to a salon for my hair and and spa certificate for the facial, mani/pedi! Turning 30 and not being able to celebrate like you want can be depressing, so a new mom makeover will help!!

I would buy her a gift certificate for a massage (depending on if you think she'd be comfortable w/that) or pedicure.

I got a subscription to a parenting magazine and loved it. She may enjoy it as well. And it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Chances are with both of you having really young babies you have not had any real girlfriend time. If the two of you are willing to have your babies out of sight for a couple of hours, maybe you could arrange for someone (more likely 2 someones:) that you both trust to care for your babies while the two of you have a spa day together. It doesn't have to be extravagant but could range from full body treatments to just a manicure and pedicure and lunch. Whatever you decide, have fun!

How about wine if she likes wine? or a gift card to a restaurant so she can treat herself out with her husband... OR OR even a gift card for like 20 dollars for dinner or movie theatre gift card (or whatever amount u want) and PLUS write a square coupon in the card, good for babysitting one nite, while they go out. We are doing this for my cousin who has 3 children and they have nobody to really babysit the children (cousin's wife's parents live nearby but they never want to babysit).. we live 1 hr and half away so we are doing this to pick a wknd for us to come over and babysit (and my mom and i plan to stay overnite). They cannot wait!

How about a gift certificate for the two of you to go to a spa together?? This was the BEST gift anyone had given me after my son was born. About Faces Day Spa has amazing packages and I've always been happy with them. They also have I think 5 locations..Towson at Kenilworth, Timonium and a few others. Love that place.

A gift card for a massage or manicure/pedicure would be wonderful. I have two young children and I must say, these are things I would love. Either that or offer to babysit so that your friend her her husband can go out to dinner or something like that.

How about a personalized gift, with their names on it?

Any type of pampering gift - massage, facial, pedi/manicure - is always welcome. I am 31 now, and that gift never gets old! I also enjoy personal gifts, like paintings, collages, and things with people's personal touch that you can keep forever. Lastly, even though you mentioned wanting to avoid mom/baby-related things, you might just offer free babysitting services for a night so she can have a night out with her hubby/boyfriend or just a night/day to herself!

Hi. Why don't you take her out to lunch and then you can both go and get a pedicure! :-) Something relaxing filled with talk and laughter of a good friend is always wonderful!

Hi A.,
If her husband can take care of the baby for an afternoon, may I suggest a gift certificate to a day spa? This would be a nice getaway that will pamper her for an hour or two.
Another idea is to take your friend out to a nice lunch then off to get manicures/pedicures for the both of you.
Let me know what you do!! Good luck!

A gift certificate to a spa is a great gift. Give her an opportunity to relax and enjoy some "me" time.

K. W.

Maybe a gift card to get herself a pedicure? Or take her to get one together. Or just show up and take care of the baby and tell her she has X hours to sleep or do whatever she wants.

OMG! A., go to my website and find her something that will get her game on! I love what I do b/c I teach women to appreciate themselves as women!!!


Contact me if you have any questions. I have terrific packages that would be perfect for her.

Although I am not 30 yet, I am a new mom and a day at the spa sounds wonderful!! Make it a "girls day out" =)

a certificate to a spa is a great gift
for a massage or something like that

massage...pedicure...manicure...facial...some sort of treat like that! That's what I'd like! ;) ...and someone to watch the baby while she goes in.

I know you want to avoid the baby/new mom thing but maybe get her a gift certificate for a day at the spa or a manicure/ pedicure. I am a single mother of 2 boys, so I long for a day of pampering. Just a suggestion.

I'm a mother of three, when my boys were babies I would've loved a gift certificate to a salon or day spa. If you really want to get something unique and help her spice up the ole bedroom life I sell romance enhancement products. How I wish I had those when I was nursing and not feeling as sexy or in the mood AT ALL and so tired all the time. Email me if you'd like a catalog ____@____.com that isn't up your alley, I say babysitting, and a massage or pedicure or something.

A massage Gift Certificate!! Best gift EVER after my girls were born.

You may also want to check out my website for Mary Kay. We have some wonderful products I feel she will enjoy.
Satin Hands set
Red Tea and Fig Body wash and lotion
Lotus and Bamboo Body wash and lotion
We have gotten new lipstick shade as well you may want to try.
I'm sure she will love whatever gift you give her.
Happy Shopping!


spa day for her...free babysitting from you

How about babysitting the new baby and giving her a gc for a maniped? Or taking her to lunch and letting her hubby or mom watch the new baby for an hour or two for a "grown up" lunch?

Hi, A.:
Since your friend is a new mom, maybe a nice gift would be a facial or massage at a day spa. This would give her some much-needed relaxation and time to herself.


Why don't you try a pamper day. I'm not sure what kind of budget you are working with, but what new Mom doesn't enjoy being pampered. Maybe you could offer to baby sit for a few hours while she gets a mani and pedi (on you of course). Hope this suggestion is helpful!

I recommend getting her a gift certificate for the spa. You can even join her and see if some of her girl friends would like to as well. Make it a GNO (Girl's Night Out) out of it.

Check out Fuller School of Massage they have wonderful prices for massages and facials. I think it's only $40 for a massage and $10 for a facial.

Pampering works. Find a good local spa and go for the massage/facial. Or maybe the two of you can go get pedicures and lunch. There is always the beloved " This coupon is good for caring for your baby while you take the day off".
She is lucky to have a friend like you that cares so much!

I think a great gift would be a spa gift certificate. Even if its just take her for a girls day and get manicures and perdicures. I am sure she would love some alone time to unwind. A new baby has to be a blessing, but it must also wear you down. Hope this helps.

A mom (new or not so new) can always use time at the spa.

make a gift in her name to some charity that serves infants...like SIDS, cancer, march of dimes...

How about a gift certificate for a massage? It is something most busy moms won't do for themselves but it will make them feel wonderful.

I'd give her a cert. for a pedicure/manicure & you babysit. I know I'd love that!

Right after I had my baby one of my friends got me a haircut at a chic spa and my coworkers got me a massage, both were great and helped me feel a little less like a mommy-milking machine, if even for an hour! Hope you find the perfect gift!!

Hi -
When I'm looking for a nice gift that is different, I like uncommongoods.com (no, I am not affiliated with them in any way).

I have gotten nice gifts for friends and family - they have such cute stuff!

Why not get her a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure, facial or massage at a day spa. With a new baby she could probably really use some time alone. Someone did that for me (actually a group chipped in and we have been doing for mom's in our group ever since) and I loved it!

maybe a spa day or even offer to watch her child for a few hours so she can go out for dinner or just have a little time to herself or with her significant other. I know I would have totally enjoyed something like that - however I had no family or friends around after having my little boy. Not really sure if that is what you were looking for. just an idea - good luck!!

I know this is a little late... but maybe for her NEXT birthday. i just love this!


I know of the perfect gift! OnesiesDC offers a program for new moms and their babies. You may want to split the gift with a friend or relative. They offer trial classes, activities and entertainment for new moms to see what fun things are available in the community. check it out!
www.OnesiesDC.com. It's amazing!

Great Gifts: A day at the Spa - massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, etc.

Maid for a day to clean the house

Try redenvelope.com ....I always love getting gifts from there.

How about an afternoon of babysitting for her child and a massage? I would love that myself! Good luck!

I would suggest a cleaning service for the day. There are many in the area and some are "green" which is even better. Evfen if she is very clean and organized it is nice to have all that deep cleaning done. If that doesn't sound very good, any type of spa treatments are always lovely too. This is my wish list anyway.

I just turned 30 and just had a baby and my best present was THE GIFT OF MASSAGE!!!

Get her a gift certificate to a massage place (like About Faces here in Baltimore) or a beauty salon! Self Indulgence gifts are great for people who have everything!

What about a Scentsy warmer? You can view them at www.scentsy.com/dfw

How about a gift certificate to get a manicure or a pedicure? One of the things that new moms often don't do is something for themselves. This will help her to relax as well as feel sexy again. Also offer to babysit with the baby so she can use that certificate.

How about a "noise maker" to create white noise, or soothing noise so when husband is around he can tend to the new baby and the new mom can actually sleep. I was given this with my first child...LOVED it!

I got a gift certificate for a spa treatment right after my son was born. It was wonderful! Maybe offer to babysit for her while she goes!

I'm always a big fan of a gift certificate for a massage, mani/pedi, or other spa-type experiences.

Your friend is so lucky to have you as a FRIEND!

If it's me in her shoes, I'd love to have a "ME" time or a date with my husband while leaving our kid(s) in the hands of someone we can trust.

Fyi, we have a 4yr old daughter, till date, we still have problem leaving her to others due that we're both so protective of her and concern of her surroundings. With so much horror stories and incidents that you may have either experience 2nd-hand or heard; who can you trust now to take care of your child the same way that you did?

Don't get me wrong, we do go out and we're so fortunate to have family members and friends who love us and care for us. However, it is only natural for parents to behave and act just like the way we did.

Little gestures like that is the best gift one could give to a FRIEND - especially those who has everything!Good luck!

If she has a one month old, she probably doesn't have any time to herself right now. I would suggest getting her a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, etc. something along those lines where she will get to have some time for herself. Maybe get one for yourself too and you guys can go together. I am sure she would appreciate it.

Most def! A day at the spa...that would be awesome and very relaxing. I think she would appreciate/enjoy it.


Maybe a spa treatment or make it a girls day out. First go to luch and then get manicures and pedicures.

hi! I'm turning 30 at the end of the month and have a beautiful eleven week old baby girl. I can only tell you what I have on my list. :)

a massage (are you good friends? a day at the spa would be nice together)
'Mom & Baby' or 'parents' magazine subscription
memory foam pillow
Some baby Books and some fiction books
A 'cool' mom Purse
The complete season of the Gilmore Girls

A Digital Picture Frame! They can be a little pricey, but if she is like any new mom, she is taking lots of pictures. I love taking pictures, and now in the digital age, it's pretty neat that there is a frame to keep up. Although, I love my classic hang on the wall with a nail frames, too!

I'm a total spa junkie so I like the idea of giving spa gift certificates for special events like these. It also gives her an excuse to pamper herself, which is hard to do when you're a new mom. The Sugar House Spa in Old Town is really great and homey. You might also try the "favor coupon" option, i.e. give her a night of free babysitting so that she and her husband can go out for a romantic dinner alone.

Give her a Spa Finder Gift Certificate (spafinder.com). Its a great way for her to pamper herself . . . it will be one of the best gifts she has ever been given!

How about some sort of pampering gift, or a gift certificate to a spa/salon, and the offer to watch the baby for a couple of hours while she gets away. Each time I have been a new or once again new mom (3 times now) I have appreciated making some time away just for me, at least once or twice before the six month mark. If she is nursing the baby, she may not be able to take you up on your offer right away, but at some point, I am sure she would really enjoy it.

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