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Mom Looking for Advice Regarding Stomach Flu and Two Year Old

The past weekend has been really tough. It seems that everyone in the house came down with some type of stomach flu or virus. Except for my 4 year old who was able to go to school today, My husband and I seem to be feeling better but my two year old still is having a hard time. He is constantly asking for juice mild and water but can't hold it on his stomach. He has been peeing like crazy and has gone though all his clothes. He has not touched any solid foods since probably friday afternoon.
I thought about taking him to the Dr. but he does not have a fever and I know they will probably just tell me to give him pedilite.

Please any advice on what to do for this stomach flu

What can I do next?

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If they are throwing up I have always been told by my dr no milk or jiuce until they have not thrown up for 24 hours. You need to have them drinking pedialyte and water only. You can try toast plain or crackers but when you have stomach flu, trying to break down and digest things will make them puke more. Don't use sports drink as substitute either, too much sugar to work,
Thhey also have fast dissolving liquilyte strips in the child section at Mejiers if they won't drink pedialyte. My children have always preferred the gerber liquilytes for tast too. You could also try some pop cicles.

Have you tried the Saltine crackers? That is always the first to try, then chicken soup. If he is still peeing that much, you are doing great since he is not dehydrated, but keep the fluids going, and yes, do give pedilite or gatorade is good too and not quite as salty tasting, but same effect. I'd give it one more day, then probably go for the doctor for sure. Oh, gold fish crackers are good too.

Offer bland foods as tolerated. Watch the fluid intake, though. He can become dehydrated really fast, which is the main concern with the flu. Peeing a lot is a good sign that he is hydrated, so keep up the good work! It will pass, and unfortunately if it's the flu virus, there is nothing you can do except symptom relief and even then, not much. Call the doc if it goes on much longer.


My family had the same thing a few months ago. I called my doctor office and the nurse told me pretty much the same thing Beth is saying. You have to start out by giving their tummy a rest and then introducing liquids very slowly, 1 tsp at a time. It was hard to tell my son he couldn't drink when he wanted it so bad, but after not letting him drink for an hour and then slowly introducing for a couple hours, he finally was throw up free. It did take us about a week to get fully back on track as far as eating though. Whatever is out there is really hitting hard. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Follow the BRAT diet (bannanas, rice, applesauce and toast). I would avoid juice. Give him pedilite. If he is throwing up the pedilite, limit him until he keeps it down. If he peeing alot, then he is not dehydrated, which is good.

If my kids couldn't eat for a few days, I would still follow up with my pediatrician.

Don't give him milk...it will result in making him have an intolerance to it!! I would also try puree some food and see if he will drink that. Or try some broth with little crackers in it. Also, try just putting some finger foods, like a couple different crackers, or pretzels out and just leave them out, maybe he will grab and eat while he is bored. If still nothing by tomorrow, then I could call your doctor; they will be able to give him something.

Keep offering the liquids... If he'll drink it give it to him... BUT if he is throwing up right after drinking then YOU have to limit the amount he drinks at one time... One teaspoon, then if he keeps it down about 10 minutes later 2 tsp... so on and so on...
Put out a variety of crackers (not heavily flavored ones) so if he wants one bite he can just grab one when he wants it. My 4 yr old had the 24 hour flu and loved crackers with cheese spread on them. It was the only thing he'd keep down. I know its not the healthiest sick food but does he like sugar cookies? He may be more open to taking a bite of a cookie if your really worried about his not eating.

As long as he is putting liquids in and is not acting lethargic or out of sorts don't worry about him going lite on his food. His belly is feeling yucky and he may be saving you a lot of cleaning up "big spits" with chunks. :-)
Keep offering and if you feel that mommy sense go off, then take him to the dr. You will probibly be told that you just have to wait it out...

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